Trump Presidency - End of the World, Or the Start of a New One? (Part I)

Trump Presidency - End of the World, Or the Start of a New One? (Part I)

Now that I've had time to digest the reality of a Trump presidency, I've decided to share my thoughts on it. Firstly, i need to state that quite a few non-Trump supporters aren't getting the reasons correct as to why this guy actually made it. I'm going to go into that briefly, as that's probably the simplest part of this...then I'm going to go into why I still remain as firmly anti-Trump today as I did before he was elected.

So lately, i've been seeing a lot of talk over how he managed to win, and I haven't really seen many anti-Trump supporters actually get it right. Its very clear why he won, and I'd say its for five main reasons. I'll state those five reasons here in part I, and in part II i'll state why i still firmly remain in the anti-Trump camp.

Reason 1 - He's a symbol of the anti-PC, anti-SJW, anti-feminazi bullshit

People need a leader to follow, and where the alt right is concerned, Trump is the tip of the spear in the fight against this encroaching hypersensitive culture where we must all bow our heads and take offence to EVERYTHING. Just a few days before the election, i posted this question concerning how Hillary Duff and her boyfriend were being chastised for wearing a costume of a native American and a sexy pilgrim for a Halloween party. It got so bad that Hillary duff had to officially apologize to the world for this great offence to humanity. Even now, it makes me lol.

People are getting tired of others taking offence to trivial acts like this. Worse yet, you can't even speak out in opposition to the SJW crowd without risking your whole career, and so voting Trump into the white house acts as a sort of bulwark or shield for the left hand while you attack with your right. He gives defense for free speech advocates to voice their opinion without having to go into hiding because of it. I've warned liberals of this as often as i could. When you push people to the brink by labeling everything as sexist, everything as racist, everything as Islamophobic, you end up pushing people to the point of electing a demagogue. if you don't want to see the Trump phenomenon happen in your country, best wise up now to this, as i imagine this is one of the main reasons why Trump pulled as many millennial men AND women as he did.

Reason 2 - He's not in bed with wall street and the establishment

Trump Presidency - End of the World, Or the Start of a New One? (Part I)

Wall Street is the enemy of progress. The financialization of the U.S. economy is what played a large role in causing the financial crash in 2000, 2008 as well as the next one which is likely set to happen within the first term of Trump's presidency, as the U.S. tends to have a recession every 8 to 10 years. Wall Street funding of elections is not a new thing. It's been happening for decades, and its essentially how they have maintained control over politics this whole time.

Since the 21st century began, America has been under the control of Wall Street candidates. Bush was a puppet of wall street, Obama was a puppet of wall street, and undoubtedly, Hillary Clinton was a puppet of Wall Street. When you work for wall street, you basically give up on caring about issues that affect Americans, because these issues aren't aligned with what Wall Street wants. People like Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan, Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs and the now disgraced CEO of Wells Fargo (thanks to Elizabeth Warren), John Stumpf don't give two shits about the average American.

They practice the philosophy of "privatizing the wins, and socializing the losses"...which basically means that when they gamble clients money and win, they keep all the rewards, but when they loose, you pay the bill. Hillary Clinton has every one of these people on speed dial, and this is one of her many many flaws as a "liberal" candidate. Trump on the other hand has no such connections with wall street, and so he inherently becomes more trustworthy in the eyes of the average American voter.

Reason 3 - He's tough on illegal immigration

Trump gets somewhat of a bad rep for this, but really his stance on this has been more or less clear. As ridiculous as his idea to build a wall from California to Texas and beyond may sound, he very clearly has stated that he wants to reform the immigration system to favor people who come to the country the right way. With jobs being shipped overseas, having to compete for whats left with millions of illegals is a troubling reality, and Trump successfully tapped into this issue.

We can compare his desire to deport millions of illegals back to Mexico to Hitlers moves to kick out jews from Germany, but if you would also be accurate to compare Obama to Hitler as well, because under his administration, 2.5 million illegal immigrants were deported, which was more than any other president in history. I understand why some people don't like Trump. I don't either. But lets be reasonably fair with our comparisons.

Reason 4 - He's pro Russia and anti-regime change

If there's one thing people are tired of, its the constant state of war America seems to be in. If you were born in the late 90's/early 2000's, you've really never experienced an America that was not at war with someone else. Invading Iraq was one of the biggest blunders America made in this new century. Meddling in the middle east has historically been the graveyard of empires. The soviet union broke its sword by invading Afghanistan in 79/80, and it seems like America is following down a similar path.

Hillary's incessant need to flip governments that are opposed to America is well known, and all it has caused is chaos and destruction in these regions. Libya was a total failure. The country is now several times worse than it was when Gaddafi was alive. Now Syria is under threat, and Hillary was willing to throw up a no fly zone over all of Syria which would have undoubtedly started a war with Russia. But don't take my word for it. Listen to what a U.S. army general had to say on the matter

Additionally, Hillary's constant scare tactics concerning how the Russians were apparently interfering withe the U.S. election by helping wikileaks leak data on her and the DNC was completely preposterous. The intelligence community never had any hard proof that it was the Russians, only speculations. And even if it were true, the leaks would not have had any affect on the election if they were false. She dug her own grave by engaging in these nefarious backroom deals, and then tried to pin it all on the Russians. The tactic failed.

Reason 5 - He's exceedingly pro second amendment

So I'd say this is probably the least important reason of the five I've listed, but i've seen some people vote for Trump solely for this issue alone (which I'll never understand frankly). People for whatever reason fear that democrats want to take away their guns, even though Obama did next to nothing on the issue of gun rights in his entire 8 years of being president, and Hillary was basically an extension of Obama so she likely would have done next to nothing as well. But in any event, Republicans are well known for being very pro-guns, and Hillary's talk of banning assault rifles was likely enough to spook some voters into voting against her.

So there it is. The five main reasons I feel that led to Donald Trump winning the election. It has nothing to do with racism, sexism, xenophobia, islamophobia or any other -ism/phobia you may think least not for the majority of voters...because lets be honest here...when the KKK comes out and endorses Donald Trump, you can't sit there with a straight face and say racism had nothing to do with some peoples vote. But it really had mostly to do with people being fed up with business as usual in Washington.

Now, the democrats had an opportunity to capitalize on this by voting in Bernie Sanders as their nominee, but they blew it. There's no doubt in my mind that Bernie would've won if he were the nominee, largely because Trumps main "trump cards" would have been evaporated in an instant if he ran against him. The tactic of "im an outsider beholden to the people and not wall street" would have fallen on deaf ears against someone who could claim the same thing with a straight face. On top of this, Sanders actually had the temperament needed to be president, and would never be caught dead using Twitter as Trump did like a 12 year child.

Oh and by the way, all the talk of Trump winning because the "uneducated" had a high turn out is a bit, insulting. I thought people had gotten over this assumption that a college degree makes you smart. They give these things out a dime a dozen nowadays, often in subjects that really have little to no real world value. Educated or not, people are smart enough to discern the difference between a puppet and a free thinking individual.

Now in part two, I'll discuss why I still choose to be anti-Trump.

Trump Presidency - End of the World, Or the Start of a New One? (Part I)
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