My Top Ten Favorite Animals

I've had many different kinds of animals. And after a while of research.. My "Top Ten Favorite Pets" list is here! (This list features some of my favorite animals, hope you enjoy!

10. Birds

Bird lovers are going to hate me. But I don't care. Birds come into last place for a reason. I have a bad experience with a parrot. She swore like a sailor and bit to the bone. But birds are on the list because I've heard some people adore birds. Altough in my experience there kind of messy. I'm not hating though, cause I do know a nice bird too.My Top Ten Favorite Animals

9. Snakes

Scary to some, but best friends to others. The snake is a cool creature that is adored by many, with so many species the possibilities are endless. Just watch out for the venomous ones. I've never actually owned a snake, but I have friends who have, and they are just right for that "wild child" inside of you!

8. Ferret

Curiosity killed the cat. But what about the ferret? They are so curious, and playful, They move like a slinky. They are carnivores which means they love meat! Ferrets can be sweet, but can also nip. One downside is that they have a strong smell.

7. Hedgehog

Sure they look spiky, but underneath all that armor is a heart of gold. They are great pets and are so fascinating. They look like mini porcupines, but trust me, they are way nicer.

6. Lizards

Ever since I was little, I had a soft spot for misunderstood creatures, I always loved Lizards and would bring them home to my mother. who would later tell me to release them. But I now own a bearded dragon, and let me tell ya, he's pretty cool. It's fun to watch them catching crickets, and I've heard of some people who have trained their lizards to act like dogs! Cold blooded? I think not!

5. Goats

I'm not "kidding" around! Haha (goat joke!). Goats are cute, and are increasing in popularity. They love to climb and play, (as do all kids) and of course, great for goat jokes. I know someone who has a mini goat, and the goat thinks that she is his mom! How adorable?

4.Guinea Pigs

You may be confused, but I did not make a mistake. Guinea pigs are amazing pets. Very social, although shy at first. They hardly ever bite, and are so gosh darn adorable. Guinea pigs basically live their name. They are like little piglets, in the sense that; they make so many different noises, and eat like them. I've found they don't really smell, so that's a plus!

3. Cats

Of course these fuzz balls are one the list! They are just too cuddly to leave out. Whilst they may not have beat my #2 pick, they are still a nice pet. Cats have few uses, but they do help keep mice population down. And they make the Internet a better place.

2. Dogs

There's a huge debate about which is better; cats or dogs? While I love cats as much as the next crazy cat lady. I think dogs are a little better. There's herding dogs, hunting dogs, Companion dogs, Guard dogs, and so many more. Have you ever heard of a guard cat? Or a herding cat? Didn't think so.

1. Horses

They may be a little expensive but it sure is worth it! They have so many uses; Riding, Working, Companion, Racing, Showing, and that's not even the tip of the iceberg. Horses are just so sweet and intelligent, how can you not melt when staring into their beautiful eyes?

But this myTake is just my opinion, you may not agree but it's called a "myTake" for a reason! Hope you enjoyed!

NOTE: None of these images are mine. Copyright infringement not intended.


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  • I thought this was a sweet take, I'm a fan of animals myself. Dogs are my favorite :)

  • Nice take - I would have dogs at number 1 though


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