Boogieman: What Would You Choose?

Boogieman: What Would You Choose?


The word plays over in your head, over and over again. Sometimes like whispers of the wind through the trees surrounding you. Other times, like screams from the damned in hell, people you put there. Boogieman...boogieman...BOOGIEMAN...

Your eyes scan the trees, your training kicking in and you don't let your eyes stay on one spot for too long. You stay directly in the middle of the clearing, crouching down by a very large tree stump-the only obstruction in the clear field. All you can hear is the words "boogieman" and the sound of an owl hooting in the distance. Scanning the trees in a full 360, you grab the dagger that's tied to your ankle, and pull the cloak tighter around you, trying to morph into the shadows. You will your heart beat to stay calm, as you do not know how you got here. You assume you're being tested.

The full moon causes no light to fill the clearing due to heavy clouds, darkness surrounding you, hiding you. The whispers pick up pace, and slowly becoming louder, boogieman..boogieman..boogiEMAN,BOOGIEMANBOOGIEMANBOOGIEMAN. You don't understand why that is the only word, what is so significant about it?

Slowly another sound fills your ears. The softest footsteps, like sand dripping out of a hand and onto the floor. Turning your attention to the noise, you see a very tall fellow, cloaked in blackness. Not just the dark, not what he's wearing. No...he is just the color black, in the shape of a man.

The moon suddenly shines very bright, clouds moving out of the way. The light shines directly on the two of you and you finally get a good look at him. You realize he isn't disguised in the black but that he has on a long cloak, draping over his very built body, the hood hiding his face.

You can't see his face with the hood up, this cloak seeming to absorb any color and all light possible. "Who the hell are you? Why am I here?" You ask, your voice rising to be heard over the wind that has picked up pace without you knowing.

"Oh darling..." The man says in a deep, gravelly voice, "you're here for me. I want you to apprentice me." You can hear him chuckle darkly at the end of that, curious and confused. "As for who I am, you will know only if you accept my apprenticeship."

"And if I refuse?" You ask, fear creeping into your voice. You swallow it down but to no avail, it's quite evident. He full out laughs at you, but with no humor.

"Then you die." He says, taking two steps closer. He's about five long strides ahead of you and you ponder it.

"Well who are you?" You ask, hoping to get a straight answer. The thoughts, the voices, have dimmed to nothing but a nagging feeling in the back of your mind. You already know the answer but you want confirmation.

"Darling, I am the darkness. I bring nightmares to children, hide under their beds, sneak in their closets. You know that feeling you get when you wake up to use the bathroom, its dark and you think you see something out of the corner of your eye? Well, that is who I am. I bring terror to the minds of the immature, underdeveloped, the undermined, the underprivileged, and the uneducated. I am not someone you want to meet...ever. Not even in these circumstances."

Your voice cracks, tears threatening to spill over your eyes but you hold them back, not sure why his predatory ways are causing you to cry. "What is your name?" You ask, disbelief crawling over your skin, and you pray to whatever higher power you believe in, wanting to get away from this psycho.

" the Boogieman." He says, pulling off his hood, revealing his face. It is the most handsome face you have ever seen, long black hair, dark brown, almond shaped eyes, full lips, a straight nose, high cheekbones and a sharp jawline, which contrasts nicely to the softer features he has.

You stammer, stunned in his beauty. "I..I tho-...thought you were hideous, caused nightmares. Why do you look this way?" You ask him, curiosity dripping from your very words.

"Honey, you innocent thing." He chuckles softly, not as scary as before. "Sometimes your best dreams, your best fantasies...they can be nightmares too." With that, he winks and strides up to you quickly. "Do you accept?" He asks, a no nonsense tone evident in his eyes and voice.

Staring into his deep brown eyes, full of evil, you give him your answer, with a movement of your head.

So what did you think? What would be your answer?


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  • Eyes set deep into a pasty white skull, searching for words, pleading with an unseen savior “darkness cannot overcome darkness, only light can." Echoed out into the empty night. His imposing frame standing in stark contrast, but still I walk towards him.
    “Darkness cannot overcome darkness, only light can" I try again, but hope, has long since discarded my hollow frame. Cancer, the doctors had said. There was no hope.
    “but will, can I live?" I plead with this magnificent man's feet, afraid to look him in the eye. “Tell me I'll live, please?"

    • P. S. I wouldn't join him, but than I don't have cancer either.

    • Oh thats too many comics bro, you're not really spiderman. calm down, you gonna have those nervous breakdowns u had in high school like that. chill

    • @Polocrew wow my writing was that good huh? Really conveyed a sense of dread and foreboding did I. Well, thanks for the complement buddy.

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  • Join him! Lol I always liked villains more the heros. Lol (just something random but) I used to have this plum tree outside of my house and my parents would get upset when I ate to much of the fruit and they would tell me that the boogie man was there near the tree to try to scare me lmao. I believed them.


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  • I'd join him lol
    This is another awesome take, kind of reminded me of a main character in the Courts of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J Maas, if you haven't read it, check it out :)

  • I would join him, but I've always appreciated villains more than heroes.