Proving Stereotypes About My Country Wrong!

I'm from Greece. A country lots of people hate from many countries,many others love many others thanks God for not letting them be born here.

As most of you probably know Greece (or Hellas) is in crisis.And we're not doing that good with the rest of Europe (e.g. Germany) .

1St Stereotype:

Greeks are the least wrong!

my dad has 2 jobs and working almost 15 hours a day for 1000 € for all of us (We're 5) With the taxes being more Than 500 € /month.. My mom is unemployed for 5 months. Proving stereotypes about my country wrong!


Greeks hate Turks / Turks hate Greeks.

We have a long past with Turkey it's true. Maybe the older ones feel anger when it comes to Cyprus 1974,Smyrna 1922 etc.But they dont hate them. We don't hate them. I know, we're not the closest friends but not the worst enemies.

3rd :

Greeks spend alll their day at a cafe

No,no,no.I dont think you need details for that.


Greeks don't care about the refugees!?

When I read this online I was so angry. Do you even have sources to say that? At my school. Just one school of 300 kids, gave supplies for 243 refugees (food,medicine,clothes and bags to put them in and of course water). My grandma In Kastelorizo cooks for them every day and she can barely move her hands!


Greeks are very traditional and close minded


If you're still reading this then you're probably thinking im just trying to make you love Greece. Of course Greeks aren't perfect. For example we dont respect public puberty


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