We are in the same picture but we all got different poses

This take is a culmination of thoughts I had over the past few weeks. Anyone who has spend time on GaG will realise that there are areas such as gender equality, race, faith, non faith, sexuality and various social issues that spark intense debate often disintegrating into destructive impasses. It often simplified into the Politically Correct Versus the Defenders of Freedom of Speech.

I have been thinking about how many of these intellectual conflicts probably would not pass the Child's Logic Test or as I prefer to call it the Repetitive But Why Test. I think if you "But Why" enough times about any human conflict its logic would fail and the reasons for conflict would evaporate.

The diplomatic users of GaG I have noticed are trying to defuse these conflicts by introducing Egalitarian into the vocabulary of GaG which is defined in the dictionary as:

Believing in or based on the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities.

A fairer, more egalitarian society

So if all people are seeking equal rights - Does Egalitarian not seem a far better banner to stand under rather than identifying with divisive labels because after all when you strip it down every human body is essentially the same.

We are in the same picture but we all got different poses.

I am not asking that people abandon their quests to bring their groups up to equal status but is it not better to engage and negotiate a compromised path forward rather than waste time and energy knocking heads.

Look at things through a wide angle lens instead of a narrow focus lens. Instead of fighting over equality, join together to raise that standard of equality. Instead of pointing out the differences between each of the groups find the similarities that will lead to mutual understanding. Instead of fanning the flames of dissension find out what caused them in the first place so they can be rectified and then avoided for future generations. We are a planet of 7 billion individuals who each want the same thing a better life for our nearest and dearest in fact we are not so different after all.

Thank you for listening


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  • People are too busy arguing to see how trutgful and sensible what you are saying is. Arguing is more entertaining, even if it almost always leads nowhere, because it is usually misguided.

    • I mean they could argue in order to find a solution that benefits both, but no... They argue to gain territory, to rise their needs above evryone elses and to try to convince everyone to think like them by whatever means necessary

    • I agree with you totally

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  • Yeah good point that's the problem with most people they are too simple minded and easily brainwashed and only looking out for themselves. Competing over the most petty things like their girlfriend or boyfriend or job positions, sports, money and power, but mostly over money and power nothing else matters to most people besides those two things.
    Call me a pessimist but I don't believe humanity can be fixed its gotten to the point where animals have more compassion than humans.

    • I agree about animals being possibly more humane than humans

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  • I'm not sure if I understood everything... but I still appreciate you for writing this long text for making things better. Respect XXX


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  • If only more people were as clear headed as you. Well done.

  • Well written!