Self awareness - A worthwhile journey or a meaningless trip?

(1) A starting premise

Self awareness - A worthwhile journey or a meaningless trip?

It is often said that the more you know, the more you realise how much you don't know. Therefore taking that opening sentence to its logical conclusion is it not better to know nothing at all. No, I say because I feel life is a voyage of self discovery and the fun is in making the journey not arriving at the destination.

(2) A learning curve

I feel the biggest development in social activism throughout the ages has been the invention of the printing press and the poorer classes becoming literate. Information could now be disseminated to people explaining how they were being exploited and they didn't have to take it anymore - If they joined together they could become a movement that would push for reform.

(3) Putting on a show

With the world becoming more egalitarian a person is allowed to project their true personality to the world so therefore how a person perceives themselves will be the image that the rest of society sees.

(4) Self improvement

Armed with the knowledge that how we conduct ourselves is being presented to outside world, a desire for self improvement grows so a simple I will be a better person each day becomes an inspirational mantra to say to ourselves.

(5) A positive image

A person on the journey to self improvement will serve as an example to others and this may motivate them on to the same path then together they all help raise the bar of expectation for a better world and humanity.

(6) A life quest

Is a lifetime searching for the meaning of life a good thing ? - I believe so, constant analysis of what is happening in your life allows you to think about what has passed, what is occuring now and what will happen in the future. It is like a computer program when you input a number of variables into a process to produce an end result in this case the meaning of life. By introducing constant upgrades, you are perpetually moving in right direction.

(7) The end game?

For some finding the meaning of life is the holy grail of their ponderings. It is felt that by achieving this ultimate understanding you can move on to an utopian eternity of reflective existence but that actually sounds quite strange to me - I much prefer the constant pursuit of knowledge fully aware I will never get a definite answer.

(8) Open mind and open heart

Constant learning leaves you open to new things. By trying to educate yourself, it leaves you receptive to the possibilities of learning about any new thing that comes up in your life, you become more flexible and adaptable for whatever the world throws at you.

(9) In conclusion

It is often a tough trek but in the end I feel it is a very rewarding journey. A machine that is not used will get rusty probably not working if you try to start it again so keep the machine serviced, oiled, maintained and ready for use. In this analogy the machine is the human mind/psyche, look after it.

Thanks for listening.


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  • Thank you!

    Lately I have been really, how to say it?, concerned about decisions I have made and I feel that maybe I had the opportunity to make things better but still I consider it as a learning experience.

    If I want to change what I did.. Is not possible but I could definitely change my next step. Be wiser.

    Learning is the key.


Most Helpful Guy

  • There are things better left to God.

    I became a master of self awareness when I was just a child. I ended up destroying myself, because the truth is I am not God.

    I find that every trouble and problem I have is never fully worked out unless I give it to God.

    In trying to master being self-aware I take the control out of Gods hands and put it into my own hands. The problem with that is that I am a human being, and we are all ridiculously stupid, all of us, every human who has ever lived breathed. If it were not so, this world would be like Heaven. But it is closer to Hell.

    Give up trying to master yourself and just live life. Trust and love God and Jesus and everything will work out.

    • I admire your faith but I am non religious

    • Best satire I've ever read on gag.

    • Thank you, take owner. You seem like a fair and decent man, and I appreciate that.

      @bubble_tea, you get a lifetime to live in ignorance. After that, an eternity. Make your decision well.

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    • Thank you - I am not sure I want to be an editor, I don't like having labels beside my name - I like to keep a low profile.

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    • Thank you just knowing you like it is enough for me.

  • what a refreshing and uplifting post! namaste


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  • Nice myTake

    Socrates once said something along the lines of “the only thing I know is that I don’t know.” There is an infinite amount of stuff to know and in the context of that, no matter how much you know, it is still an infinitesimal amount. It’s kind of humbling. It also means that no matter how far along you have come there is always more to learn

  • Very good take, We really need more positivity

  • I really like your Take. And the way you always strive to be kind on here. Inspirational.

  • Nice Take. Interesting perspectives. Thanks. :)

  • That's nice, I'm a person of thinking myself, i think a lot..

  • Spirit searching can be enlightening. But the MOST important thing to ask yourself is why you are doing it. Are you doing it primarily to make the world a better place, OR because you want to put yourself on a pedestal and try to make yourself feel superior and more enlightened than other people.

    • Carl Jung is too new age for my tastes.

  • Alright going to try this

    • Thanks for your comment - Hope you found it interesting