On "The Negative"


This is a magnifying glass. We all know that. We are all smart enough to know that. No one who sees it will wonder what it is presuming they are old enough to know (and hence read this) and are not feral. This is a magnifying glass. So why did I explain it to you?

Because you're dumb. I am smart and you are dumb. Let me explain; you now live in a world where everyone is smart so it is no longer a matter of the things you do so much as the things you fail to do that I judge you by. It is also no longer a matter of the truth of my judgment so much as it is a matter of my perception of the truth of my judgment. That is why you're dumb. I had to tell you what that was. Clearly, without me, you would not have figured it out.

Welcome to our mindset.

Ah, yes, "Sheeple". They exist, right? They must. You are one. I am the only rational, free-thinking one here. You're an idiot. And you're reading this because you're an idiot. You have to be. That's how it works; you think I'm an idiot, but you're the idiot, because you don't agree that I am not an idiot and that between you and I there is only person who is correct and that is me.

Understand this; as I am always right, not only in my own mind, but as a truth because I believe in science despite not knowing how it works or what it is built off of and can post random links (x) to shit you won't understand but I totally do, you should accept your place beneath me.

So what happens if everyone believes this? What is the critical mass outcome? What is it that really occurs?

That is a rhetorical question you idiot. Why are you trying to answer? Don't you get it? This is a nuclear winter of intellectualism. More people than ever are smarter than ever... except for you, and them, and all those Sheeple. Those religious people must be dumb as a brick, who would believe in God when we can believe in Science? ... Do you believe in science? Is science something you ... "believe" in? What is science anyway?

What am I even talking about?

Doesn't matter. You're an idiot. You messed up that one problem that most of the classed messed up but I didn't mess it up. I am the one with the 100%. You are the one with the 99%. You're worthless. Don't you understand, idiot, I didn't get it wrong and you did, so that inherently makes you lesser than me, because that is all we can go off of.

More people get degrees than ever. Most educated populace ever. Kids talking quantum physics and brainiacs playing with the 11th dimension. You can barely put your pants on, you troglodyte, go get your "career" and serve the man while I sit here, full of intellectual power, and do nothing because that is the ultimate way to rebel against all that you are. Baaaa! Baaaa!

Or ... Is it? What if, and I mean if, I was wrong? What if judging you based on the negative, what you don't do, can't do, and failed to do, was the wrong route? What if, and I mean if, you... weren't dumb? What if I was wrong for calling you dumb? And what if, and boy do I ever mean if, I was the dumb one?

Because ... if you think I'm an idiot, and I think you're an idiot, and we're thinking the same thought growling at one another's throats instead of facing the Bigger-Bad aren't we doing what they want us to do? Who is this "us" anyway? And "them"? Too many questions. Why question my place in the world when I know it? It's above you.


Am I the sinner or the sin?


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  • Great take.


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  • One of the better takes I've seen.

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    • Fucking Fathoms... :D