Some Creepy Things In My Home State, Nevada

While Nevada is an amazing state, it has things that just me go huh? Just think something only your wildest imagination can dream of and we have it, somewhere in the desert. For example, my neighbor has a metal statue of a horse on his front lawn.

Clown motel in Tonopah, Nevada

Some creepy things in my home state, Nevada

Tonopah cemetery which is next to the clown motel.

Area 51. In a word, Aliens. This claim is a bit far fetched.

And there is a restaurant.

Burning man festival costumes people wear hear are unique.

The last supper and lady desert sculpture

A giant ball in Reno. So very tacky Nevada

The Shoe Tree

The toilet paper hero of the Hoover Dam in Boulder City, Nevada

Giant poker chips in Reno, Nevada it really showcases Nevada and that we are a gambling state

Flaming praying mantis in none other than Vegas

But don't ever change Nevada. #keepnevadaweird

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Great take of some of the oddities in Nevada. I have heard of the clown motel but never knew where it was. I'll be sure to avoid it though lol. I also heard Nuclear bombs were also tested in the Nevada desert. Is that true?

    • Yes I believe so

    • I had thought so. I know there is also a big bowling alley in Reno that was in a movie called kingpin. although that might be just in the movie.

    • That shoe tree looks cool though. Do you know if it represents anything or what?

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  • Ahh how I miss summers in Vegas. That's perfect weather, in my world.

    (Yes I'm absolutely serious)


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  • Nice mytake. I have to visit and gamble in Las Vegas one day. Some of those things I never knew about. So thank you for showing me things in Nevada I never seen or heard of before.

  • I never realised I had that clown phobia (coulrohobia, thanks Google) - When I saw the Clown Motel, I got a real shiver.

    • That's ok I hate clowns to its even worse it's next to a cemetery. That way if it kills you, it'd be convenient.

  • Nevada is such an interesting state, very good Take :)

  • I like the shoe tree


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