The Story of The Girl Who Lived Forever.

Immortality is seen as something amazing, perfect...wanted. It is not. I am an immortal, the only one on Earth. Well not so much on Earth anymore, but what used to be Earth.

The Story of The Girl Who Lived Forever.

The world has been ravaged and destroyed. On the Tele came a broadcast for all over the world. The news? The world is ending by the sun imploding. All Hell broke loose...well at first. There was lots of looting, vandalism, raping and murdering. Nobody stole from stores for TVs or clothes. It was medicenes, hygiene products, foods. If you had something someone else needed? Either give it to them or get killed. Then, it was calm. It was so...silent and peaceful after all of this was over.

Telvisions were turned off. Nobody wanted to know the exact moment the sun would implode. We'd know when it was happening. People stayed home with their families. Everything was beautiful. Keep in mind I was already alive for two hundred and fifty years, stuck at the age of 21 forever. I was in my house with my wife, and I knew what was to come. We cuddled up in our bed with our curtians drawn. At first we could hear the distant sounds of glass breaking, fires roaring, people screaming. Then it was silence. I remember getting up, leaving the warmth of my wife. I stood by our window on the second floor, staring down. There was trash everywhere, dead bodies rotting in the gutter, dried blood crusting along the ground and walls of nearby buildings. I remember loving how peaceful it was at first but then I turned to my right...and threw up. There was a pile...of dead bodies. It was stacked high and without caution.

I saw some people I knew. Most I didn't. I had to brush my teeth and then got back in bed with my wife. She asked me what was wrong but all I could do was tell her not to look outside. She understood and she placed her arms around me, her tiny body trying to coddle my own. God I miss her.

As I write this down, I am left in a building. It was large, now it's run down and destroyed. I'm on the bottom floor, the only floor with all 4 walls semi intact and part of a ceiling. It's the best I can do for shelter without going into a cave. All the water is dried up and I'm thirsty but I can survive without it. All the animals and crops are gone. The dead bodies are nothing but ash now. The trees are little less than dust blown by the wind. A lot of the buildings I've found are almost completely flattened except this one thankfully.

My fingers shake as I use this pen I kept on me at all times, to write down my story on some paper I found in a hidden burrow. It once held stories from a young woman. Her traveling experiences really. I guess she didn't want these to get destroyed. I love how even in the worst times in human...Earth's history really, she kept her calm and humanity.

I moved to the back half of her notebook so I may write all this. I wander lost and alone. There are no more animals, stores, people...nothing. There's dust, ashes and left over metal scraps from cars and buildings. I walked for miles and miles. I don't have a sense of time anymore. It might have been days, weeks or even years and I wouldn't have known. I do need sleep but not often. And there is no more day and night. It's simply a permanent dawn time. Where it looks like a sun rise but it's odd. All that it is now is a soft glow of an orange hue around the horizon-no matter where I walk.

It's as if it's just in my reach but it slips out of my grasp. Oh fuck, my pen is running out of ink.

Before I finish writing this I have to tell you something; immortality is not a gift. It is not something I would wish upon anyone.

I've lived for hundreds of years and more so, and this is the worst.....

The end.

This is a story about what I think it would be like to be Immortal. I don't think it's all it's cracked up to be.

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  • Very interesting take on immortality.

    If I ever got Immortality I really wouldn't expect it to be a gift especially after being mere mortal all this time. I would rather had started off one than eventually became one, because I do not know what the process would be like.

    I would expect having immortality to be a extremely a boring and overly simplistic existence and moreso if I get to pick and choose what I want and don't want with that immortality.

    And it will all depending upon if there any real maintenance requirements to immortality. This version of immortality you wrote seem like it is still possible to be suffering from thirst and being able to feel tired although he would live and survive them.

    If all suffering, pain, illnesses completely goes away from having an immortality kind of capability then I would think that all of my own problems had all been permanently resolved. But that is only theoretically.

    However, then that would only meant that my purpose and meaning to live and exist would now just merely become that I exist ONLY to exist and nothing really more beyond at that point. There would be no real purpose or goal anymore or really even needed or required for my life and existence.

    If I am still capable of feeling any emotions at all while having some form form of immortality, in particularly "boredom" then I would not want that kind of immortality, since boredom is part of suffering. I would rather be completely unable to really feel anything at all if being immortal.

    To be still able to feel is to be able to suffer pretty much everything in existence from loneliness, unhappiness, grief, sadness, emptiness, disappointments, boredom, fear, pain, etc. Sure you can still feel good feelings, feelings of pleasures and emotions also, but if I wouldn't want any possibility of suffering then good feelings like pleasures would have to completely go away also, and I would expect them to.

    If I actually ever got something like immortality here in this reality and world then I would think that it is only fair that I find a way to leave planet earth and go far far away possibly to some unknown planet and/or galaxy. And from there I would try and figure out if there really is any real meaning to my immortal existence other than existing to exist eternally in the endless infinite vastness of all space and time.


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  • A good twist on immortality and the downside of it - A bit like the vampires in the film "The Hunger" that became very weak but could not die and were locked in a coffin - Any story about immortality I always think of the emotional down side like falling in love and watching the people you love die over and over again, it would get to the stage where you would not want to form attachments. I would probably explore a lot of things morelike the relationship of the two women, how immortality of one affects the relationship. The dynamics of impending doom how it went from chaos and looting to morbid acceptance, how society functioned in that new era. I would look in much more detail with graphic description of the changing face of the planet. the increased desperation and social collapse,

  • Well done


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