How to do the Theory of mind

How to do the Theory of mind

So ever thought of how the human mind works in the matters of everyday life? Well here is it today my friend "theory of mind" so I'll give you steps:

1. Eye contact

Eye contact is very important on the behalf of theory of mind because there was a quote that said eyes are windows to the mind just because the person doesn't say how they feel they are showing it non- verbally in their eyes.

2. Legs and knees just like to tell if someone interested in you their feet and knees are pointed towards you. Its everday life too.

To make this post short because it'll be two pages long if I go any further just to give a question what do you think about theory of mind? Also how does theory of mind (TOM) help you and others.


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  • TOM is nothing but basic science mixed with pseudo-crap.


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