My Annual Celebrations And Remembrance Days

I don't care about Christmas. I don't care about New Years Eve. I don't care about Easter, Valentine's Day, my birthday, Halloween or Carneval. Below are my annual celebrations and remebrance days.

24th of January: Date of death of Otto Carius

This is the day my personal hero passed away. I read his book "Tigers in the mud" when I was 16 years old and visited him on 4.4.2013. I will always rememeber this day to the last second! Rest in peace Hero!My annual celebrations and remembrance days.

13th of March: The end of the Winter War

One excellent example (among many others) of a smaller force holding against one of the major military powers in the world, the Soviet Union. A patriotic army with excellent morale and feelings of self-sacrifice lasted for 3 months, 5 weeks and one day against an enemy with three times as many soldiers as them. Soviet losses were heavy, and the country's international reputation suffered great, resulting to the Moscow Peace treaty. Respect to Finland!

16th of March: Remembrance day of the Latvian legionnaires

Remembrance day of the Latvian legionnaires or the Latvian Legion Day is a day on 16 March, when soldiers of the Latvian Legion, part of the Waffen-SS, are commemorated for thweir struggle against the tyranny of the Soviet Union. I meet with my Estonian friends, in Riga every year for this. (this is also my father's birthday)

4th of May: International Star Wars day "May the fourth be with you"

A day for all Star Wars fans to put on their Star Wars costumes and show what sort of nerds they are.
8th of May: The Downfall

Not much to say here. This is the day when freedom in Europe ended. The sadest day of the year.

17th of August: Date of death of Frederick the Great of Prussia and Rudolf Hess

The first, a King who made Prussia the dominant power in Europe, what we know today as Germany. The second, a politician who flew to Scotland in 1941 on his own accord to negotiate peace with the United Kingdom and avoid the death and destruction that came the next 4 years. He was arrested in the UK and served a life sentence in prison. Rest in peace, both of them!

3rd of October: The day of German Unity

It commemorates the anniversary of German reunification in 1990, after the collapse of the Soviet union, when the goal of a united Germany that originated in the middle of the 19th century, was fulfilled again. Therefore, the name addresses neither the re-union nor the union, but the unity of Germany. The Day of German Unity on 3 October has been the German national holiday since 1990, when the reunification was formally completed. I was born 3 months earlier.
28th of October: The start of the Greco-Italian war in 1940

A tiny nation against an Axis power with twice as many men. Not only they managed to hold the attacks by taking advantage of the extreme mountainous terrain,but they even launched a counterattack and liberated parts of their lost lands in Albania in only 6 months. When the Greeks stood their ground against the mighty Wehrmacht as well, Winston Churchill said his the legendary line "Greeks do not fight like Heroes. Heroes fight like Greeks!" Today it is one of the greatest national holidays in Greece.
11th of November: Remembrance Sunday or Poppy Day

Remembrance Sunday is held in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth as a day "to commemorate the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women in the two World Wars and later conflicts". It is held on the second Sunday in November, the Sunday nearest to 11 November, Armistice Day, the anniversary of the end of hostilities in the First World War at 11 a.m. in 1918.

@FinnishBeautyGirl the 2nd one is about Finland ;)


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  • This was a great MyTake, respect for that! Thank you for mentioning me :) <3


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  • I was always in awe of stalingrad where hell visited in ww2. A German soldier died every minute they say. The wehrmacht were the best army in human history. The only things that beat them were the weather and that madman Hitler. Soldiers fighting in summer tunics in -50. They used to crucify each other on trees and rape prisoners of war with barbed wire. Sometimes they'd hammer empty magazines through the knees and forehead. You didn't want to be captured. Women were raped to destruction. The whole eastern front from barbarossa to the end of case blau was supposed to have been atrocity after atrocity. Things that were indescribable were happening. There's a day celebrated in Russia for operation Uranus. February someday of 43. That was the massive Soviet pincer movement that trapped the nazis 6th army in stalingrad and turned the tide of the war. That was where ww2 was decided, not D-day

  • I'm assuming you're Latvian is that right?
    I'll admit this myTake made me feel a bit uneasy since my relatives fought against the Nazis as part of the Soviet army. The Waffen SS were no heroes, they took part in the Holocaust and that isn't something to glorify. I know that the Baltic states had a complex history during WW2 since the Nazis were seen as liberators especially since they were granted autonomy. The war crimes committed by the Nazis however are inexcusable.

    Ukraine also had a complicated history during that time. I wrote a whole myTake on it.

    One of my relatives actually fought in the Winter War against Finland.

    May 8 or 9th by Moscow time is a day I celebrate the sacrifices of the Soviet soldiers that emancipated Germany from the Nazis. Sadly they replaced it with communism.

    • The Waffen SS were Heroes. The Allies committed inexcusable cremes as well but for some reason no one ever talks about them. I wonder why. Germans who committed war crimes during the war payed for them with their lives. Many payed for them even though they had no part in them. The Allies payed for nothing.

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    • Your right. Propaganda. The Canadians were supposed to be butchers. Never hear of anything the allies did because the victor writes the bullshit. Who knows what happened and why. There's so much lies in history it might as well be written like a comic book

    • Haha glad you've got you eyes open ma man. You dnt know what to believe in this shithole of a world. The truth is rarer than and 80 carot diamond

  • Fantastic Take,

    Damn, I remember reading about Otto Carius' passing last year, Sad stuff to hear about the passing of such a decorated veteran, Regardless of the fact he was fighting my Grandad back in the day.

    Good read dude.

    • Here is the video I recorded while he was signing my book. Unfortunately I didn't have a high quality camera back then. One year later he mailed be some photos of him signed as well as a wartime newspaper with an article about him.

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    • Honestly mate, You have to make a take about all these, Haha, I would love to read about it all!.

    • I just got word from a friend about another German veteran who will report about his wartime experiences in northern Russia with the Division SS Nord alongside the Finnish army during the Continuation War. It is in Leipzig next month. Very far from me but I still won't miss this.

  • You seem like my kind of guy.

  • We must secure the existence of our race and a future for white children.

  • Well... ok.

    Katram savs, ko svinēt.

  • Eww, a Nazi sympathizer.

    • Eww a biological ruin with shit for brains and no idea what Nazi means.

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    • Yeah go to read books that others assign to you. Then come back here to play the smartass.

    • Just let that sink, Cornell.

  • You need Allah