Veterans Day and what it should mean to you


To many Americans, today is a day we honor those past, present, and future, who served our country and serving our country.

Veterans Day and what it should mean to you

We honor all branches.

Marines (OO-RAH)
Air Force
Coast Guard

During this time we reflect and honor those who served, and honor those Unknown..

Veterans Day and what it should mean to you

Every President, placed a wreath by this soldier, without a name, who valiantly served our country

Veterans Day and what it should mean to you

But today. We have this: -Trump to speak at opening of NYC Veterans Day parade on Monday

President Trump will address veterans and military officials to open the Veterans Day Parade in New York City next week.

Trump will speak at the opening ceremony of the 100th edition of the annual parade at Madison Square Park in Manhattan, the White House said Wednesday. Trump is the first sitting president to accept the invitation to address the event, which is hosted by the United Veterans War Council.

After delivering remarks at the outset of the parade, Trump will lay a wreath at the Eternal Light Memorial in the park.

I don't know about you but, this isn't a way to honor veterans and to march in a parade, in a place which you said GOODBYE to and leave for FLORIDA!

Veterans Day and what it should mean to you
Veterans Day and what it should mean to you
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  • NYCstreetPhotog
    Veteran's Day and Memorial Day are all the same to me. Days I get drunk thinking about my brothers that didn't come home. My family, friends, loved ones, those men and women that didn't have the chance to have the lives I was afforded. Often times they are very sullen days for me. I smile and thank anyone that thanks me for my service, but behind the smile my heart is dark and cold, but that's just one thing that sometimes happens when you have survivor's guilt. Just like the many days before I find myself sitting alone in a bar, my mind filled with my brother's faces, wondering what type of lives they would have had if only.
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  • stev001
    Today is the day to honor all veterans.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Moonchild714
    Actually, since 1989, President Bill Clinton is the only President to Honor the Laying of the Wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier All 8 Years He Served his Presidency. President George H. W. Bush, Pesident George W. Bush, and President Barack Obama all have gone elsewhere on Veterans Day at least once during their Presidencies. One year President George H. W. Bush just went to Camp David for Vacation and did nothing on Veterans Day (I will say he himself was a War Veteran and Deserved a Break).
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  • jasmine7o2
    It's the only day my mom takes me to see my day so it's like fathers day to me so I aprrecatite everyone who served and I'm sorry to all those family who lost someone in the battle.
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  • xCherryKizz
    Sometimes it awes me what a man will sacrifice for his country tbh. I can't find the guts in me to hold a gun and fight my life out
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Yes i agree Trump should honor Our Veteran's better than what he is doing
    don't ever put anything past Trump cause he does things like this.
  • BeHappy1985
    Nah man, people who choose murder as a source of income get no respect.