9 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Have Kids

9 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Have Kids

This is my response to this myTake. After all, having children is a choice so let's hear the other side of the fence!

Disclaimer: Don't read if you're easily offended or if you think 'everyone must have kids otherwise they're selfish, horrible people.'

1. Save money

It costs approximately £230,000 to raise a child up until the age of 18, although you still pay for them years after the age of 18!

2. Less stress

It's stressful providing for another human dependent on you for everything. You'll have fewer mental breakdowns compared to a parent.

3. You can do what you like whenever you like

You'd also save money on babysitting fees.

4. More sleep

No waking up at the crack of dawn and/or throughout the night for feeds or trying to fit in an hours nap when the baby is sleeping. You can get the full amount of sleep an adult requires and even have lie ins when you want. How lovely!

5. Don't have to listen/watch children's TV or songs over and over

I'm pretty sure that's how people become insane - it could be used as a torture method!

6. No nappy changes

Who enjoys changing an overflowing nappy whilst the baby cries and tries to get away from you, several times a day?

7. Your female body will be in tip top shape

You won't gain the dreaded baby weight or have stretchmarks everywhere. And no pregnancy or painful labour. I don't think anyone's missing out there!

8. Don't have to get up early before work to do the school run

And be surrounded by even more annoying offspring, as well as be surrounded by parents who want to complain about their child to you, although "parenthood is so beautiful"... apparently.

9. You'll find a path to fulfilment away from having children

It seems having children is the only way a person can be 'truly fulfilled' when really, that's societal garbage ingrained in us so we continue having children. Does anyone even know what life fulfilment really is? Everyone's different with different goals in life; someone may feel fulfilled by something you'd never understand. Many child free people are very happy and fulfilled in their lives and they never felt children could've fulfilled them and that's okay.

Leave a like below if you agreed with myTake and/or are a child free human being. :)


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Most Helpful Guy

  • You forgot one BIG one:

    They had NEVER requested, demanded, expected or even authorized you to bring them into existence in the first place.

    And even if you were to create them, what if they eventually became really fucking unhappy, depressed, disturbed about their existence and end up hurting or killing themselves or even worse, such as inflicting damage and harm to others? Then what of it? How would you face and deal with such possibilities when it becomes part of your reality? if they became really disturbed and unhappy and ask you the question why did you bring them into existence into this world that they are unhappy with, then how would you deal and face that?

    To bring a life into existence is to ensure that it will face all of this corrupt world's struggles and conflicts that it had never asked for and may never had ever wanted to be part of it in the first place.

    And because tragedies are ALWAYS Inevitable, and horrible things happen randomly and frequently and constantly around the entire planet to good and innocent people, in particular to children.

    Each time someone that has never had children before chooses sterilization and choose to be childfree then they had already made the effort in preventing possible eventual and inevitable deaths and tragedies from ever occurring since there is no and probably never will be a real workaround for death, as all those that are ever born will ultimately die and must face death eventually. In other words you all had potentially save somebody from having to deal with all the bad shit that comes with this world that they would have to face and deal with eventually once they had been brought into existence to this world.

    But "if" all the possibilities of death was ever completely fixed then we'd be evolved into something else and not exactly humans anymore, we'd be immortal beings, and all biological and natural reproduction or the need to procreate will no longer really even matter and possibly become redundant. But of course it won't happen any time soon within our lifetimes.

    But for those that absolutely really want children and are certain that it's right for them, despite all the bad crap that comes with this world and existence and if they know what they are doing, then good luck. As long as they have the means to provide and provide a healthy environment for the upbringing of their children and have good support then so be it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • your points all ring true. I know that there are plenty of people out there who are perfectly happy without children, as you mentioned in #9... i'm just not one of those people. i liked your take because i think people really need to stop shaming others about their decision not to have children!


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What Guys Said 6

  • i don't disagree that your points have merit. i still am happy i had a daughter.

    literally nothing feels better than when that 10 month old gives me a hug. screams with glee when i walk home from work. or get to hear her cute little laugh

    but i do agree that there are good reasons not to have kids. but there are also great reasons to have kids

  • 1. I'm rich enough.
    2. Positive* vibes
    3. But I want to play video games with him
    4. Nocturnal here
    5. I want to watch unfinished anime of my childhood
    6. She'll do it
    7. N/A
    8. It'll help me to tackle diabetes
    9. Really? The world will end then.

    Personal choices :)

  • Still having kids. Dont wanna miss out on something great.

  • Well... Okay?

    • I actually looked up your claim on the 230000 and it is false. The average cost would be that high presuming you A) had no stay at home parents and B) were shelling out heavy cash for education. ( www.telegraph.co.uk/.../...child-in-UK-230000.html ) It is also over 21 years, not 18, and presuming there are two parents even at the average wage of 21,000 (low end ; www.monster.co.uk/.../uk-average-salary-graphs ) the child would cost 3 hours of work a day, if both parents worked, 1.5 hours, including all of the expenses such as the child care and more proper education which by far are the heaviest costs incurred dominating the cost of the actual survival of the child by three times.

      So I thank you for that. I'd have never even looked.

  • Still want kids lol

  • Protip: if you don't want kids, don't fuck.

    Good luck with that.
    I mean all of that!!! :D

    • I still have sex lol. Very easy not to get pregnant like all these teens who "accidentally on purpose" get pregnant. If you want to sleep with a girl, sleep with a girl who doesn't want kids because I can assure you, she'll do everything in her power to avoid pregnancy.

    • "If you want to sleep with a girl, sleep with a girl who doesn't want kids because I can assure you, "

      Where's the fun in that?
      I like playing the "is she pregnant" game. It's a nice relief every time it's negative (kinda sad to)

What Girls Said 3

  • Yeah being childless by choice can be amazing. but I personally think the joys of motherhood outweighs all the cons.

  • People with any of these thoughts should never have a baby. Rasining a child is a hard task indeed, you'll need to sacrifice your whole life for raising the child.
    I see many people divorcing and leaving their kids in the streets.
    I mean if you knew raising a kid was hard, then why did you make one in the first place? You can marry or divorce anyone, but once a child is born you have to look after them until they're grown enough

  • Everyone has a choice, and everyone has different opinions
    Yours was amusing to read XD

    I personally want like 2-6 kids, call me crazy Idc :P
    I have always wondered why others didn't want kids, and I guess these could be some reasons. Thanks for sharing.

    • I'm sure when you were younger, you longed to have kids. I basically never had that longing or drive.