2005-2006 seems like a distant memory now, doesn't it? Let's have a look about how internet was then.

2005-2006 seems like a distant memory now, doesn't it? Let's have a look about how internet was then.

I can't believe how things have changed since then. Here I am now in 2016 seeing how things went those last 10-11 years. And I am talking about internet-wise mostly.

Although my life then wasn't as good as I itto be (Well, I was a 14-15 year old fat boy) and it was pretty miserable, so internet was like a getaway to me. So I don't have fond memories of that era, but I do when it comes about internet.

Now a full decade later, I can't believe how those kids have matured. I really couldn't imagine those brats who were like 8-9 by then and the only thing they did on a computer was to play a few games, have matured so much and they can have long-length conversations, about many topics. I'm surprised sicne I thought by then people my age or below would be unable forever to do such a thing. But man, I was wrong.

Enough about this. Let's take a look about how it was. Do you remember anything? Do you miss anything? Are you glad that some of them don't exist anymore?

1) Youtube was more like a community.

By then Youtube had a more community feeling. Though it lacked variety of videos since it was on its first steps, but it was more like a community, unlike today which is one of the most populated sites.

2) MSN, Yahoo! and ICQ.

All of them have died. Especially ICQ. But among those 3 MSN was really a big thing by then. To be honest I really miss it, since it was the best instant messenger I've ever used. I was really disappointed when I learnt it will be converted to Skype.

3) MySpace was pretty much the only social media.

Although I wasn't so keen on it by then. It was a decent site as I see it now. But sometimes I wonder
"All those 16 year old girls, who "WrOtE LiKe Th1S" by then,where are they now and how they ended up?" Can't imagine them.

4) Using Internet from your cellphone was uncommon.

It wasn't a daily thing as it is now. It was pretty rare to see a person using internet via his/her cellphone. It was pretty low quality as well, so it wasn't so convenient at all.

5) No "follow/like us" buttons.

Seriously can you imagine there was a time where such buttons didn't exist? Well to be honest I'd rather if they still didn't exist as well.

6) You had to use your keyboard more than your fingers.

Nowdays, pretty much is touch screen, isn't it?

...and last but not least.

7) GAG didn't exist.

Yeah for those who spend many hours here during their day...can you really imagine how internet was without it? Only Yahoo! Answers, but even it, it was pretty fresh by then.


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  • Sadly, at my age, 2005-06 feels like just yesterday. Absolutely cannot believe that this was a decade ago. Once you're an adult, it all just feels like your "adult life" vs your "kid life", at least at this stage, while I'm still relatively "young." My adult life began in 1997, and while some of it seems old, it really doesn't. I guess this doesn't have much to do with your question, haha, I'm just saying that you kids that are 18-22ish... don't blink. You'll be in your mid 30s before you know it, like "holy fuck, what just happened?" You won't believe me now, but check back with me around 2025-30, you'll understand then. I feel like Kanye's first album dropped like 3 years ago😂😂😂


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  • omg yes.

    MSN was the THING back in high school lol. we had group convos with like 15 people in them it was insane but i loved it. i miss those times.


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  • Woe you coverd a lot... the onlyvthing you missed was the amazingly revolusionary Windows Vista. Such an advancement from xp. I still use it... I wish Microsoft would have supplied a theme for 10 that looked like vista.. and an upgrade offer to vista users too... Ohh I forgot a filthy rich masive compony called Microsoft can't even do such a courtius thing for their loyl costermers. by the way I like linux more... compleatly open source.