Terror attacks in France over Prophet's cartoon


1. A history teacher gets beheaded by a Muslim student

He showed Prophet's cartoon in a class discussion about freedom of speech. Mr Macron attended his funeral.

Terror attacks in France over Prophets cartoon

His name was Samuel Paty and he was 47 years old.

Thousands rallied to condemn his beheading.

Terror attacks in France over Prophets cartoon

2. Nice terror attack

Terror attacks in France over Prophets cartoon
Vincent Loques- father of two
Vincent Loques- father of two

The two women and a man were attacked inside the basilica in the morning. Two died inside the church. One of them, a 60-year-old woman who has not been named, was "virtually beheaded" close to the font, according to the French chief anti-terrorism prosecutor.

French media have named one victim as 55-year-old Vincent Loquès, a devout Catholic who had reportedly worked at the basilica for more than 10 years.

Mr Loquès, a father of two loved by many of the church's regulars, was opening the building when the attacker slit his throat, police say.

The third victim was named by the Brazilian foreign ministry as Simone Barreto Silva, a 44-year-old mother of three born in Salvador on Brazil's north-eastern coast. She had lived in France for 30 years.

She fled to a nearby cafe with multiple stab wounds but died shortly afterwards. "Tell my children that I love them," she told those who tried to help her, according to French media.

44 year old mother of three
44 year old mother of three

The terrorist and his family

Brahim Aouissaoui
Brahim Aouissaoui
Terrorists mother is crying
Terrorist's mother is crying

Man ‘armed with machete’ arrested in Paris hotel room

This happened today on 3rd of November

A terror attack was about to take place in a hotel but it has been prevented.

Someone saw the guy holding a weapon and called the police.

Officers arrived at the hotel
Officers arrived at the hotel

A timeline of recent attacks in France

October 2020: French teacher Samuel Paty is beheaded outside a school in a suburb of Paris

September 2020: Two people are stabbed and seriously hurt in Paris near the former offices of Charlie Hebdo, where Islamist militants carried out a deadly attack in 2015

October 2019: Radicalised police computer operator Mickaël Harpon is shot dead after stabbing to death three officers and a civilian worker at Paris police headquarters

July 2016: Two attackers kill a priest, Jacques Hamel, and seriously wound another hostage after storming a church in a suburb of Rouen in northern France

July 2016: A gunman drives a large lorry into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, killing 86 people in an attack claimed by the Islamic State (IS) group

November 2015: Gunmen and suicide bombers launch multiple co-ordinated attacks on the Bataclan concert hall, a major stadium, restaurants and bars in Paris, leaving 130 people dead and hundreds wounded

January 2015: Two Islamist militant gunmen force their way into Charlie Hebdo's offices and shoot dead 12 people

A little about me

I am a British Pakistani. I live in England. In the city of London. And as a Muslim, I am embarrased by the terror attacks, which have taken place in France and Vienna.

As a Muslim, I realised how double faced the Muslim community it.

I no longer want to associate myself with the Muslim community.

I also want to say that Muslims around the world have been watching the Ghazi show during the lockdown, which promotes terrorism and beheadings of Christians, that show got more than 3 billion views.

Even the title song of the Ghazi show shows the beheadings of two Christians in the name of Allah and whilst that show is still running, beheadings have taken place in France.

This can't be a coincidence.

Even in Pakistan, a female teacher was filmed teaching young girls how to behead Mr Macron in the name of Allah by using his picture and statue.

In the same week, a 13 year old Christian girl called Arzoo in Pakistan got kidnapped by a 44 year old Muslim man. She was converted into Islam and was married off to a 44 year old Muslim man. She has been so brainwashed that she isn't listening to her mother.

Terror attacks in France over Prophets cartoon
Terror attacks in France over Prophets cartoon

The Sindh court ruled in favour of the kidnapper by saying how it's perfectly okay for a under-aged girl to get married under Sharia law. The kidnapper shows conversion and marriage papers.

This is a silent and a hidden genocide.

One thousand forced conversions take place in Pakistan every year.

Even in Huma Younus case, the Sindh court gave the same verdict in August 2020. At the time of kidnapping, she was 14 but now 15 and pregnant with her Muslim kidnapper's baby. Confined in a room and not allowed to meet her parents.

The media in Pakistan will never talk about forced conversions.

Pakistan's Prime Minister, who wanted to end Islamophobia, won't talk about forced conversions in his country.

Thank you for reading!

And by the way, a terror attack also place in Vienna yesterday but I wanted this article to be only about France!

Terror attacks in France over Prophet's cartoon
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  • lightbulb27
    Unreal how barbaric an act that is.
    If preach this kind of stuff to large mass of young people and brainwash them, some will take the bait and do it. Young people are just doing what they are trained to do within the confines of their personality makeup and culture. It isn't all muslims, and it is very few. but doesn't take many

    Simple solution is execution with bullets laced with pigs blood.

    Any mosque associated with such training and messaging is ejected from country and raised. That will start a war but might as well fight it now.

    Slave girl... awful. Should be international law against backed up by rapid force military.

    UAE and specifically Dubai is a slave conversion colony... taking in heathen Christians and turning them into baby producing muslim generators. Women go in, enslaved into prostitution or sold to husbands. they don't come out. In the thinking of Muslim, they are saving the heathens.

    Sick culture, thankful I have freedom to explore and make choices. What can be done for others without violence? People don't want to change once programmed and this culture is based upon honor not love, that programming roots to some negative emotions... murder included.
    Is this still revelant?
  • Dchrls78104
    True religion does not need to promote itself by carrying out murders, acts of terror, or any other atrocity. True religion is a force which, rightly directed, would lead to peace. It trusts in God, and God vindicates it. "Religions" that carry out or encourage atrocities or acts of terror of any kind act contrary to His will, do not have His backing, and are condemned by Him. He does not need humans to defend Him by slaughtering or abusing their fellowmen; He is quite capable of defending Himself and His own great name.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Shezadi

      This is what the Bollywood film PK was trying to say

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  • OlderAndWiser
    I appreciate your perspective on this ongoing problem.
    • Shezadi

      Thank you. And happy to see you back after a long time. Guys really do have this problem where they ghost you and come back out of blue to surprise you be it a old guy or a young guy. lol.

    • I don't know why you have missed me because I have been here almost every day for the past month.

    • Shezadi


  • FakeName123
    There is a major discrepancy between western-christian values and islamic ones. The west has a strong focus on liberties and individualism while on the other hand within islam the collectivism stands about the individual as well as a strong focus on punishment over forgiveness. Essentially every individual ranks beneath what the collective requires.

    This collective is based and connected through the religion and thus any potential negative aspect, presentation or even criticism is considered by almost all muslim as a direct personal attack and thus many react accordingly. And for some this reaction means using violent means of a perceived vigilantism.

    The Question many western countries need to ask themselves right now: Where is the line? And has it been crossed? And are western values compatible with islamic ones? Multiple questionnaires have shown that the majority of muslims value the quranic laws over the nations ones. Is it really possible to keep having a state of law with people who don't value that law enough?

    And at what point do liberal muslims as well as supporters of multiculturalism need to ask themselves if the problem with an increased percentage of muslims willing to use violence to reach their goals - and I am not just talking about religious violence, but also all sorts of violent crimes where people from the middle-east and africa are overrepresented - are a direct result of what the religion teaches, what foundation it provides and how western culture isn't built on dealing with that mindset.

    Because as I said. The islamic culture is based on punishment. Western culture used to be based on trust until it was mixed up with different incompatible cultures. Thus the way criminals are dealt with are fundamentally different and people who grew up based on punishment-based culture naturally perceive the mild punishments in the west as equivalent to the perceived severity of the crime. Meaning beating someone up and only getting a few months of probation is essentially perceived as a trivial offense due to the perceived mild punishment.


    Depending on how these questions are answered there are not many solutions to it. It either comes down to accepting this part of the daily life, increasing government power of surveillance or putting every muslim under general suspicion to the point of just removing the muslim population from the respective country.
    • Shezadi

      I appreciate you writing a whole essay. I read every word and agree with you. When you spoke about punishment, I was thinking about lashing and stoning.

    • Not even about this strong punishments. Even in the smaller scale everything is about punishment - while in contracts christianity (and I am not a christian, but european culture is strongly influenced by christianity) it's a lot more about forgiveness. Hence, Jesus literally "died for our sins" to give us the possibility to be forgiven. This is a HUGE difference in how the two different cultures function.

      And it's not like you can just let go of it. Ignoring for a moment there may also be genetical influences to behaviour (not saying it is all genetical, but to deny it completely is also wrong I think) - it is also a matter of conditioning and habits. Just think about how difficult it is to get rid of a single bad habit. Now imagine two different cultures clashing and the minority has to adapt to the majority. Getting rid of those habits that are cultural differences is almost impossible being so ingrained from the very upbringing of people.

  • KrakenAttackin
    How will Europe respond? By launching new "anti racist" campaigns, prosecuting "hate speech" against Muslims, creating new programs to throw money at Muslims, and letting more Muslims into the EU. All of this to "prove" that Europe is not "racist".

    Europe, your pathetic and flaccid response is exactly wrong. Muslims respond to strength. Take a page out of the Russian or Polish playbook about how to deal with Muslims.
    • Jack9949

      Europe is retarted. And so are the Democrats. Joe Biden wants to increase refugee admissions by 700%

    • Shezadi

      This is why Greece doesn't Muslim refugees. Greece and Trump were right about Muslims.

  • Tea-Spaghetti
    I think what you are highlighting is good but it would be unfair to only call out Muslims since throughout the history of mankind Christians have done similar things. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with Islam or Christianity but rather I think people and society.
    • It would be good though if you can bring this attention to @SpiderManFan2012 because she is too brainwashed in Islam I think.

    • Shezadi

      I used to follow her but in the end, we blocked each other. She got offended when a user called the white queen wrote about Pakistani grooming gangs. She was obsessed with her. She would read her articles and then write articles to give her a reaction instead of minding her own business. And the funny thing is she told me that she never went to Pakistan still she she only saw herself as a Pakistani not as a British. I don't know how old she is now but I am not her rehab centre. No one can change you until you want to change yourself.

    • wow you are so right we are all different I guess. Thank you for letting me know your thoughts about the matter I really appreciate them.

  • Animesh911
    This is an ideological battle and must be fought on that ground. In my opinion, one of the more efficient ways to improve this situation is to make a rule that wherever the religious ideology is taught (no matter which on) it should be mandatory for them to teach Atheistic philosophy as well. Every religion in the past got diluted when the very concept of God was challenged. It is time to make it main stream now.
  • Jamie05rhs
    Thank you for speaking out. I admire your courage and your open mind.
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    I think that Muslims (specifically Muslims living in France) should be vocally condemning these attacks and working with the police to stop/prevent them. Otherwise it gives the appearance that they condone/support the attacks and the country will begin to hate them. Then things will get worse

    If the muslims are going to stay then they all need to find a way to get along and work together
  • Waffles731
    "Even in Pakistan, a female teacher was filmed teaching young girls how to behead Mr Macron in the name of Allah by using his picture and statue."

    Ironically the French pretty much the world experts at decapitating political leaders and the upper crust
    • Shezadi

      I am confused

    • Waffles731

      The French Revolution.

      Tens of thousands of people got decapitated, they decapitated most of the royal family, then a bunch of the Revolutionaries got decapitated, the. Napoleon rose to power, then he fell, then a different monarchy took power

  • Tstrbrainer
    The bad thing is that the entire Islamic religion is paying the price for these heinous crimes.

    Even the good Muslims are viewed with suspicion
    Here's a thought, maybe it's time France got the fuck out from meddling in the Middle East?
    • Shezadi

      France was helping Beirut recover from explosion.

    • What about it?

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  • This happened before many times. Its becoming radicalization.
  • TheFlak38
    Merely a necessary sacrifice for the communist utopia in which we live. At least we are not nazis and racists.
    • Shezadi

      I don't get it. Your sarcasm is too deep.

  • Bshu2jdbxb
    Wow too much detail 👌👌👌👌👌
    Keep it up 💪💪💪💪💪
    Nice information 👍👍
  • Jmmmfi4
    Shit happens
  • ik9999
    Islam is an ideology incompatible with Europe.
  • Sevenpointfive
    how is any of this related to anything?