How asking questions can benefit you

This may seem like a stupid topic but sometimes when it's late, I start thinking deeply about things (however simple they may sound) and coming to conclusions. Last night I thought to myself

"Why do we ask questions?"

My brain simply replied "Because we want answers"

I could have stopped thinking about it then but then I wondered

"Why do we want answers?"

Well my theory is that it's because it almost always benefits us in some way-

A child asks questions in class so they know what work they are meant to be doing so they get a good grade.

We want to know if our crush is single, what sexual orientation they are and whether or not they are interested in us so we don't waste our time.

We want to know what things are healthy and what things are unhealthy so we know what things to avoid so that we avoid getting bigger risk of illness.

We can find out how honest someone is from asking questions - If we repeat the same questions and the answers always remain the same we know (unless they have a superb memory) that they are telling the truth. If however, the story changes then it will be obvious they are lying.

Why would we want to know if someone is honest in the first place?

Perhaps this person is in a business and you want to ensure they are being honest in case you get conned. Or perhaps this person is a potential love interest and you want to make sure they are honest before getting with them in case they hurt you.

It is because you want to protect yourself - Again, a benefit to you.

So what about questions you ask just out of fascination?

Such as why is the sky blue? Why is the ocean salty? Why is the grass green? Why is the rum gone?

How do knowing the answers to these questions benefit us?

Well it's usually because we have an interest in the subject and it entertains us. Don't you enjoy being entertained? Does it make you happy or least content?

Well there's your answer. It may benefit your enjoyment.

So my conclusion, in theory is that the majority of the time, asking questions almost always benfits us in some way or the next. They can protect us, make us happy and improve our lives.

Sure, you may not always get the answer you want but if you get an honest answer then it does usually help you know what to do to make you happier.

And thus concludes this MyTake. Hope you enjoyed reading and sorry for any grammar mistakes I made.How asking questions can benefit you

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