How To Overcome Fear

How To Overcome Fear

Fear is a disease that destroys our self confidence, belief, and personality. It can hinder us from achieving our full potentials. Fear arises from deception and hate. It is true that we fear what we hate and hate what we fear. When not properly checked, fear can develop to the point of completely destroying our lives. One of the results of fear is low self esteem.

What are best ways to fight this monster disease? Fear is a problem of the mind, and the best solution lies inwardly rather than outside. Studying and understanding the cause of your fear will help in eliminating such fear and this is actually the first step in dealing with the situation. Learn to view things in their true, actual, and factual state; this is the process of simply understanding and accepting the truth. Remember the saying, “Seek the truth and it shall set you free”. When you are fully armed with the truth, nothing can deceive you. Truth is a universally accepted knowledge and knowledge is power that leads one to self confidence.

Practice makes perfect; Face your Fears by practicing those things that make you fear, in doing this you will gradually overcome your fear. At the end you will discover that it was only a deception created and allowed to develop by you. In addition, learn to draw strength from your successes. “Yes you can”. Build up your confidence and improve on it daily. Be positive in everything. Positive thinking pilots positive action and positive thinking attracts help, courage, and wisdom. Avoid doubts, and excuses. Act right and have it in mind that nothing can harm you unless you give way for it. Surround yourself with creative energy. And remember that, you are a child of the Almighty and he is always watching you.

Also Note, the best form of protection is prevention, avoid activities that will bring harm to you. Fears are negative and of the dark, so learn how to develop love and affection for others. Love is light and positive, and where there is light there can never be darkness.

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