Thinking For Yourself: A Brief Message


Thinking For Yourself: A Brief Message

Nowadays I'm seeing a lot of repeat Takes show up in the GaG home feed. Particularly now we're seeing a constant influx of Takes on texting (which is really quite annoying, and sad that this subject should get so much devotion). One person did one, now everyone has to follow suit. It's this element of social media that couldn't be sadder. It opens gateways for everyone to be followers and do what the others do.

In fact, while social media does have some revolutionary elements for good, and offers some great platforms to be heard from, it still brings out a lot of people who won't think for themselves.

But doesn't mean you can't.

Just because something is big and popular doesn't really mean it's right or as important as it's made to seem. Just because everyone does it or thinks it doesn't necessarily mean it's right or correct, and in the same way just because only one person does it or thinks it doesn't necessarily mean it's wrong or incorrect.

We MUST remember not to be monkey-see-monkey-do. We must remember to be our own leaders and use our own thinking.

Thinking for yourself never gets old, but being a follower sure does.

Thinking For Yourself: A Brief Message

Thinking For Yourself: A Brief Message
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  • QuestionMan
    Thanks for writing this.
    Too much of the same content is overflowing on GAG
    • ManOnFire

      I try to just ignore most of it, but it's getting to be too much now.

  • Fugue
    Sure, we have to think critically, but there is also the fact that individualism only goes so far. If everyone wants to live in their own little fairyland utopia where they are the magical monarch, the real world turns into crap.
    • ManOnFire

      Are you kidding me? It's individualism that has brought about some of the world's best and greatest minds and inventions. Conformism is what dulls your creativity and originality.

    • Fugue

      No, I'm not kidding you. At any rate, nobody said anything about who invented what. The question is who actually developed and built all the stuff around you? Did one guy each manage to build the electrical grid, the internet, the roads that you use?

  • DarkHumorRUs
    "Let me tell you how to think for yourself."

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