Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself

Life is indeed a journey, every experience comes with a lesson. And the more we learn, the calmer we become to face more difficult challenges, and the more we learn, the more our successes makes us more confident too. When we neglect the lessons that comes with every experience, we are simply refusing to grow, learn, and improve ourselves. Life can also be compared to a school, our success or failure in a particular class affects our progress to the next class. So the key lies with us. When you fall, do not regret falling, but stand up and look back at what made you fall, and avoid trap next time. But without learning, the same thing will keep making us fall repeatedly.

Don’t be discouraged by what people say

People will always talk, as long as there is freedom of speech. But listen, pick the truth, ignore, and move on with your life. Most times negatives words can give us the motivation to be a better person. So use everything to your good, the worst happens when we ignore everything. So when you hear a negative thing said about you, first thing should be to reflect, ask yourself, am I really guilty of these things that are said about me? If yes make effort to change, if false move on with your life. Do not be carried away by praises, but endeavor to give your best at all times.

Find the key to the Golden door

You owe yourself the greatest duty, others will only encourage, help, and motivate you, but you have to fulfill your part, otherwise all other efforts will be useless. Everyone is also looking for the key to the golden door: this means that every other person has his/her problem, so do not put so much trust on others, but look within yourself for that strength. But this does not mean you should completely neglect others. A child with difficulty in a particular subject at school, will go to someone for help, the person can only guide, teach, and explain accordingly but the child has to go back and do the reading in line with the help he has received. All the above cannot be achieved without understanding, so try to understand yourself. It is when you fully understand yourself, that you can understand others. Try and be a master of yourself, before you can master others. When you know your weaknesses, you can now know the areas to call for help.

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