The worrying aftermath of the Paris atrocity

The worrying aftermath of the Paris atrocity

After mourning for the loss of life from the Paris tragedy, my main worry was the extremist reaction.

Highlighting this was the media coverage, with it portraying the bane of terrorism in the age all while undermining its graphic nature with its biased and selective depicting of it. Muslim involvement as part of ISIS striking at the heart of Western civilisation the main premise drumming up hysterical reactions in individuals near and far.

Little attempt was made to add context by clearly stating that most ISIS activity with associated deaths has occurred in Muslim nations. One in Beirut, Lebanon happening a day before the Paris tragedy receiving scant coverage. The truth of ISIS from a Muslim viewpoint is it of little appeal and relevance to modern Islam with it viewed as a Wahhabist Saudi Arabian product with a stone age mentality.

The more insidious omission is the origins of ISIS.

It is an offshoot of Al Qaeda, who were fostered by Western nations firstly as a tool in Afghanistan against Russia, then again in Syria against Assad. Changing its name to ISIS in 2010 as a result of American actions in Iraq. Most in this age associate Al Qaeda with Osama Bin Laden, known in the West as the 'axis of evil' after his part in the heartbreaking 9/11 attacks.

Back in the late 1970's, 80's and 90's the same Bin Laden was seen as a principled freedom fighter and adopted as a darling of the White House. Quite literally breastfed through arms and financial backing. The embarrassing aspect of this is many of the Syrian rebels in this age known as 'ISIS thugs' are brandishing the same American supplied M16 assault rifles.

Where is the reporting of these facts Media?

The imbalanced reporting taps into the ignorance of many while igniting further fears allowing the insidious agendas of power brokers with little or no vigilance from the populous.

The greater concern with the perpetuating of the threat of Muslims and ISIS is the hysterical Islamophobia it fosters. The more people, who either directly or indirectly pour vilification upon moderate, modernist Islam, the more they are unwittingly doing the work ISIS wish to accomplish.

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  • And what exactly do you hope to accomplish by posting this? it's no secret we armed people in the middle east back then because we were trying to stop Russia from expanding its communists influence without actually engaging them and starting a new world and possibly nuclear war. We had been fighting proxy wars with them for decades after WWII, they'd arm one side and we'd arm one side, we'd send a couple units here and they'd send a couple there and so on.

    Also the simple answer to your question is because the true unbiased media died a long time ago, there are no real reporters or media stations anymore anywhere, of any nationalities they are either corrupt, or greedy. little more then media prostitutes really.

    • my response to you is you are informed, and objective, many are not

      history always repeats despite the lessons afforded. this situation reminds me of the mid 30's when a splinter group was made populous to the masses through mistruths perpetrated- the nazi party.

      if, the Islamophobia is fostered and gets hysterical- it points people to find solace in the wrong people

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      princess Leia to Han Solo- 'I love you'

      Han Solo- 'I know'- just as he gets seals in carbonite :P

    • I agree it was really good, and it left it at the cliff hanger of now they've confessed their love but nobody knows what will happen to Han, it really made you want to see what was going to happen next. And then that duel between Luke and Vader, showing how Vader had gone from being incredibly arrogant in his fighting style from Revenge of the Sith, best duel in the series by the way. To his much calmer, and more cautious approach. And how is blade work had changed from fast paced and acrobatic to a much more simpler style utilizing is superior cybernetic strength, his hybrid style was defiantly effective a mix of Soresu, Ataru, Niman, Juyo, Shi Cho, Makashi and of course his specialty Djem So/Shien was quite good and he utilized the Sith technique of fear when he sent all those boxes towards Luke was good, and of course that final moment, when he revealed he was his father, excellent. It was indeed a very good movie.