Trump Vs?: The Real (Comical) Battle for the Presidency

So, a while back I posted a question asking how Trumps hair stays on (How does Donald Trumps hair stay on?) but to be honest, it just wasn't in depth enough. Trump is now a main contender for running one of the most powerful countries in the world, but a hair cut will only get you so far. Here are some other contenders to the throne....

Trump Vs Troll

Trump Vs?: The Battle for Presidency

Gotta give it to Trump here, he's rocking the wild and windy look better than little Mr Diaper, although the amount of shit Trump talks you could imagine he would need a handy receptacle to store his bright ideas in.... so maybe Mr Diaper is on to something....

Trump Vs Rabbit

Rabbit wins this round, those sideburns are just so distinguished....he looks like he belongs in a gentleman's club sipping brandy....I'm sure he would be much better at international negotiations too. He seems to have an air of diplomacy about him.

Trump Vs Beaver

Beaver wins, paws down on this one. Trump tries but I doubt those teeth could gnaw through a cocktail stick, let alone fell a Trump, FAIL! How you gonna make America great again when you can't even eat through a tree?

Trump Vs Pie

The crispy orange thing has been trying very hard to gain support, while pie is always popular. If it's a popularity contest Pie wins every time. Nothing more American than a pie, except maybe a gun pie...

Trump Vs Caterpillar

This is just no contest, it's clear the caterpillar has a far more natural and luscious head of hair than Donald, you can see Donald isn't happy about it either form the way he is shouting at the poor creature. Sadly, Caterpillar is not an American citizen so can't run for president which is a shame because his ideas for social reform were revolutionary....I hear the Mexicans are keen to get him on board though.

Trump Vs Horses Arse

Despite Trumps claims of being a success he has had numerous fails with regards to his businesses, Horses Arse on the other hand has had NO businesses go bankrupt. It has never suggested Mexicans are rapists. It has never had protests staged about it's opinion and I suspect it has a better grasp of social economics...but as Trump himself says "“You know, it really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of ass."

That concludes my "Trump Vs ...."Take.......we have some really great candidates to get Trump worried there, my vote would go to the Beaver though, even if he was born in Hawaii....


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  • Well. He took my "messier hair" comment way farther than I expected. pretty funny now though.


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  • ROTFLMAO All of these are such difficult choices though!


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  • Well, the last one is kind of Trump vs. Trump, isn't it?

  • The beaver is so cute lmao.. But I don't know who's best. Ugh the damn rabbit, it's so magestic 😂

  • Trump Vs Troll is damn funny hahahahhaa

  • the funny thing is this has more actually content then most posts bashing trump

  • If you want to go by looks.. don't forget what Bernie sanders looks like. He looks like he just escaped from a mental ward. His wife looks like a transgender man.

    • Bernie isn't as prime a candidate for ridicule though, what with not being a total wig wearing spunk-trumpet Nazi...

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    • You're saying I'd defend Hilary Clinton, I would never defend Hilary Clinton. That's why I said you're making shit up.

    • Lol...