Intel vs. AMD: The Long War

Another tech take (I haven't written anything for a while just because I'm DooMguy) This take will be an overview of the two titans who have been battling for a long time

Intel Vs AMD In the past

A common phrase you might hear is "Intel is always better then AMD". (or something along those lines) is it really always better ? There was a period when AMD made the faster CPU, this was back in the time when CPUs were single core.

The main thing that separated the two was the fact that Intel secured better deals early on and still have those deals today (I'm on about the IBM deal) Around this time Intel and AMD attacked each other through the courts

For the most part these two rivals were neck and neck however it was usually AMD that had the edge. Their single cores had higher speeds and they managed to get their first dual core CPU into the market before Intel

Intel Vs AMD, the long war

Intel Vs AMD Currently

It's no secret that AMD have been having a rough time, Intel has most of the market share and the FX series didn't preform as well as it should. This song here will give you the gist of AMD CPUs

And now Hitler will speak:

Generally AMD processors have less energy efficiency, run at higher temperatures. Have a higher clock speed and have more cores. They are the brute force chip, forgoing refinement in favour of raw strength and power, you can tell by the names. "Piledriver" and "bulldozer" don't sound graceful at all

Intel on the other hand energy efficient CPUs, which run at lower temperatures and can achieve or outperform AMD chips at a lower clock speed

The reason why things are the way they are is mainly because of the FX series of processors. The FX series tried to add moar cores but had less IPC , this makes the AMD FX chip hit and miss. FX chips are capable of keeping up with intel chips, for the most part if an FX chip performs poorly it's because the game isn't optimised for the chip/doesn't use the extra threads. When you look at bench marks then you'll see where the "bang for your buck" comes in

Typically the high end Intel processors will have around 10-30 more frames, the frames tend to be a little bit more stable and stay in a higher threshold but are they really worth the price ?

For some people the extra frames will be worth the price but others see Intel as overpriced for gaming

Take a look at these videos and decide for yourself:

The analogy I'd make when comparing the two chips is this

AMD = muscle car

Intel = sports car

The last video sums things up nicely, as any will say if you can afford it buy Intel because Intel really will give you top performance consistently. AMD can sometimes match the performance or get close to it but in some cases it will fall behind and can be outclassed by some of the older Intel chips

In the end It really does come down to budget.

Intel Vs AMD in the future

Finally AMD has started to head in the right direction with their CPUs, they're looking to have a scaleable chip, something that can be used in desktops and servers. There aren't a lot of details about this chip but from what I do know the zen will have: greater performance per watt, higher IPC (exact amount unknown) lower temperatures and increased energy efficiency

It looks like the trend of more cores and more power and high temperature has ended, seriously 220W for a 9590 Cpu and i7 6700K is at 91W ?

Sometimes AMD just reminds me of this, "Holy Jesus. What is that ? What the fuck is that ? What is that AMD ! ?"

AMD have now ended their AM3+ & FM2+ sockets and will have their cpus and apus on AM4. I'm sure that DDR4 and PCI 3.0 will be the standard with these boards.

Zen could be the thing we've all been waiting for. And if you've got Intel and you want to stick with Intel the release of the zen could still benefit you. If the zen does well Intel would have to lower their prices to compete, or simply develop a new CPU that counters the zen

I know what you're thinking why didn't I mention the new I7-6950X ? That's because I can't afford it and I don't think you can either. Remember it's the recession, the economy isn't doing well and people are on a tight budget (except for @Cosytoasty who's building a custom water loop) If I brought the I7-6950X my life savings would be gone and I'd be homeless the next day

If you're interested in building PCs or the PC market in general I believe that the zen is what you want to be watching

That wraps things up from me, mentions to those from the previous takes @Chief16 @Mistnigqa808 @Jager66 @Tdieseler

I'm open for discussion/speculation

DooMguy out


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  • Nice take, AMD has a decade of medocrity to make up to get my money back personally. You also bring up the very important point that game developers pretty much all optimise for intel/Nvidia and add in AMD/Ati as a bloody patch lol. When i buy a game i want to play the damn thing.

    • So you aren't going to let AMD off the hook? Maybe the zen will be good enough to make it up to you, zen wants to move in. I can understand devs not wanting to optimise for FX (due to a lot of people opting for i5) but ati is where I would draw the line

      It's back to the days when AMD had a decent product but got shafted for no reason. That's kinda why I don't play games on release I always wait for the patch before I consider buying. Or I'd wait for some reviews and benchmarks

      I think it will be interesting to see how the R9 490X does

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  • Nice Take!

    I should read up more on this stuff. I got an Intel, because I wasn't sure of the difference.

    • Thanks anongirl

      Definitely do your research. If you want to compare CPUs I recommend cpuboss. com there's more comparison websites out there that you can use. Always look at the in game benchmarks, passmark, cinniebench etc. it will give you a good idea of how the CPU performs

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    • I am sure you are kawaii. You just have to find the right senpai!

      Yes, I can cook. It's a pretty easy and good thing to know how to do.

    • *DooMguy nods* now that I think about it there is someone. . . They always call me kid though

      So you can cook but can you build a PC?

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  • Cool take :)

    • danke, now that I think about it I ain't seem you in a while. What rig do you have at the moment?

      Also are you thinking about going at the Chinese with the INSAS?

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    • the pickings are slim, GRAW 2 was good but because of it's age the multiplayer would probably be dead and gone. Playing split screen co-op can still be a good option though. The same goes for Rainbow six vegas & vegas 2. Vegas 2 is one of my favorites the character customisation was very nice

      I haven't played the hawx series so I don't know about that, the older splinter cell games are classics

      It just feels to me like the recent releases have lost the spirit of the older games. Rainbow six siege went in an odd direction

    • There are so many Tom Clancy games like over 70 I guess. So, it's very hard to choose the right one.

  • Had some AMD CPUs, didn't like them so much.
    I'm rocking on an i7 6700K ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) best invest in PC parts ever made in my opinion.

    I'm basically done with AMD.

    • So you brought AMD and had a bad time?

      lets see a picture and specs list?

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    • My mistake! I repeat, I have the i7 6700K just to make sure :>
      Of course I'm the elite master race :> PC beats it all and the filthy sweating console peasants are no match, I can't hear them from how low they are ;) :P.
      I have Verdun on my steam library but didn't play it yet.
      But I can tell you other games, that are running great on my system.
      Killing Floor and UT2k4 are running at my maximum refresh rate of 144 FPS
      COD BO and BO2 - 120 FPS
      Killing Floor 2 - 100 FPS
      Syndicate - 90 FPS
      Hatred - Not sure why this game doesn't support FPS counter but it's very smooth!

      I also have a DELL 1440p monitor, that displays 144 hz and it's rocking :)

    • And ORION Prelude runs at 120 FPS too =) looks beautiful

  • Good take, reminds me of the Intel museum I used to live by

  • Cool take

    • Award to first person on the take goes to you, that was fast. Are you looking forward to the zen? I'm actually wondering what the range of aftermarket cpu coolers will be like

  • Good take next one could be Nvidia vs AMD gpus. (unless you've already done it idk)

    • You're still alive, it looks like admins didn't get you yet. Remember *whisper* they could be watching

      I haven't done that. . . yet. You just put the idea into my head. It's on my list

  • can't wait for zen, maybe we will finally get some competition in the market again.

    Good take.

    • amen to that, I kinda feel like this is an all or nothing move for AMD but the only downside is that I don't think the release will be fast enough. They really can't afford to give intel much breathing room. AMD has to be fast, long live Lisa su

      It looks like this one was good enough to be featured

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    • Just wondering, are you looking to buy the AM4 platform early on?

    • was thinking about it, we will see I guess.