5 Ways to Stay Focused on Any Task

1. Train your mind like a muscle

When you constantly multitask, your brain quickly adapts; you lose the ability to focus as distraction becomes a habit. Practice concentrating by turning off and getting rid of all distractions and committing your attention to a single task. Start small, maybe ten minutes per day, then work up to larger chunks of time. If your mind starts wandering, just return to the task at hand.

2. Exercise regularly

Exercise not only keeps your body healthy, it promotes brain health too, which is important for memory capacity and concentration. Scientists thinkregular exercise may help stimulate the release of a chemical called brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which some research suggests helps rewire memory circuits to improve their functioning.

3. Do creative work first

Usually, we do mindless work first and build up to the toughest tasks which actually drains your energy and lowers your focus. Try to reverse the order so you can focus more efficiently. Check off the tasks that require the most creativity or focus first thing in the morning, and then move on to easier, more mindless work later in the day.

4. Practice not being distracted

Meditation is a great way to practice focusing because it’s just you and your thoughts. If meditating isn't your thing, practice single-tasking throughout your day. At lunch, just eat. Don’t read the newspaper or check your Facebook or emails at the same time and in meetings (or class, if you're at school), don’t doodle in your notebook or play with your phone; pay attention to what your teacher or coworker is saying, you never know it could help you get that A grade or the promotion you've been wanting for a while!

5. Pay attention to yourself

Start to notice when and how you get distracted. What thoughts pop into your head right before you do? Are you tired, hungry, or bored? As you learn what triggers your distractions, you can head them off before you slip into an hour-long chat about that cute guy or girl with your bestie. (NOTE: This will also help you become more mindful since it helps you analyse your thoughts/behaviour).

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  • Excellent take. Self-awereness in all aspects will ALWAYS improve said person in all aspects of life.

    These days with all this modern technology, it is far to easy to be chronically distracted and lose one's self awareness. :-/

    • Thanks. Agreed 😊, it's definitely something I need to work on too haha.

    • It takes a lot of effort to have self-awareness, but over time it becomes second nature. :-D

  • Fantastic Take, I like the ideas :)

  • Great job on your Take...


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