Demons inside Satan's niece's head

This is kind of an attempt at poetry but really I am just focusing on getting my emotions out, and I put it in a poem format.

Demons inside Satan's niece's head

They cut my emotions out of me,

telling me, reassuring me

they knew best.

They isolated me in the world

cutting me from people

especially those I would do anything for.

I get up and act like nothing is wrong.

Because I have hope for a brighter tomorrow

My family hates that I am distant.

They think I hate them

I am convinced they think I am Satan's niece.

It's ok really I don't live to please my family.

You can hate me as much as you want.

The reality is no one will hate me more than me.

These demons live inside my head

Their evilness prevails

if you look in my eyes,

you just might see them.

One day day they will get me

Until then, I will fight them another day.

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  • As I have mild bipolar, I can relate to inner demons , nice bit of work, I understood which I suppose was the whole point. I hope today you get to keep them under control again.

  • Wow, you should do poetry. This is good


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