The Two Powers of God

The Two Powers of God

There are two powers we can access to hear God’s voice and tap into God’s power

The first is to multiply God’s blessing of love towards us by blessing others with God’s love and good will and joy and emotional blessing

The second is to worship God’s pity and to pity God by pitying God’s creation and the people and animals and plants in God’s creation that are suffering

Blessing multiplies blessing

Worship of God’s pity leads to practical solutions to suffering and more worship of God’s pity for his people and his animals and the environment as a whole

This is how you eat the bread of blessing and drink the wine of pity and worship

Blessing is one voice of God

Worship is another voice of God

The Two Powers of God
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  • God's pity... Interesting 🤔

    Helping others with blessing is for sure a great power
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  • jazzyanswers
    You are so right. I think that every Christian needs to know this, and do it.
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  • TallAnon
    Think it's time to go to bed now, I've had my share of bullshit for today it seems. How about we rely on the power of ourselves, rather than the power of a being that has apparently literally planned the torture of every child, the cancer in every body and the suffering of all. Seems like a better plan to study science to prevent these things.
  • call_me_scar
    Meanwhile in Yemen The Two Powers of God

  • DannyUk2017
    Why God is not there, when i lose a Loved one?, specially if its in pain, Why God is not there when i do a Good deed, but is there when fills up the "thieves" pockets?, Why god is not there "as they state" to choose the Good, best, humbles, believers, and such", but is there with rapists, criminals, etc, etc... they say its coming from 2000y ago, that it will change the World, i can see it changed... Sars, terrorists, Covid, HIV, mass destruction... i came to realise now, that i'm 38 not when i was 5-17 that really there is NO GOD! , we are just Living Matter, the "soul" and it reincarnation and stuff? hmmm HOAX, show me a SOUL THAT was on this Earth and after "departed" Became something else, or ended ip in Heaven... lets be serious...
  • iceRoseThorn
    I.. I do that. 😏Wait.. I DO that..🥺What's the third one😗
    • O ya... listen to the physical world.. music.. birds.. stuff like that.. do amazing things! invent, create, out of love and concern.

  • collie22
    i love Jesus!
  • Guardian45
    I didn't know Yamaha speakers had THAT much power!
  • Anonymous
    Oh for fuck sake.