You have no right to brag

Pride.... It takes us over all at one point at least. You feel good in what you have accomplished, and you feel the need to brag or bost. The truth of the matter is.... NO, you shouldn't and you don't have that right no matter what you accomplish. This funny meme crossover with our lord and savior! It's funny, it made me laugh and the person who did it used computer skills to make it happen (doesn't have to be a lot of skills but I wouldn't know cuz I never made a meme before) but the point is it makes people laugh and happy. The person who made this has no right to brag. God made it possible! God allowed him to have full body control and brain power to make this happen. You could say God IN A WAY used the person to make this (but it was that one person's idea to do this).

You have no right to brag

Why? God did it. He gave you the power/ability to do what you did. (Big or small, it doesn't matter!) when you brag to someone about what you did, your stripping God of his glory that is rightfully his. One of the real beauties of God is that he is a humble being (so is his son) he wouldn't bost about his accomplishments but he curtainly doesn't want any person he created taking his credit.

He should be praised, give him the credit and all the glory that is rightfully his. If you become famous one day and get an interview, if you were asked a question like "what is the secret to your success?" or "how did you do all of this?" and you like spoke a disclaimer and mentioned God responsible for it.... He will be vary pleased with you.

Remember, humble yourself! It's not you! It's never been about you! (It has never been about me either) and it never will!! I'm not trying to be rude or anyone feel upset but I just want to get this out there because I don't want people making that mistake. You may have a talent, I have a talent for drawing. That was not my own doing no matter how much I done it before. Looking back at what I'm trying to tell you people..... It's a lie! Practice doesn't make perfect! God gave the ability to you over time. Humble yourself, you'll be a better person. To others and to God.

And I for one am not afraid of what people may think of this! (If you have a different religion then I won't stop you from believing it however I'll provide the info that God wants us all to know so if you want to, you can here it) again I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad or anything like that! God bless you all


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  • "God" is the representation and manifestion of humanity's insecurty regarding the uknown and an always available scapegoat to be used whenever something goes wrong. The fact that you break your own religions rules by "tooting your own horn" and holding false idols in the form of celebrities, further underlines how riduculous any "god" truly is. If a god really existed why wouldn't he smite assholes like you who go around posting shit about how their religion, not in any offensive way to those who don't believe, is the correct one and whose teachings need to be spread? Your gods say that they are in your hearts, but you stupid theists keep killing each other over whose imaginary friend is real. Grow up and end the senseless violence.


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  • "Pride is a weapon"
    -Adolf Hitler

    I believe in God but it doesn't mean that I'll ignore all of my hard work and 'just' thank god for it. "God helps those, who help themselves".

  • It's not a matter of "taking credit" it's more like advertising. "Look at the quality here, this is the stuff you want". I don't see why if you have desirable characteristics you shouldn't let them be known. I don't mind people tooting their own horn as long as they aren't overstating or fantasizing, that would be 'false advertising'.

    • Pride is one of the 7 deadly sins didn't make the law, I'm trying to spread this peace of his word (that you shouldn't be prideful) I mean lucifer had pride in heaven & look where that got him

    • I'm saying all of this so possibly, humans won't make the same mistake lucifer (& other humans) made

  • I'm a Christian, and read the bible, but I think differently from the masses.
    I think that the bible was extreme for the time it was made.
    People were lawless, so the bible was on the opposite extreme to create a balance.
    However, today we are more morally balanced, so it sounds crazy.

    On topic, I think a person should revel in their accomplishments, but not shove it in others face.

    Let's face it, you could literally save the world, and you still have to take the garbage out.


    There's a reason pride is considered the worst of the seven categories of sin.

    • Indeed, yet at the same time I understood that there is no sin that is bigger then another. (There is no "big sin" or "little sin") that's what God sees but humans see it differently

  • Every human brags about something. I've never met a human that didn't brag about himself or herself.

    • I am guilty of bragging but at least I face the truth, realize it's wrong, & not do it again. (& repent on it)

    • Some people however never learn their lesson until it's to late