My Tribute To The Veterans Of The United States Armed Forces


Thirty years ago this year, the greatest president of the modern age delivered the greatest speech of the modern age.

When President Ronald Reagan delivered his Berlin Wall speech in June of 1987, he accomplished something that no other president was ever able to accomplish. Indeed something no other leader has ever accomplished. He brought down the most powerful force for evil on the planet, the communist Soviet Union, without firing a single shot.

Just a year and a half after he uttered these words, as he continued to press his strategy of "peace through strength," vastly building up the US military after years of decay under the Carter administration, facing down evil with the assurance that it would be completely annihilated if it ever dared rear it's head to threaten free men, the Berlin Wall and the foundation of the communist world developed spreading cracks and then crumbled along with the Soviet empire in complete collapse.

What isn't as well known is the story behind the famous sentence President Reagan so brilliantly delivered that day:

General Secretary Gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, if you seek liberalization: Come here to this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

This passage was in the original draft of the speech. But Reagan's "expert" speech writers removed the line on an early draft. It was too direct they said. It will cause offense. It will make them angry at us, it's not diplomatic, we need more diplomacy. (this sounding familiar?)

But Reagan insisted that it should stay in. That didn't stop the speech writers from removing it another SEVEN TIMES as President Reagan kept putting it back in.

In the end, while reading the final typewritten draft on the plane on the way to Berlin, President Reagan stubbornly wrote the sentence in by hand when he noticed it wasn't there. It was a sentence that will resonate through the ages as one of the most powerful messages in the service of liberty ever uttered. If you can watch President Reagan deliver this sentence without developing a tear in your eye, you have no soul.

Thirty years later we are faced with a new nuclear threat coming from another evil empire. There are some in this country who seem to want to undermine our president today even as he is presented with a nuclear threat to our people that has been brewing for 25 years unchecked and was at the finish line the day President Trump took office. 25 years of failed negotiations, appeasement and "strategic patience," ended up in the Obama administration with an even worse result: the acceptance of failure and a the inevitability of a nuclear North Korea.

And now President Trump is faced with a seemingly impossible challenge: to prevent a madman with nuclear capabilities that are on the precipice of being able to strike anyplace on American soil from blackmailing the world or destroying entire countries including our own. It isn't a matter of decades anymore, not even years. It's a matter of months now before this madman will be capable of striking. President Trump was handed the football with 1 second left on the clock while the team was running the ball in the wrong direction. But this is no game. This is an existential threat to the entire nation.

What is President Trump's plan? I think he made it very clear as he delivered his own historical speech this week in South Korea: a speech that parallels and rivals President Reagan's Berlin speech thirty years ago in its clarity, moral righteousness and strength. He is echoing President Reagan's powerfully successful strategy of peace through strength. And no sane person should be doing anything but supporting President Trump as he attempts to do the impossible job that none of his predecessors could accomplish and with no time left on the clock. Your future, the future of your children and your children's children, indeed the lives of millions upon millions of innocent people depends on President Trump's success.

Like President Reagan, President Trump is a political outsider, mocked and feared by the entrenched political establishment that wants to do business as usual even in the face of the abject failure of the status quo.

If there is one lesson that mankind has learned, it is that the only strategy that evil responds to is strength. If you truly respect our military, if you want to minimize the possibility that they will have to die or be wounded in a foreign war, then you must do so through supporting a strategy of peace THROUGH STRENGTH, not capitulation or endless unfruitful diplomacy that ends in weakening our position as the unshakable moral leader of the world. There is a time for diplomacy and there is a time for action. This is the time for action. There are no other options left.

Godspeed President Trump. You were handed an impossible mission: to save the world from a tyrant with no time left to do it. But you are on the right track, you are doing what must be done, and we support you, we support our beautiful military and we support our beloved country with every fiber of our being. America WILL prevail.

My Tribute To The Veterans Of The United States Armed Forces
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  • MarkRet
    I salute the US Veterans. They're far away from their families, they might be doing a very dangerous job, and it's all being done for us. As far as Reagan and the Soviet Union collapsing, the Soviet Union was good at creating a facade of strength, when in reality, it was imploding under it's own weight. Gorbachev was at least a sane man who understood reality, unlike that Kim Jong-Un, or whatever his name is. He's a nutjob, along with all his generals he surrounds himself with. It's possible that we might end up in a war with North Korea anyway. Still, our armed forces are the best there is.
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  • Anonymous
    Beautifully written! I have veterans in my family who remember this day well. Definitely a strong moment in our history. 🇺🇸
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  • FatherJack
    A salute from a former British Army soldier , served alongside US Army & US Marine Corps , still in touch with mates in the USMC... that like my caustic Limey humour. Today is Remembrance Day in the UK ( also known as Poppy Day , as poppies sprung up over the disturbed ground of the WW1 battlefields & now a symbol of remembrance ) Tomorrow I'm at the Remembrance Sunday parade at my local cenotaph.
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    • God bless you. The Brits have always been a stalwart ally of the United States (after the first few wars they fought with each other that is!)

      Thank you for your service in the cause of liberty. I can only hope your country escapes what seems to be from my vantage point as an America a serious erosion of the culture that threatens the foundation of world security.

  • NerdInDenial
    No matter what the media says or what others may think, there are plenty of men and women who will tell you you can sleep at night because they have the watch. They will not let anything happen to you. They stand ready...
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    • timidmale

      Yeah the world is full of villains but USA is our hero and will beat them all, so fun! xD

    • @timidmale There are villains everywhere even within the US government. People can be corrupted but ideals cannot. While America has its issues, we, the people, can stop it. I fear if we become like the Chinese or the Russians when we become at the mercy of the government, freedom dies. Many people are willing to sacrifice freedom for money, power, fame or security. I don't want to live in a place where neighbors and brothers accuse one another of petty crimes that lead to the Gulash.

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  • Political_dude
    This is a great take indeed. Nicely written and I do agree with you. Whatever media says about Trump, it is true he was handed the football with 1 second left on the clock while the team was running the ball in the wrong direction.
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  • timidmale
    "The most powerful force for evil on the planet, the communist Soviet Union" lol you have been seriously brainwashed dude xD
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    • How many millions of Chinese starved to death because of a communist government?

    • timidmale

      @NerdInDenial Yes but that was China not the Soviet Union, besides it wasn't even communist, it was socialist.

    • Tony_1693

      Willing to bet timidmale is a liberal. So ironic.

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  • leader
    Great myTake and thank you to all veterans on GAG who have served! As for the issue with North Korea, I can only hope Trump will do as well as Reagan did...
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  • Chris0012
    Presitdent Ronald Reagan was certainly one of the best post world war II US Presidents, of that there can be no doubt.
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    • Unfortunately the link to President Trump's speech went bad after this was posted and GAG doesn't seem to provide any way for me to fix it. The speech he gave in South Korea on last week's Asian trip was brilliant. Definitely reminiscent of Reagan and his "peace through strength" foreign policy. If you can find that speech I highly recommend listening to it.

  • Charleslvajr
    As a veteran of US Army I like what you have said and yes Reagan's speech was very moving. With honor.
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  • Tony_1693
    Thanks for the post brotha. I'll be getting my free pancakes today at IHOP 👌🤤
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  • oksurething
    Ich bin ein Berliner? You mean that speech? When he called himself a doughnut?
    • Nice try, but you got the wrong president. That was John F. Kennedy, a Democrat, in 1963 -- twenty four years before President Reagan gave this speech.

    • OK, I don't really care. You don't know the PM of New Zealand who gave the famous speech about how he "could smell the Uranium on your breath" to the American representative at the Oxford Debate.

    • No I can't say I do. Have not heard of that one.

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  • Rissyanne
    Great Take!!!
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  • Twinrova
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  • CT_CD
    Great Take
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  • Water_Bottle
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  • Anonymous
    Even though america joined in the last minute. Happy veteran day
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  • Anonymous
    Great take. We must always remember the man who stood up to the evils of communism.
    In honour of the man.
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