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No Savior, by ManOnFire

No Savior, by ManOnFire

Must be some of the
strangest on this earth,
with your cheap
and cheesy ways
Your lack of education
and your lack of grace

You get in your
feelings too much
about too little
Often beautiful but not
on the inside
You're all so desperate for
that instant fuck but
then you run and hide
run and hide

You have no Savior in you,
only the demon of

No Savior, by ManOnFire

scum of the earth
is all you really are
You play your trickery
and are proud of it
-- that's the worst of all
You set your traps for men
or instead you set them up
and then you run
and hide
run and hide

I'm glad you know what
snakes you are and
how you hate yourselves deep down
With your murderous
hearts you curse yourselves,
and your foul-smelling
ways mark you
for disdain
I would spit in your face
but even that is
better than you

You have no Savior in you,
only the demon of

No Savior, by ManOnFire

Keep being proud of
your dirty deeds and
justifying yourself
and I'll keep staying
Yes, when I find out
who you are then
I'll run and hide
run and hide.


No Savior, by ManOnFire
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  • lightbulb27

    But they are sooo sweet...;) Here's a new poem maybe you can craft.

    They weren't born that way,
    Something cast a shadow on their hearts
    Was it the world or something within?
    That bent and twisted, until they, was... no more

    Split in two or more, on the stage fright of life
    Hormones the rage, with no control
    What hand could pull them out, of the abiss?

    Not mine, I'm not strong enough
    They cut with fine sharp fingernails
    Their emotions in toe, they kick their heels in your face
    To control, in their spell of life

    Fear not, they will find their way
    Love doesn't give up, it is the way
    Through a long maze, they didn't ask for
    They'll seek and find
    Be a good sign and guide their way
    For The End will come, for all
    There is only one that can save

    I didn't work hard to make that rhym. Oh it's fun...:)

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  • Dargil

    You've my my ex, then.

  • coachTanthony

    Geeez dude... whats her name?

    • ManOnFire

      It's a group. Not just a 'her.' This poem was heavily encrypted.

  • Cammy137

    Hail Satan!

  • Umm... cool beans 😂😂😂