5 Reasons for God's existence

Earth being the only planet with life in the universe

Not only are there many planets with complex eco systems and atmospheres, just look at earth being the only planet in our solar system, and possibly the entire universe that supports life.

Countless research and spacecrafts have been sent into space, yet no conclusive evidence of exterrestial life yet, yet the numbers of estimates for life seem to support the idea, yet it's a paradox.

Earth seems to be the only planet that has the right conditions for life.

Not only that but with the radiation that is out there, it's safe to say life here was for a reason and not anywhere else.

It's either too hot or too cold, or no oxygen to support life.

The complexity of the human anatomy

The infrastructure of humans is very complicated , not only that but the human brain is very powerful and was clearly of design by a creator.

Even Scientists claim we never evolved from apes

If you went to high school you probably got a big misconception in science class, most schools teach that humans evolved directly from apes or primates.

Which is very wrong and incorrect. We actually acoording to scientists evolved from a much earlier shared ancestor.

And Apes and monkeys we see now are actually not related to us at all.

So before you parade and say , yeah but still you did'nt disprove evolution... Just remember the one big flaw in the most common evolution misconception.....

We have the intelligence and Imagination to think of a "God", surely this supports the existence

5 Reasons for God's existence

The only difference between humans and animals, is the brain power of a human and it's imagination and intelligence and presumption to think that a higher power or meaning exists....

So surely the most intelligent species on the planet is on to something, if they rationalize that there is a higher meaning to life.

This concludes that a omnipotent being governing the laws of everything, may not be out of question or reason.

Not everyone reality is the same and there more to reality than reality

It's you who makes the predetermination of decisions and rationality, so hence you observe what is your reality.

But remember everyone is different, and experiences different realities.

Some people experience see and hear things that others do not, these people may be called insane.

But take dogs they have a super senstive hearing and can hear frequencies undetectable by the human ear, and there is thousands of things undetectable and unseen by the human naked eye, such as oxygen, radiation and gravity.

You can't see these things, but we know they exist through science...?????

Even in the universe, dark matter exists yet it cannot be seen by spacecraft cameras, and requires special UV or infrared snaps.

So just remember this when you think about things like ghosts, aliens and god.....

Perhaps there is a whole world out there, that cannot be seen by the naled eye and they may be another part to the physical realm that does not play by the rules of scientific physics, this is supernatural...


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  • Buddy listen to me when I say this... you do not UNDERSTAND what you're talking about at all. You've probably heard an argument from someone else trying to prove God's existence and you remember what they said but you don't know what they mean because literally all of your "reasons" actually help prove God doesn't exist.

    1. The fact that there are millions of planets out there that don't have life show how life on our planet is just a coincidence. Also if God was real then why would he create a whole universe and only put life on one planet? What's the point of all the lifeless planets that he created? If God really exists then no offense but he's kind of an idiot.

    2. Once again... if God created us why would he make our bodies so complicated? Humans have been able to develop machines more efficient than our own bodies so now not only is God an idiot but humans can create better machines than him.

    3. I have literally never met a scientist or teacher that has ever said that. Apes and humans share a common ancestor. Yes, I am gonna parade that you didn't debunk evolution and a flaw in a misconception also has no effect on evolution because its a misconception a. k. a not how evolution actually works.

    4. This is by far the stupidest point, sorry if I'm being blunt but it is literally the stupidest argument I have ever heard when trying to prove god's existence. Humans also have the intelligence and imagination to think up purple people eaters but that doesn't make them real. Also just like you said we used IMAGINATION to THINK of a God. We didn't meet him or see him or find evidence of his existence but imagined him.

    5. We might not be able to see oxygen, radiation, and gravity but do you know how we know they exist? We have evidence to prove they're there and we have technology (its far too complicated and efficient for your God to create) that can see it. Every day we experience the effects of gravity, we breathe in oxygen, and we create power with nuclear plants.


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  • "Hurr durr I don't know how X happened, therefore it must be Godd!!!"

    Troll harder, please.

  • This was a good joke of a mytake. Thanks for the laughs man.

  • The part where you say "We have the intelligence and Imagination to think of a "God", surely this supports the existence."

    People back then probably came up with the idea of a gods and goddesses because they couldn't explain what caused natural disasters and a lot of other things. They didn't have the technology to truly understand what was going on. So they made them up to simplify things and just say a god did it.

    Plus they also probably game up with gods to help control crime. Since back then they really couldn't disprove if one or many existed. So saying a powerful being is watching your ever move your not going to risk doing anything bad and end up being smite.

    Plus again everything you have stated science has either physically shown these things that they are real. That or give a better argument about a hypothesis. Which ends up they don't claim that it's actually real that it's just a theory that might be. Yet with religion nobody says it's a hypothesis or give any concrete physical evidence of a god existing.

    Even if we haven't found other life that doesn't mean there isn't. The universe is HUGE! and it would take thousands maybe billions of years to even get through it all.

  • God? Any fucking God? It doesn't exist.

  • HAHA, none of these have to do with God and saying "earth being the only planet in our solar system, and possibly the entire universe that supports life", oh my... it blew my mind away. This myTake made my day. Thanks dude :P


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  • I hope you're joking

  • And now, I present to thee

    5 Reasons for God's Existence: Debunked

    1. Unsubstantiated claim, Earth being the only planet in the universe with life is slim and none and implies earth is somehow special, fails to account for distances in space

    2. They are related to us by having a common ancestor, retarded argument

    3. Unsubstantiated claim, scientific notion of evolution provides a clear and naturalistic reason for the "complexity" of the human body

    4. Unsubstantiated claim yet again, we are intelligent compared to other species because that helped us survive, even then, there are other highly intelligent species that form societies and even rudimentary languages. We are currently the only hyper intelligent species because that niche is already filled, by us. Even then, biologically, the reason for our high intelligence has been revealed to either be a few or even a single protein.

    5. This doesn't prove a god, and, we can see these things, not with the naked eye, but they are observable, which is exactly why we even know they exist. There is absolutely no way to observe a god. This argument relies on a deeply flawed premise.

    Hope this was a troll

  • 1. Just because we haven't discovered other life bearing planets doesn't mean they don't exist. It just means we don't have the means to actually see/visit them. The universe is a big place, and life needs some very specific conditions in order to come about. Our planet won the lottery in terms of these conditions, and it's very likely other worlds won that lottery as well. They're just insanely far.

    2. Many of the things that make up our body can be found in lesser animals as well. Perhaps in a different alignment and with some extra parts, but we have our own as well. The human brain is very much like a bird's wings or a snake's venom. All were proven to be an effective means of survival for their respective species, and as such were honed through many years of natural selection and evolution to the peak of effectiveness. Speaking of evolution...

    3. To say we evolved from apes is a bit an generalization when the subject of evolution comes up. What a disappointing number of people fail to recognize, is that scientists say we share a common ancestor with apes, that ever elusive missing link. We went in one direction and the apes went in another. Think of it like how dogs are different from wolves. Not because god thinks its funny to take the fierce wolf and turn it into a little dog that lives in a blonde bimbo's purse, but because, through natural selection (and a bit of our own tinkering thanks to domestication) those changes were brought about.

    2. Just because a lot of people can comprehend the idea of a god doesn't mean there is a god. Not long ago, people thought the Earth was flat. It didn't mean that, through some weird connected subconscious agreement, that the Earth was flat. If anything, the lingering idea that there is a god is our brain's attempt at trying to find understanding or meaning in events we cannot understand. But with time we can, the more we learn, the less things seem to be supernatural.

    1. While a person's experiences may well be unique unto them, there are aspects of reality that are universally accepted because we all experience them. We see light, we hear sound, these are tangible aspects of our universe we can detect and quantify. Reality is only subjective when it comes to emotional experiences, not in terms of fundamental laws of the universe.

    I can't say that there isn't a god, and it's okay to believe there is a god, but don't mistake a lack of evidence as evidence, and for the love of god, don't twist facts!

  • You really know nothing about science.

    Your first reason is completely retarded. We haven't found other planets that support life LIKE US. We are not the only way of evolving.

    This clearly is not clearly. Also you obviously haven't understood the complexity of natural selection at all. The fact that we are the only race that evolved intelligence doesn't mean that this is the only way to evolve to intelligence. Natural selection could apply to other planets and organisms that will evolve differently.

    Your 3rd reason is exactly the same. You have no idea what evolution and Natural selection is. Not a single idea. The concept is that many ape-like organisms like humans came from a single organism that evolved in many different ways. Plus 99% common DNA.

    Your 4th reason is the same once again (what a surprise). I'll tell you once again. The fact that we evolved in what we are today isn't the only way to evolve. It depends on Natural selection, something you don't know or understand. Organisms with intelligence could have existed too but maybe they didn't survive like we did. 99.9% of all the organisms ever lived on Earth have died. It's quite possible that the same will happen to us too.

    Hmm, so your 5th reason should be challenging or something? These wavelengths are different ways to see reality. You said it quite well though. The fact that we cannot see something doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The thing with science is that it doesn't work with eye evidence etc. It works with pure evidence. We cannot see the dark matter but our UV can. THIS IS EVIDENCE!! Where is your evidence?

    And don't give me these bullshit with the miracles and stuff... GIVE ME EVIDENCE!!

    So my dumb friend, you just wasted your time trying to prove God and I was very happy to destroy you.

    Have fun trying to prove God.

    • The fermi paradox, as i said... don't you think it's paradoxical that we have never found a single trace of alien life, yet such numbers and estimates say there is possible life out there...

      Billions of systems and planets, yet no evidence.
      Let me just say on number 3, You are incorrect on that fact... Hominids (humans, primates) evolved from a much earlier ancestor , and we share the similar ancestor in the primate family, we dont directly evolved from them.

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    • Look I'm not debating this, Here's a link...
      Humans and the great apes (large apes) of Africa -- chimpanzees (including bonobos, or so-called “pygmy chimpanzees”) and gorillas -- share a common ancestor that lived between 8 and 6 million years ago. Humans first evolved in Africa, and much of human evolution occurred on that continent.

    • You're contradicting yourself right now.

  • Egregious flaws throughout. Causal arguments not accurately portrayed.
    Life on other planets: unknown
    gods creation restricted to this plant: not indicated
    human brain complex: so is everything else, including weather, root systems, etc
    humans and apes have common ancestor: therefore related
    Most intelligent being: unproven
    higher power feasible: certainly, however, unproven
    That statement and most further statements: you touch on philosophy, this article is certainly lyrics about one of philosophy's big questions, but the fact is there are several 'schools' of thought and you've offered nothing new. Since you're thinking about it, philosophy might be an excellent course of study for you.
    Enjoy. And please don't jump to any more conclusions

  • As they say, low IQ and high confidence is the most dangerous combination.

  • 1. considering the tiny fraction of the universe we can observe, assuming that the earth is the only planet with "live" and an ecosystem on it is absurd. i mean isn´t the disprovability the reason for most peoples believe in god? then how is it that you don´t believe in live out there even though we can´t disprove it´s existance?

    2. Complexity is nor an argument for nor against god. i mean look at the shapes of clouds and how they are sometimes shaped like stuff we know. it´s purely coincidence. nobody creates pictures in the clouds and still it´s there.

    3. scientists never claimed we evolved from "apes" that´s a claim christians made in order to ridicule evolution theory. it´s not a "misconception" or flaw in science. it´s rooted in the stupidity and ignorance of christians trying to disprove science not using the scientific method, which is invalid! now i´m not saying science was allwas right about stuff but we know that humans evolved form "something" and humans were not "made" to be like we know them.

    4.. this is known as freudian superego and is a psychological ability of the brain to provide introspection in order to improve our survivability (it´s evolution). besides: we are likely not the most clever species on the planet. we are just the only one we can understand that claims it and we can´t understand any other race so they can´t prove us wrong. there are some aquatic animals debated for being more intelligent than us.

    5 yeah there is still stuff that we can not see (yet) but that is not a proper argument for god. cause everytime christianity is like "that´s how things are" and then science goes "nope we found that you are wrong. things are actually more like this"... and then christians just shit all over that by going "ok fine but you still don´t know this and that and that´s exactly where god is". we can´t and never will know "everything" but just pushing god into the ever shrinking places we don´t know, doesn´t give christianity a very strong position.

    conclusion: don´t try to explain god with science. god is no rational, logical physical thing. god is ignorance. god is a placeholder for everything we don´t know yet. it´s a crutch for people who can´t cope with a live that will end ( and a good one i will admit).
    to end it with a quote form galileo: "The bible teaches us how to go to heaven, not how the heavens go" stop trying to explain stuff with the bible. it won´t work.

  • Ignorant and misinformed take. You don't know if this is the only planet that can support life (NASA has already confirmed bacteria lived on Mars) and there are plenty of Goldie Locks planets that could easily sustain life.
    As for your argument to complexity, it's not an argument for God just an argument about how you are easily confused.
    Scientists never claiming we evolved from apes (irrelevant topic and is more of an argument for improving education. We shouldn't be teaching kids wrong science.)
    The "intelligence" to think of God doesn't make it exist. Humans have the
    "intelligence" to believe in Big Foot, vampires, leprechauns and other nonsense.

    But I think the most important thing is that you have not provided a single shred of physical evidence for a God of any kind. All of those things you argued could have been caused by fairies, leprechauns or space aliens (plenty of people believe we were created by an amazing creature from outerspace and you can't prove we didn't).

  • You forgot to mention just how perfectly every thing comes together. Not just the complexity of the human body but the perfection of all of the living creatures on Earth. Engineers are usually going to the animal kingdom for answers these days because of just how perfect even a tiny ant is.

  • 10/10 most retarded mytake I've ever read

  • Did you rally make a myTake with such a controversial topic? Fool, this isn't going to gain anything. I could make a myTake with 5 reasons there is no God and nothing would change. I'm the closest thing there is to a god anyway.

  • You wanna say
    God's are aliens
    This aliens enhance DNA of primates to make a slave force to get their job done, as human then abandoned us.
    To begin life they built the moon which is just a hollow ball made out of Earth to cause tides to create life.
    Moon the hollow ball also have a and underground station for UFO.
    Something like this..

  • Very good. The created can never understand the creator. If we could 'prove' God existed then this would be evidence he didn't exist. I accept by faith their is a God but I cannot prove it to anyone. If someone says there is no God, they are accepting by faith there is no God, they cannot prove it to anyone either. We will all know for sure the moment our heart stops and I'm comfortable with that moment. Not afraid but not ready either.

    • by that logic, everything that can´t be disproven, automatically exists. so basically every work of fiction that was ever made up is actually real.

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    • if god was good, he would know that there are a lot of believe systems to pick from and just not finding the right one would clearly be not the fault of the person, cause the person just can´t possibly know the right one. you can´t send a person to hell for not knowing better.

      you will agree that believing in god is not a rational, informed decision. it´s an irational emotional decision and therefore not within the realm of ones fault.

    • @genericname85 maybe you're right.

  • If you believe anything you posted I feel sorry for you and anyone you might produce in life. what a moron.

  • I believe in God but those were really bad reasons that you listed

  • My thoughts are that mankind invented a god and the concept of eternal life just to stop himself being scared of his own mortality. Nothing more.


    I'm not saying God doesn't exist

    I'm saying this is a load of bullshit/trollshit that u poured into a myTake in the name of God.

    And there's plenty of evidence of life beyond Earth. Bacterial imprints on Mars r no coincidence, buddy-boy.

  • Einstein said in his diary that the reason we can't come up with the unifying theory for the universe is because we have only 5 senses that we use daily but that if we could learn to use more senses that we actually have like imagination, the seven chakras, the infinite consciousness levels, etc. Tesla also wrote something about that and he believes that the less you eat, the higher consciousness you have. Although I believe what these two geniuses said, I also believe in what

    • George carlin said about it: "you tell a group of people that there's a man in the sky that created everything, most will believe you. If you tell them the paint on the bench is wet, they'll have to touch it to be sure."
      Or Nietzsche: "God is dead."

  • I know for sure that god exist but as a believer ur reasons arw stupid it makes people disbelief in god more 😂

  • cool story bro... just learn to make deeper arguments in future.

    • Really? You are 36 and you'll argue with no evidence or rational thinking? And then you want to say you're different than the animals because you have ''logic"?

    • i answer as i please... you just made no real claims, just parroted what your church or mosque told you..

      oh, and i don't know you, so it's not my issues.

    • Oh sorry. I misunderstood your opinion. No I'm an Atheist. :P

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