The Boat at the End of the Earth, and Other Mysteries That'll Never Be Solved

We like to think that everything will eventually be answered. That someday somehow that humans will find all the answers. That there will be no more unsolved mysteries. This is not true. No matter what we will never know the answers to these questions and many many more.

1. The Boat at Bouvet Island

It would not be an exaggeration to call Bouvet Island the end of earth. Seventy years ago Antarctica would be far more deserving but now with there being at least 250 residents at all time and over a thousand residents in the summer at Mcmurdo and two ATMs, A church, and over a hundred other buildings. Today I would say that Bouvet Island is far more deserving.

Bouvet Island has no coves or inlets, The seas around it are notoriously rough and most modern expeditions are done by helicopter and the island is literally over a thousand miles from the nearest landmass of any significance.

So when Lt. Commander Allan Crawford of the Royal Navy found a boat on it during an expedition he was rightfully puzzled. The picture at the top is the actual photo he took of the boat. First he thought it may have been a lifeboat but he realized that the boat would have been wrecked far before that and he was a Lt. Commander of the Royal Navy so I trust his judgement on that.

Now as he was on a research mission he was not allowed to take a look around the island for other signs of life due to time constraints but next to the boat there were oars, a flattened copper tank and a barrel. So how this boat got their will remain a mystery till the end of time. Did some unlucky soul actually make it to the island in that, doubtful considering it had no motor or sails. So it begs the question of how this boat got to the end of the earth.

2. The Somerton Man or the Taman Shud Case

A murdered man was found in Somerton Australia with this code written in a copy of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. His identity has never been found out. It was also determined that he was poisoned to death yet no one has identified what poison was used. Why was this man killed no one knows. What does that code mean. Top cryptographers from around the world have tried and failed to figure out only confirming that it is indeed a code. The most common theory is that he was a russian spy as it was the start of cold war tensions but despite the fact that it would explain everything the fact is that its also not confirmed.

3. The Dancing Plague of 1518

If it wasn't for the great deal of references from the time that refer to this event you would be well within your right to dismiss this as fiction. In 1518 in Strasbourg France, A woman suddenly started dancing for no reason. There was no music and she was clearly not happy. What came next was what was shocking, more and more people started dancing until around 400 people were doing it. This went on for over a month and people were literally dancing till they died of exhaustion. They could not stop. They did not do it because they wanted to, for some unknown reason they were compelled to do it. Why did they do it, A sickness, A demon, or something more sinister still. We will never know.



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  • Now that you share that about the boat, I find it creepy. I mean how exactly DID the boat even get there. If the area around the island is that rough? It really makes me wonder!

    I heard about these before, but never really thought much of the boat one.

  • The dancing plague is strange lol I kinda wanna believe that it was like full body spasms or something

  • Maybe the last one was the madness you get when you eat grain gone bad.

  • Interesting take :)


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  • Interesting Take, I like those mysteries...

  • Wow... interesting take