Trump Presidency - End of the World, or the Start of a New One (Update II)? The Verdict is in.

Trump Presidency - End of the World, or the Start of a New One (Update II)? The Verdict is in.

So with new news, we get a second update. Now in my previous update, as well as Part I and Part II of this series, i went into both why Trump won, and the reason why his presidency would probably lead to disaster. However, i want to focus specifically on what i stated in my first update, concerning who Trump may put in as Treasury Secretary. In the update, i stated that it would be one of two people: Either it would be Jamie Dimon (who was less likely) or a Goldman Sachs/Wall Street operative called Steven Mnuchin (basically, the kind of person he railed against and accused Hillary Clinton of being in bed with).

So lets have a little fun with this. Take a wild guess at who Trump picked as the anti-establishment, anti-wall street choice for one of the most important positions in the United States government. Here's some music to help you ponder:




So...if you can rub two brain cells together, you probably guessed Steven Mnuchin. Who is this guy anyways? Well you don't get any more establishment and wall street insider than Mnuchin. He's worked for Goldman Sachs for 17 years, and get this....he's even worked for George Soros. Yes indeed...the big bad boogie man of the left now has one of his own in the seat of almost supreme power and influence in the American economy.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Mr. Mnuchin’s Wall Street pedigree presents a stark contrast with the populist themes Mr. Trump struck in his campaign, railing against big banks and vowing to close tax loopholes that benefit hedge funds. Mr. Trump also repeatedly attacked his rivals in the primary and general elections for their Wall Street ties, especially those connected to Goldman Sachs.

In 2002, Mr. Mnuchin left Goldman and later was hired to run a credit fund set up by billionaire George Soros.

In 2004, Mr. Mnuchin and two former Goldman colleagues founded hedge fund Dune Capital Management LP with financial backing from Mr. Soros.

You know, the first thought that went through my head when hearing the news was....what would Trump supporters have said if Hillary had won, and appointed a guy like this as secretary of the treasury? A guy who not only is balls deep with wall street, but also an agent of Soros. Who amongst you are willing to tell me with a straight face that Trump supporters would not have said something along the lines of "Typically crooked favours to her buddies on wall street to give the big banks on wall street even more power, and a foot in the door for leftist propagandists and manipulators like George Soros". If Hillary won and made this guy her right hand man at the treasury, the sky would I'm looking forward to potentially seeing that happen here, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I won't be.

For those of you that have forgotten what the Secretary of the Treasury does, here's a refresher

The Secretary of the Treasury is responsible for formulating and recommending domestic and international financial, economic, and tax policy, participating in the formulation of broad fiscal policies that have general significance for the economy, and managing the public debt.


Essentially, what you have now is a wall street insider/Soros operative at the helm of the U.S. economy, able to set the rules of the game for all financial institutions and large corporations. Who do you think a guy who worked for the big banks on wall street for nearly two decades, and who has worked several times for and with George Soros is going to side or his friends? You would have to be a total fool if you think he's going to write the rules in your favour.

For me, the verdict is in now. As i suspected, Trump was largely talking a good game on the campaign trail, but he really was equally, if not more corrupt than Hillary was, given the fact that he seems to be unwilling to even put his financial assets into a blind trust, something that pretty much every president before him, such as Obama and Bush did, as a sign of good faith to the American people that they would not let their financial investments in one country/business or another influence their decisions. Wall Street bet on Trump, and now they are getting a return on their investment. What you can expect going forward is the removal of the Dodd-Frank act, which is basically a watered down version of Glass-Steagall, which essentially is the last line of defence that Americans have against Wall Street completely dominating the American financial system/economy. Obama had to be dragged kicking and screaming to sign this Act, and now wall street finally has their man in the white house to have it removed. It was created in response to the 2008 financial crash that wall street created, in order to prevent it happening again...and since its creation, wall street has been complaining about it, and lobbying to have it watered down and removed. Now they can rest easy. All that's left is to see who he picks as secretary of state. If my previous update ends up being accurate, you may as well start preparing for war with Iran.

All I have to say now is good luck Americans. You will need it.

Trump Presidency - End of the World, or the Start of a New One (Update II)? The Verdict is in.
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