What an Expat Hates to Hear

As an expatriate, I get some considerable attention from family and friends whenever I get back home. However, from time to time, I hear things- questions and remarks- that show me how some people can think im a weird way. Here are some things I hate to hear:

How much do you make?

Really? This one came from an uncle.

How come you have been in different places and you haven't met your future husband yet?

This one came from a distant friend of the family who I rarely see.

Do you watch national T.V. there?

What an Expat Hates to Hear

How come you live alone?

What do you eat?

You ought to have bought a villa by now.

Some people think you dig for gold. Seriously!

Are there any things you hear from family or friends that bother you as expats?


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  • Latino expats too?

  • These are questions from family and friends, what about questions from people in your new country?


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