How Is / Was Your Memorial Holiday Going This Year?

How Is / Was Your Holiday on Memorial Day Weekend Going This Year...

I posted this on Facebook a few years ago to some of my friends and family and never got a comment or as much as a like. Maybe they just missed my message or my thoughts or maybe they were to busy to look.. My fear in this day and age they just did not care.. So I’m reposting it here maybe you care…. Then again maybe not...

Someone online ask me how my holiday was today.. I replied.....

This is not the moment to have a good time, but a time to reflect what is important on this day.. How many more lives will be taken and sacrificed to keep our country free..

This is not really a holiday for picnics, but a day to honor, reflect, and to give tribute to the men and women who lost there lives fighting so you can have a good time.. 460 thousand died in World War II…54,000 died in the Korean Conflict….59 thousand in Vietnam....Iraq War/Afghanistan Wars over 5,000 died,, I could go on and on..

Now our veterans are dying because the Veterans Administration would rather give out bonuses and buy new office furniture than give veterans medical help. Yes our veterans are dying waiting for needed medical treatment… While you are having your picnic..

But instead we have given Bradley Manning convicted spy a sex change instead of helping our returning vets the help they need.. Some are dying waiting treatment.. War is Hell ... Have a nice weekend.

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  • Ingave some money to Vets collecting for other vets. We had a short but nice conversation.