My Take on Death

My Take on Death

Okay, so this isn't going to be one of those, uplifting, "it's okay to be sad about death! It's perfectly natural!" takes. It's not going to be a myTake about how shit death is either.

I'm not about to start moaning or laughing about how my Nan died a few months back. I'm over that now. She doesn't have to put up with our family shit anymore so wherever she is she must be pretty fricken happy.

What this myTake is going to be about, is what I believe happens after your heart stops beating, and your body quits functioning. The moment you succumb to death himself.

Nobody lives forever. This is a fact we almost all have to come to accept. We might not like it, but it is the truth, and we have to just suck it up.

Nobody knows what happens when you die. This is another fact. Though this one we refuse to accept. As human beings we tend to refuse to believe that there is something we do not know.

Which is the reason so many theories exist.

This is just one of them.

To start off with, you must know that I believe in souls. I believe that each being in the world has a soul.

When we die, when our heart stops beating and whatever it is that makes us, us disappears, our soul will leave.

When our soul leaves, it will rest in limbo until a vacant life becomes available, where it will enter the new life in it's egg or womb.

There is a set number of souls at any one time. I don't know what that number is, in fact, I doubt anyone ever would even if there was a way to calculate that. But there is only a set amount of souls at one moment in time.

When a child, human or otherwise, is born with a kind of mental condition, this is evidence of either a new soul, or one that has been in limbo for so long that it has lost the ability to fit it's new body effectively.

You might wonder how there could be a new soul if there can only be a set number? Well, souls die too. Eventually. That, or if they hang around in limbo long enough they lose all experiences from past lives. Like how if you don't use algebra for long enough you forget how. It's the same principle.

So, yeah that's my theory. It works on the same sort of scale as reincarnation.

I know that the more likely answer is that there is just nothing, but I like my theory.

That's about all I have to say really.

What're your theories?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I've been a Christian my whole life, but your theory is really eye opening. It makes a lot of sense, and even i have to admit that it is possible.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't do death. Sorry I couldn't even read this take because it's related to death and I'm not even sure if what I say will have anything to do with it but I need to get this off my chest. And I can be anon.

    Now what I mean but I don't do death is I run away from it. I ignore it. I shut it out. If I know someone I love and I'm close to is ill and going to pass, I stay away. Its like I completely try to detach myself from the person emotionally before they are gone. I often wonder if I'm fucked up for doing this

    • No, i don't think that makes you fucked up. Its simply a coping mechanism that allows you to distance yourself from something that may hurt you. That doesn't make you fucked up.

    • Thank you

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What Guys Said 3

  • A great take. High five.

  • Nice take.

  • Interesting theories about the soul, how did you come by it and what is it based on?

    • I read a passage out of some book as a kid that spoke of how a father believed his sons inability to grasp simple bodily functions was due to him being a new soul. I don't remember anything of the book other than that.
      But the idea made sense to me and I've just built on it since.

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    • Its based on a whole lot of thought and analyzing.

      You can't really give evidence to any theory concerning what happens to you after you die. That's why they're theories and not facts.

      If you were to put evidence on my theory, it would be irrational fears that have no possible reason for and claims of remembering past lives.

    • Yes I suppose that is true in all religions views.

What Girls Said 2

  • personally i think there are worse things than death like losing my family thats why i dont fear it. I think reincarnation, ghosts, spirits, is a possibility because no scientist has not said it definitely does not exist so i am not going to rule it out.

  • We have souls but it doesn't go into limbo, or at least straight after. Trying to predict where we would go once we're gone is pointless really. It's like The Big Bang.