Myths About Britain I Hate Hearing


So, on my online travels I've met users from around the world, and I always find it interesting to hear what they think about Britain- I've read posts on various websites about what people across the world think about Britain. And many times it is very false. Some myths are more serious than others and I've lived in Britain (England to be specific) my whole life, so I'm writing this...

Myth #1 UK Is Just England

All the British Flags
All the British Flags

So many times on various websites, I see people refer to "Britain" and the "UK" as just "England" and it bugs me! Like:

Person 1: "Oh *scottish actor* is British"

Person 2: "He DoEsN't HaVe aN English AcCenT"

No... But that doesn't mean he isn't British... People need to understand that the UK is made up of:

Scotland, Wales, and Northen Ireland as well as England!

Don't leave my Scottish, Welsh, and Nothern Irish folk out!

Myth #2 We All Are Royalists

Queens Crown
Queen's Crown

Once I was discussing with some American dude why I don't support Trump, and he thought:

"MwHaHaHa I kNoW hOw To GeT bAcK aT tHiS bRiT... I'lL iNsUlT tHe QuEeN! ThAt WiLl EmOtIoNaLlY wOuNd HeR fOr DaYs!! MoNtHs!! ThE rEsT oF hEr LiFe! DoEsN't MaTtEr If WhAt I sAy Is fAcTuALlY iNcOrReCt!"

Yeah, the truth is not all of us are huge royalists... I mean I don't despise the Queen or the Royal Family or anything, but at the same time I don't have all their pictures up on my wall, and I didn't attend Harry and Meghan's wedding...😂😂

Point is, I don't care for them too much and most people around me don't either. Sure, when they do good things, I'll support that- or if they're just on the news I'll see what they're up to- but I don't make a huge fuss about them.

Myth #3 We All Speak With Posh Accents

Again, this is another rumour which probably stems from that people believe:

UK = England

Now sure, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will have their posh people- but in lots of parts, they're not posh.😂

And speaking about England specifically... Yeah, come to the North and you'll be sure to hear our "posh" accents up here (not)😂

Myths About Britain I Hate Hearing

Myth #4 We're All Financially Rich

I see people online assume that because I'm from Britain that must mean I am rich.

No honey, no.

Today I have £2 in my purse, I don't have over 3 digits in the bank and I'm sat here contemplating whether I should just get £5 out from the bank and go to Greggs and get a £1 vegan sausage roll, with a cuppa tea also for £1... If you're wondering why I don't just spend my £2- I might need that to give to my brother tonight for his boxing class, and it's better than giving him change, than a £5 note, which he might lose the £3 change.

I know I'm better off than many people in other countries, but that doesn't mean I can flex like those rich kids on Snapchat😂

All jokes aside, many people in Britain are having to choose whether to eat or to pay for central heating, the amount of people visiting foodbanks is increasing, more than 4 million people are in poverty according to some studies, child poverty is increasing... It's really sad that in any country, we face these issues. And Britain is a first world country.

I'm all for helping those in third world countries it is good to help people in third world countries, a charity came to our school last year offering a trip to Kenya to help build houses and stuff. I didn't go, because I'd feel bad for asking my parents for money- but 4 of my friends managed to raise the money between them, and get some off of their parents and they went- and that's cool. They didn't gloat, or say how "good" they must be, they just took a few pictures and shared it on Instagram- that's it.

But I see so many rich people who gloat about how "good" it is to go help people in third world countries and how "good" they must be. But the same rich people don't bat and eyelid at the people in poverty in Britain- in fact I've seen many dismiss it and play the issue of poverty in Britain down immensely.

And I sit somewhere and think: "How can they on one hand claim to care about poor people in third world countries, when they clearly don't care about the poor in their own country?"

I've seen a few who on one hand go to ✌️help✌️ the poor in third world countries, but at the same time they throw the word "peasant" around as if it's a joke.

My point is, they don't go to third world countries to help people- I feel like it's more of a vanity project if anything.

I don't mind the people who go to third world countries and help those people, with a genuine intention to help, like my friends did because while they did not raise all the money on their own, they worked really hard to go and they got people from our friendship group to help them with it too. But they don't downplay poverty in the UK, they don't mock the less fortunate than them in their own country.

Take the library issue for example, with the cuts. I was talking to one of my friends who went to Kenya and told her about the library issue. With her college being about 2 hours away, a lot of her time gets taken up in travel, then she has a load of work to do- so she can't go out and campaign like I can- but she understands why I am doing so, and supports me 100% one of the reason being we both know a lot of people who aren't as fortunate as us rely on the library.

Myth #5 Our Schools Are Immaculate

Posh school kids
Posh school kids

We're not all posh, private school kids. And our schools aren't always strict, and posh either.

My school had graffiti on the walls, was in millions £ in debt, lots of the times teachers didn't show up and we'd get supplies, and sometimes the supplies didn't even show up and we'd get no teacher. Even today in my morning class in college my teacher didn't show up and in college you just get to leave if she doesn't. I was actually happy about her not showing up, because the bus was 20 minutes late, and it takes 20-30 minutes to get to college, so I was really late, but that didn't matter because she wasn't here.

And not all students behave perfectly in class either. Sometimes at my secondary school kids would be extremely disruptive (I wasn't one of them I was a good child).

Point is, our schools and students aren't perfect.

Myth #6 We Have "Muslim No Go Zones" In Britain

Myths About Britain I Hate Hearing

See this makes me laugh. I wonder if people understand the term "no go zone" if not, a "no go zone" is:

"an area in a town barricaded off to civil authorities by a force such as a paramilitary, or an area barred to certain individuals or groups"

Now where I live has been referred to as a "Muslim No Go Zone". The town where my friends go to college has been referred to a "Muslim No Go Zone".

And it makes me laugh because they don't exist!!!

What people mean when they say "Muslim No Go Zones" is probably "Areas where there are lots of South Asian people, and South Asian shops."

And that's not a "no go zone" you might say:

"SpIdEy YoU'rE a MuSlIm iT dOeSn'T aFfEcT yOu!!!! >_<"

Firstly, you can't tell just by looking at me I am a Muslim. Just because I'm brown it doesn't make me a Muslim. I have brown friends which aren't Muslims. Assuming I'm a Muslim because I am brown is ignorant.

Secondly, my friend who went to Kenya? She's white. She walks alone in areas where there are lots of Asian people all the time, my best friend and her go to Asian shops (which are run by Muslims) they're not dead.

Many white people, walk in places where lots of Asian people live, and Asian shops- and nobody says anything to them.

Myth #7 Sharia Patrols Rule Britain And We Have Sharia Law

Myths About Britain I Hate Hearing

So, we had a few incidents regarding a few men who went around places like East London and Birmingham trying to impose Sharia Law. They had no legal authority to do so.

In Britain today- we don't have that. Not in any place that I know of. And if we did, they'd have no legal power to do so!

But people actually think Sharia Law rules Britain! And that we have Sharia patrols ruling the streets!

No! That's not how it is!

Today I walked to college wearing some legging-type tracksuit bottoms, a grey minnie mouse jumper, my hair down and out - clearly visible - with a little hat on top so it doesn't look messy and I was by myself on the bus and on the short walk- and I go on the bus and walk to college every day by myself, showing my hair, wearing either leggings, jeans, tracksuit bottoms, a jumper, a t-shirt, a top etc. And no Sharia patrol has ever stopped me or my friends to question us.

People don't care. To the people in my city, I'm just a student girl walking to college.

And I am a Law student- and "Sharia Law" isn't anywhere on our syllabus. We have "The English Legal System", "Criminal Law" "Tort Law" and "Contract Law"- not Sharia Law.

Myth #8 The Streets of Britain Are Dangerous and Unsafe For A Girl To Walk Alone

Myths About Britain I Hate Hearing

Another false rumour which I have heard on various websites. Some websites people are saying we need a group of males to walk us, some say we need a male escort, some say we shouldn't go out alone...

Hahaha, like most girls can get a group of males to "protect" them.

To the British girls, I don't know about you, but the guys in my life are pretty busy.

My dad - He's training for a new careerpath and will soon be at working, working late.

My brother - Is younger than me. I mean fair enough, he's just started boxing and all, but he's not exactly a pro-athlete just yet. And he's at school the majority of the time when I need to go out.

My uncles - I don't see them often, and they're working a lot.

My male cousins - Ones which live in my city... One is at sixth form in a completely different side of the city, the other is working, the other is still at secondary school- one has just got married and is working... So yeah they're busy too.

Male friends - Most go to a different college or sixth form. A couple go to the same college as me but we have different lessons most of the time, and I have a class with a couple, where we'll walk together sometimes on Wednesdays -they're not my male escorts, they're friends I'm walking with.

And I walk alone, quite happily. I can't rely on a dude to escort me everywhere, or friends that I can huddle in a group with- I have to walk by myself, go on the bus by myself to and from college everyday. And every single day I've been walking to and from college it's been okay- even when it's dark. Nobody has attacked me, or said anything to me.

And if people have the nerve to use the excuse "because you're a Muslim" "because you're a Pakistani girl" (which some have) firstly you can't tell I'm Muslim by looking at me, secondly, some people assume I'm Indian, Bengali, Jamaican (or just "black") or even mixed race some assumed half white half Asian, others assumed half black half Asian. And they usually get shocked when I tell them I'm Pakistani.

And my friends who are white and brown and one of Hong Kong descent travel to a different town every single working day and back and they are absolutely fine- none of them have died, or gotten hurt or harrassed. And they get home way after dark some days.

Obviously, we don't go out alone at night and stuff- but most of the time the streets of Britain are safe, and when people act like they're not safe, especially for women, are just fearmongering.

Any last words?

I'll probably get some money from the bank now, then head to Greggs- I'm really hungry. If not I'll just sit here and try and get filled up on my Capri-Sun lol.

Hope you enjoyed.

Thank you for reading! :) <3

Myths About Britain I Hate Hearing
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  • Oh my god! :D This post made me laugh too much, more than I probably should have :p
    It's true though isn't it?

    So many people from abroad think we have posh accents, they think we are royalists and are obsessed with our queen, the part about the school was super accurate and oh my god it was just such a great post! :D

    I do appreciate the royal family and I like how much they care for the country, but I don't think about them all the time and I certainly don't own anything with their face on it other than money :D

    The posh accent part really depends on which area you are from, but for the most part we are so rarely posh, if we do talk posh, it is typically in a mocking way, making fun of the posh accent, not in a literal way!

    The school I went to was full of rude, misbehaving and abusive students, the school was full of graffiti as well, damage to school property, rude language to teachers, someone set fire to a whole building on the school campus once -_-

    I am honest but sad for the ones in poverty... but I am actually well off for money... NOT RICH... just comfortable enough that I don't need to be worried about expenses most the time... But I really am upset what happens with people who are not as well off and I always give money to charity whenever possible, I buy food for homeless people because then I can be sure they don't use it for drugs.

    But sheesh, I just can't get over all the myths surrounding ENGLAND.

    I live in ENGLAND, part of the UK,

    As you said, UK is not just England, it stands for United Kingdom for a reason, it means it is a united group of different parts around our island, not saying England for a reason.

    TRIGGER WARNING: Of course, when one of the united islands decide they don't want to be part of England anymore, it won't necessarily be the same flag...
    Is it Ireland or Wales or Scotland that don't want to be with us? I think it's Ireland?

    Is this still revelant?
    • I think it's Scotland and yeah, I felt the need to write this take SO MUCH.

      Like: "Welp... Finished college work and my teacher ain't here so..."

    • I just love the way you talk! I read it in a slightly sassy mixed with salty tone, with a hint of how I would imagine losing patience would sound :D

    • Lol, the way I talk varies I guess. It depends who I'm with.

      Like if I'm doing community work and talking to the public I'll go all professional.

      If I'm at college, I usually speak with a "chilled" type tone.

      If my friends annoy me they say my voice goes really high pitched.

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  • Lightningfire
    This is so true 😂. I’m in the West Midlands and no one here is posh! I’ve never actually seen anyone in a posh school like you see on TV! I’m white and I’ve walked in Muslim areas of Birmingham and no one gives a shit. I think people can’t get their head around the fact that all races of people have everyday lives.
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    • Hahahaha exactly!

      In American movies they always portray us as these posh people, with suits ties and fancy dresses.

      It just isn't like that.

      And hey, for what you said about Muslim areas firstly, thank you because I had someone on here think I was saying what you are saying because I'm working for a "dark force"😂😂😂 I think they find it hard to understand Muslims are just normal people trying to get on with life😂

    • goaded

      Have you seen Zomboat? It's set in your neck of the woods.

      Myths About Britain I Hate Hearing

    • @goaded I haven’t actually, I’ve just seen the trailer, looks funny

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Most Helpful Girls

  • NickiB
    Oh my god. People are so ignorant.

    Great mytake by the way.

    This is how it is here. We do this crap to our states as well as other countries.

    Look at how people act with the whole Democrats and Republicans.

    It's so weird how many people group an entire country or race, religion, and sex as having one mindset and don't think there's anything wrong with it or how ignorant it makes them look.
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  • Sophie_2301
    I can relate. The amount of myths about Australia that drive me mental is crazyyyy. Starting with “Australia is full of dangerous animals”. While some of the most dangerous animals do reside in Australia, it’s incredibly rare to actually come across one. I don’t know anybody that has come across one.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Hahahahaha dangerous animals in Australia? I don't know much about Australia, but I mean people are living there so that's pretty self-explanatory. xD

    • goaded

      We had an amazing holiday in Australia, and we met one of these little beauties on Kangaroo Island (not our photo):

      Myths About Britain I Hate Hearing

      Fortunately, my wife didn't think to get out of the car to take a photo until after it had gone; it's the second most venomous snake in the world.

    • Sophie_2301

      Yeah, that’s kind of expected if you go to Kangaroo Island. Not in the towns and cities though where most people live. I’ve lived here all my life and have never seen a single venomous or dangerous animal (except for at the zoo lol).

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  • the_face_of_god
    As an Englishman, I've lived in the US 5 years. I get dumb questions all the time. And everyone is from London. Even though I tell people I'm from Birmingham. I get "where in London is that" or "how far away is that from London."
    My accent is basically any accent from Europe or Australia. Britain is the capital of England, and London is some where next to it.
    People simultaneously think my accent is posh and pretty to listen to but also hard to understand.
    Sarcasm is a mystery to Americans so half the time I come as dumb or an asshole.
    Apparently how I say words is wrong or the queens English. Even though my people literally forged the language.

    When I first opened a bank here. On the official document where it said country of origin. It said "the United States of England" technically the bitch was right, but like a thousand years ago.

    Everyone wants to know about brexit and peaky blinders. I'm also the voice all of Europe. Anything happens over there. I get questions as if I'm a direct journalistic source.
    People get excited that I'm from England, and then tell me there entire family ancestry. I get it. I'm white. Your white. I'm from the motherland. Your ancestors obviously came from Europe at some point. Doesn't mean I care...

    Or I get, " your from England? I have a friend from near there."

    "Oh, where?"



    Some times I'll be having a conversation with someone, typically a women, and I'll stop talking to allow them to give their thoughts on the discuss underhand, and there like, "I'm sorry I just love your accent" so they listened to nothing I said.

    One time a guy heard my accent and replied, "Your British? isn't Putin the president of England? I said "no, that's your president."

    My point being is that most Americans know next to nothing about the UK. Everyday is a struggle to educate.
    • Oh. My. God. I didn't know people were this stupid.

      By the way you sound like the most British person either.

  • Gods_Gift
    NI isn't in Britain. :) I know some of the Unionists say they're British - that's because their cultural origins are in Britain, and because they're alienated from Gaelic Irish culture. But geographically NI is not in Britain, and the political unit of Britain is based on the geography. The UK is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, that clearly separates the two. :)
  • hellionthesagereborn
    I don't think any one is saying all of England is one way or the other. Like Britain being unsafe, of course their are safe places, we also know there are many places like places in London, that are very much not safe (and in London their are places with a predominantly muslim population that have insanely high occurences of violence and rape). We also know that not all British people are rich, why would you think that some one presume that? That doesn't seem particularly realistic.

    Reverence for the queen that I can see as technically the royal family still has substantial power and even in the US we hear all about their weddings and such (we mostly don't care because well, we broke away 200 years ago) but with all of that pomp its presumed that the British do care.

    As for the accents, I think it confuses people because you also have regional accents and that seems strange to people in the US at least because while we have regional accents we are such a massive country (texas alone is what two to three times bigger then the UK) and we don't actually have that big of difference in our language (probably due to technology, it developed fast enough that we never really got as much time to develop those regional specific quirks (again, we have them but its usually the south east, south west, Midwest etc. not multiple ones in the same state).

    • This MyTake is based off of assumptions made about me, when talking to people not from the UK, and off of posts I've read.

    • Well as I said the only one I think is odd is the rich one, that sounds like some one who is just messing with you or maybe kind of ignorant. The rest as I pointed out, at least from a US perspective, is some what reasonable. I mean as some one from the US we hear people have insane ideas about our country too, and people get angry when we have one of theirs simply because its not unusual here. For instance some people where complaining that americans where stupid for assuming that Australians see wild animals in their yard, like Kangaroos and such. The thing is, in the US, that's pretty normal. Deer, foxs, coyotes, and depending on the region, alligators, panthers/mountain lions, moose, bears etc. So when some one jokingly mentions that elsewhere we presume they are being honest because its not that unusual here (again, depending on your region). Or another is when people complain about the US not having as many passports. They don't understand that our nation is massive and expecting some one from the US to visit Europe is like being shocked that most British haven't visited china. As I've heard one person mention, they had friends from Europe visiting him in New York. They wanted to drive down to texas for the day. That's like a two day drive (as one British Youtuber who moved to the US puts it, "americans think 100 years is a long time, the British a 100 miles as far.". I think that saying really sums up a lot of the misunderstanding we have).

  • ChiTown33
    You left out the biggest one. Whwn people think Britain they think crooked yellow teeth. So when i say British actress Kate Beckinsale has some really nice white teeth that's really saying something.
    • Oh shit. I forgot about that lol- how could I? Ugh, I'm faceplaming at myself now...🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

    • ChiTown33


  • nerms123
    Nice mytake but I’m surprised people actually think this stuff lol
    There is a lot of misinformation going around right now and it is hurting a lot of people. It is messed up. Just because I'm Texan doesn't mean I'm a cowboy and have a horse. Lol
  • DorkVader
    Lol @ posh accents. I'm a big Red Dwarf fan, and from the US, so Dave Lister is fairly hard to understand at first listen. That Scouse is awesome
  • AkshiJanjua
    Let me tell you some facts then
    1. Britain is built by stollen wealth from India so basically they are robbers.
    2. They refuse to give back the Kohinoor diamond they stole from India
    3. They are the reason Indians and Pakistani hate each other
    • The British people have done nothing. While I agree about the Empire, the people today have done nothing.

    • AkshiJanjua

      British people supported the empire to fullest

    • The people today? I didn't agree with what the Empire had done, when I learned about it.

      The majority of Indian and Pakistani people don't "hate" each other either surely, I've met many Indians and Pakistanis online who have no problem with each other. It's ones like Modi creating divide.

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  • goaded
    You went to St. Trinians? No wonder you're safe on the streets, everybody's afraid of you! :)

    Nice take.
    • Lol, what's St Trinians xD

    • goaded

      An all-girls public school for delinquents, from the 1940's-50's cartoons and films. These girls are from the 21st century reboot...

      Myths About Britain I Hate Hearing

      (If you watch the originals, be prepared for a hint of 1950's racism in at least one film.)

  • RolandCuthbert
    • Nobody's "invading" our country, Muslims are like any other community here. There are criminals, but the majority of us just get on with it. :)

    • Well, the last time I was in the UK, I didn't notice to many brown-skinned folks. I don't know exactly what she is getting at. Racism is always a confusing mess to me. I only spied on Sikh gentleman when I arrived at Heathrow. He was a police officer. Quite striking I might add.

    • Spied?

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  • SomeBlondeChick
    Major myth you failed to cover. So you can't be British.

    There's no such thing as a posh accent.

    It's called RP accent. Renounced pronunciation. It's only posh to ignorant (even stupid) non-UKers who associate it with the BBC, Royals & thus education or wealth unaware that you can quite easily have a well educated even wealthy Brit with a strong "yob" or low class accent.
  • WhereAmI
    This is what I think of when England comes to mind. 😂
  • alice55
    The stuff I heard the most about Britain was that the food was awful (never been there so I can't say for sure but my father had gone there a lot and everytime he say the food is horrible).
    I thought you would have include it in the take cause that's the most common things I hear about Britain.
    • To be honest, I've never actually heard that one🤷🏾‍♀️

      But I like the food here xD

  • wankiam
    even worse than #i is when they think of the whole of Europe as one place lol. i really hte the vilolent streets and sharia law crap too but its easy to see why when you see the likes of farage or morgan on American tv
  • Sevenpointfive
    i usually call it the UK. i don't know why there is a royal family and they are so well off. i don't understand their government at all. if the queen cared about her people there wouldn't be so much crime
    • You know the Queen basically has no power?

    • i do and i don't know why they call her that

    • Iamagoodguy

      The queen has a shit ton of power she just doesn’t use it she can declare war and is immune against the laws

  • Daisy007
    Okay, so myth number 1 I happened to know :')) cx & myth #4 I figured (since everywhere there can be poor people/not rich) & great mytake!! I have a British friend that i started talking too after some time, BUT we'll see how that goes xD (:
  • PaganWarrior
    "MwHaHaHa I kNoW hOw To GeT bAcK aT tHiS bRiT... I'lL iNsUlT tHe QuEeN! ThAt WiLl EmOtIoNaLlY wOuNd HeR fOr DaYs!! MoNtHs!! ThE rEsT oF hEr LiFe! DoEsN't MaTtEr If WhAt I sAy Is fAcTuALlY iNcOrReCt!" lmfao... that was funny, and thank you for this take, but...

    Just because you and many others are safe, doesn't mean everyone else will be. It may not have happened yet, but it could one day where you're attacked ( but I hope that it never does happen to you or any of your friends. )
  • Shark_61695
    Just a quick note, Northern Ireland isn't in Britain, it is part of the UK though (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).

    I do agree with your anti-generality stance and for the most part it is true. I did go to one of the nice high schools which didn't have graffiti everywhere but did have its fair share of malcontents.

    I've walked through areas in south Manchester which were deemed unsafe by the university but never had any issues and less hassle than walking through mainly white areas.
    • Well, we all have our own experiences. My dad went to a predominately white area- he had no problem.

  • ariadneR
    This whole damn thing 💯
    I moved from the UK to Canada when I was 12, the other day this person asked me on the phone "Are you a real person or a robot cause most robots are british"
    I was like what? Lol.
    • What lol?

      Now I'm many things sure, but a robot isn't one of them. Some dude at college actually thought I was Canadian because of the way I speak I was just thinking:
      "What kind of Canadians have you been hearing?"

    • ariadneR

      Go figure. I didn't know I was a robot either lol.

    • Maybe we're Transformers lol xD

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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    So, the English are no longer "in awe" at the sight of royalty?
  • My only real stereotype of British people was that they generally are smarter than Americans.

    But after Boris Johnson, that stereotype is entirely gone..
    • I mean... Boris Johnson and Trump... I don't think I need to say anymore...

    • normalice

      Yeah. Mind, not dumber than Americans, but not smarter either..

    • Well, America was born of you people and we got to the moon. Soo. Yeah.

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  • purplepoppy
    Now try explaining the difference between U. K, Britain, Great Britain and why wales isn't technically a country. It's easier to explain quantum physics to a dog.
    • Edanurus

      I guess when you put Britain and Great Britian you meant Britian and the British Commonwealth since Britian and Great Britian are the same thing but its really that complicated?

      The British Commonwealth is a political body made up of mostly ex British colonies. Like the UN its made up of sovereign states.

      Britian or Great Britain is the lsland that has England, Scotland and Wales on it.

      The UK is Britian and Northern Ireland.

      I understand people not getting it from outside but I wouldn't call it complicated.

  • Edanurus
    I agree with the first one but there was a little mistake. Northern Ireland isn't British its part of the UK The United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    I recently watched End of the f***ing world. Alyssa in that reminds me so much of the girls I knew from school plus hearing a northern accent in a show always brings a smile to my face.
    • Oh, I've heard of that show. Yeah, I learned that about NI haha.

      As for the northen accent, I have one not a strong one- but still one none the less, but I hear strong ones pretty much everyday at college😂

  • Mikrop
    I lived in England for 9 months n half. It's a good country. Nice culture it has. Its people r good n talkative. I don't care about politic things on ppl' mind so i don't talk politic so much. Milk tea i liked at most in there. Cuz they make it very well lol.
  • OfDeath
    What do you mean by "Asian people" I think you mean subcontinental or south Asian.
    Just FYI when you say Asian the rest of the world other than England thinks of Koreans, Chinese, Thais, Japanese, Vietnamese etc.
  • Dav1ss
    I've never really thought many of these and like from what I've seen I'm far more comfortable walking alone in England then here lol but yh it's weird I think it's just a product of popculture
  • yoganshB
    Great work! Now I think I need to make a mytake similar to yours on India. There are a LOT of myths about us. Whenever I get some time I'll do it. Thanks for mythbusters.
  • this is very, very helpful. i was thinking of British settings for one of my novels, thank goodness somebody corrected it😅
    • Lol always happy to help! If you've got any questions about Britain- hit me up.

      Also, what did you have to correct? :)

    • anon1903

      the first and third myth, I thought those were true.

  • Smegskull
    #7 if you have physical power do you need legal power? That's the point of gang rule, the "Law" is irrelevant when power to enforce lies elsewhere. I'm thinking of st Paul's in Bristol which when I was a kid was like that. (Control the mouths control the eyes, control the eyes control the people, control the people make the rules)
    • They have no power. Physical or legal. Did you read the MyTake?

    • Smegskull

      I read your anecdotes and assertions yes. I don't know if they have power or not, I don't live in cities any more. I'm just remembering a problem in Bristol that was similar to the claims you are refuting (different labels but same story).

  • codycccccccccc
    There not that safe last time I was in London some asshole punched me in head and took my beer away you guy should really be nicer to you commonwealth cousin
    • Hmmm... Well, I had friends who went on a school trip to London- they were perfectly safe.

  • Lemia
    Its how tv and film pretray people from the UK. I'm about 40mins from London I dont sound posh or went to a posh school.
    • Lol tell me about it, the women in these classy dresses, men in suits with posh accents.

      And in reality I'm sat here my hair back, tracksuit bottoms, a jumper and addidas trainers lol

    • Lemia

      And no matter where you live in the UK you could get attacked, you could be 16yr old virgin or 40yr old mother of two and some creepy perv could easily take advantage of you. It just who crime show pretary the heavier crime cities.

  • Pink2000
    I had to write a report about poverty amongst school age children in Britain and another about obesity.
  • onomatophobia
    I couldnt read to the very end but i did read attentively as long as i believed as i needed to complete rendering a mental image and opinion of you in my book of life... so if you're real then id like to say hi and welcome.. U are now part of my reality i will wonder about you probably 2 or 3 times in the next 24 hours.. And if for example there's not a wiggle on the responding end you will softly blend in to the noise of my thoughts but if u were to continue with the next move i think it would be so cool to have some one who thinks like you for a friend...;)
    No cheese intended... And totally true about the stereotypes... Ingland is one united island with rich royalist posh peopple have afternoon tea in Elezabethian guest rooms wearing 19 century dressed.. Oh my god what u did was relative to telling a kid the truth about santa claus for the first time... Uve shattered my prestine. Image of ENGLAND.. now ill never visit there.. Unlesslike i said... Next moove ;)
    • Lol, nowhere in the world is pristine. ;)

      So is your mental image and opinion on me a good one?

    • Reading more ofbyour posts.. image sharply declined in prestige and withered in to nothingness... im joking.. Except the favlct that mare me realize Musulims aren't scarry devil Woeshipers and you're the secound one to unintentionally impress me with your range of thought... The interval between the normal and the taboo that your mind allows you dominate and express is something that broke the stereotype for me... I know its kinda nice to be liked even vy an unknown person ( espevially if tgat person is interesting) ... But its so cocky to say out loud " listen i thing your "fuked up and my fucked up coud be compatible" ... And a compatible type of " fuked up is another word for "friend"... Yeah i use that word in my posts too :) im half Russian half Jewish... Know quite much about religion... Was kinda pressured in to being a Jehovahs Witness... ( i swear their good sheep just that their " fuked up " is not comatible with my " fucked up"... that said... international womans day Bday.. My mom doesent celebrate b days cuz its agains their religion. Nor Christmas nor pretty much anything else regular religions celebrate or tolerate... So although my mental image of u changed as i just woke u p at 4:10 pm lol... It. Acquired... Flavour.. Yeah its still a good opinion of you.

      I imagine a glittering angel with prestine blond hair and deep blue eyes... blah blah bs :) im joking... I imagine you as being a very beautifully decorated K.. Thick with content , Green for some reason.. leatherbound book. Sitting on a humble pedistole open somewhere close to the beginning with lots of pages marked up in dense criptic hieroglyphs... Thats how i imagine you :)

    • Lol, I can tell you now I'm not blonde nor do I have blue eyes xD

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  • Lurdie
    Fake post, only Americans have capri-suns you almost had me fooled
  • incelposting
    You forgot Cornwall, Mercia, Northumberland and Wessex which are all rightfully independent nations in England
    • Are they? I had no clue lol- some of those places I ain't even heard of.

  • pleasestopthis
    Scotland is in Great Britain so why would it be wrong to say a scotish actor is british?
    • That's my point.

      Some people think British only means "English".

  • BeHappy1985
    I feel that you made up these stereotypes, haven't heard a single one of these, ever. Who was the village idiot you got these from?
    • I haven't made them up I swear- basically it's been throughout my online travels on various websites- trust me, they're real😂

  • October808
    The Welsh don't like the English according to Torchwood.
    • MoscowMitch

      The Welsh hate anyone who isn't Welsh. Don't worry about it.

  • esotericstory
    "Obviously, we don't go out alone at night and stuff" This is the most important line of the whole mytake for me.
  • Bman4907
    So the rumor about all the dentists being burned at the stake in Britian are fake too?
  • IamAboyXD
    No matter what you say, I WILL ALWAYS HATE "BRITISH" ACCENT
    Because it's HEAVY AS SHIT
  • NightOwl8801
    The UK is a great place , lot of history behind that island.
  • Iamagoodguy
    Generally walking the streets anywhere isn’t exactly safe but yeah I agree
  • MoscowMitch
    A timely and accurate response to some of the idiocy that passes for comment on GaG. Well done!
  • aguyintheworld
    Where did you learn how to speak, it's not I was sat there, it's I was sitting there
    • It can be "sat" if it's past tense.

    • Not in the nomitive case

    • That might not be the right word for it either. But you don't say you were sat you were sitting you say I sat

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  • SentientBrick
    Wow, you sure speak American well.
  • CaptainKaraoke
    Saor Alba!!
  • Chessly
    Ok Boomer
  • selfdestruction
    But brexit tho