The Lesson of No Man's Sky


Maybe you remember that this was one of the most hated games of all time when it came out. They didn't have a marketing team and so the press was hyping this game to no end with some help from the developer. And it completely underdelivered. But they didn't damage control much and just kept working on the game and putting in stuff that they had promised before and now there's actually a lot of people who like the game.

If you want the full story you can check it out here but I mainly like this story because it shows even if you completely fuck up and disappoint everyone if you show your good intentions with your actions with some time and a lot of hard work people will give you another chance.

And this is where it has lead today :)


The Lesson of No Man's Sky
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  • Edanurus
    No mans sky today is definitely worth playing and if you like exploration/building games definitely worth a go.

    I didn't watch the videos, I was swept up in the hype, the problems was the lead developer who I can't remember the name of. He promised so many things, things he and his team couldn't deliver on. Since sony got their hands on it it became a triple a title with a triple a price, it wasn't that though.

    I bought the game when it was first released and there was nothing to it, it wasn't the game that was promised. If I'd have bought it as an early access title I would have been happy with it but I didn't, it was full price.

    The lessons of No Mans Sky are don't listen to developers telling you what the game is, dont pay attention to shows showing "gameplay" videos and never ever preorder a game.
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  • Jamie05rhs
    That sounds like how it will be like for me in a relationship. I will most likely be unimpressive in the beginning, but I will get better and better over time.
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  • AmandaYVR
    I don't play video games anymore (not since being a teenager) but as far as I can tell the graphics on that second trailer do look very good. I especially like more natural settings, not fantasy stuff, so I'm impressed with the grass and idyllic hillside setting there.
    I will pass this along to my husband. He's hooked on Fortnite and though he knows about a lot of games, none have held his attention like it. Do you know it, and how would you compare the two? Is there live online cooperative group play as well? He enjoys playing with some work friends regularly that way.
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    • Lynx122

      Hey Amanda :) This is a very different game from Fortnite. It's more about exploration and building your base on your own planet etc. It's like Minecraft in space except you're not in one set world you can go to any planet you see and they're all different because they're all made by algorythm. But I haven't actually played it myself because of the initial shitstormI never piked it up. I will now though :). The next generation seems like the perfect opportunity :). Yes you can play with friends

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  • CharaS
    Random and tangential but I'd really like to try this game in VR.
    • Lynx122

      You can, they support it :)

    • CharaS

      Actually? Oh my God that sounds awesome. Eventually I'm going to have to get my own headset.

    • Guanfei

      Yep, it fully supports VR and I've tried it, it's awesome. A bit complicated because you have to get used to the VR controls, which are a bit hard, especially when you fly your ship, but once you did that, it's all good.

  • Guanfei
    This game was such a fucking trash at launch.
    The fact that they managed to fix it and even go further than what they announced is a one time miracle.
  • AD240pCharlie
    I think Subnautica did a very good job of avoiding the pitfall that NMS fell into. The game got a lot of attention in early access and people quickly realized how much potential the game had to become an absolute masterpiece.
    However, the Subnautica devs managed to keep cool and not rush anything. Just the fact that they had to push back the full release date for over a year proved their dedication. So instead of releasing the game quickly just to please the players, they took their time to make sure that the final product was as great as it could possible be. And what we ended up with was a game that not only managed to deliver on the huge potential it showed in early access but actually become even BETTER.
    No Mans Sky is without a doubt starting to reach up to what we originally thought it would be.
    • Guanfei

      Subnautica is too limited and repetitive in my opinion. You always more or less have the same map, which ruins a lot replayability. A really bigger and more random map would be better.

    • @Guanfei "More or less"? It's exactly the same map. It's not randomly generated, just open world exploration.
      And I absolutely disagree. Subnautica is unrivaled as my favorite game of all time, and the biggest reason for that is the way the story plays out, which would be impossible if the world was randomly generated every time.

    • Guanfei

      It's perfectly possible in fact, as NMS showed it. NMS has a whole randomly generated galaxy, with randomly generated planets, and yet they managed to put a whole story behind.
      They just place the story elements on different planets when needed. Which could be done in Subnautica as well, especially the 2 islands you visit.

  • sadMeester
    Dayum. Imma check it out.
  • why did i just watch that?