The Shadow People: Who Are They, and Are They Even Real?

The Shadow people: Who are they, and are they even real?

Out of all the stories that are passed on about things that go bump in the night, none of them seem to be more prevalent than shadow people. There are tales that stretch back centuries ago, and many cultures globally have some sort of story dealing with them. So what really is a shadow person, and are they even real?

What even is a "Shadow person"?

Shadow people are exactly what they sound like, non-human entities that take on human form as a dark shadow. They are one of the most common types of paranormal encounters, and reports of them go back for centuries.

There are many theories to what shadow people are. Some believe that they are the embodiment of a deceased person's spirit that has yet to move on to the afterlife. Others believe that they are entities from a different dimension, such as demons, angels, Jinn (Islam), or other creatures we do not fully understand. Still others believe they might be humans time travelling or having an out of body experience.

Many believe that shadow people are harmless, mainly because they seem to ignore human beings and disappear on sight. However, there are reports of them having malevolent intentions.

Shadow people are believed to be massless and non-physical, but on rare occasions they can be seen moving physical objects. They seem to possess the ability to walk through walls and move at lightning fast speeds.

Shadow people most often are sighted out of the corners of one's eye (peripheral vision), and many of us have had instances where we saw something move nearby but when we looked there was nothing there. These types of encounters are very common.

Other encounters typically take place in dark environments, usually during one's sleep. A good portion of shadow people reports occur when someone wakes up suddenly and sees a shadow figure by their bed or in the corner of the room. Usually these people are paralyzed and are in total shock & fear, which is why shadow people are very connected to sleep paralysis.

Scientific explanations of shadow people are that they are mostly illusions or hallucinations brought on by many different factors. Some might be due to our mind/vision playing tricks on us, some might be due to side effects of medications, drugs, or certain physiological circumstances. For sleep paralysis, the effect of a sudden state of awakeness and the fear of not being able to move have caused a sleepy and confused brain to picture a human figure in the darkness.

Examples of Shadow people, real or fake, you decide.

A common shadow person experience is that of "Hat man". He is a solid shadow seen wearing a hat. Most of those who encounter him say he is a neutral observer, who is aware of the person watching him and tends to just stare until he disappears. He has been described as as having violent intentions, however. Here is an artist's interpretation:

There is also the haunting of the Moundsville Shadow Man

One common clip shared around the internet is the headless shadow ghost that appears in an Iraqi (or possibly Afghanistani) school. The shadow man appears about 2 minutes into the video, while a group of boys are exploring around the school. At the same time the shadow man appears a nearby mosque gives off a deep moan that symbolizes a call to prayer. The boys do not appear to notice the shadow person and continue on.

Yet more examples of a shadow person hiding in plain sight. Just so some of you know, I have edited the contrast and brightness setting of some of the photos in this article and given a few white circles so that they are more visible.

So what is your opinion on this phenomena? Are shadow people just a figment of the imagination, or something real? Maybe a little of both? Are they really just spirits or entities from the great beyond?

Thank you for reading. If you have any future suggestions for what paranormal beings I should write about next, please comment below.


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  • My cousin, mother and I believe there is a shadow person in our house that followed us from PA.

    I believe in spirits, shadow people etc. I think it's real but also that reality is what you make of it. (So if you believe then you'll see, if you dont believe then you won't )


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  • I've never seen these myself so I personally can't say for sure but here's the reason why I do believe things we don't understand like these exist. First, I do believe there are evil entities (demons, poltergeist, whatever) cuz the bible tells about them. Second, my sister claims (I believe her) she has seen both dead people and these shadow figures for as long as she can remember. She sees dead people by crosses where they were in a car accidents and things like that. She's also seen weird shadow figures that are kinda creepy sounding like weird shapes, kinda humanoid but deformed. When she was barely talking, she had a invisible friend called "sister shadow." The things she talked about doing with her and things the entity told her were very advanced for her age. It makes sense now that she claims to have seen these all her life. The thing is, she hates seeing all of them. When she does, she acts like she cannot see them and prays for them to go away. She hates talking about it too. I'm always fascinated by it so I ask about what she had seen recently and she gets annoyed. Sometimes if I really bug her, she'll kinda snap at me and tell me so ill shut up. This tells me she doesn't do it for attention. My mom has also had a few occurrences in her life. Hers are more extreme and scary but she's only had like 3.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I have seen many shadow people, during the day, at night, alone and even with other people in the room. My house is haunted though so its the usual..

  • :o i know that non human entities exist tho :/

  • Amazing take!👍🏻


What Guys Said 3

  • "Are shadow people just a figment of the imagination?"

    No I killed one:

  • In Islam humans shall never witness the real form of other higher creatures like angles or demons or jinn ,

    The parallel universes theory is really accepted by Islam and I have discussed it with a lot of sheikhs

    And the dimensional theory too we believe demons and jins are on other but in another dimension and some times perhaps ( we aren't sure ) that sometimes these words mix that's the scientific theory but from Islamic prospective we don't believe worlds can't be mixed with interference.

    And really awesome take I enjoyed it

  • I think that shadow people are simply ghosts