The Dreams I Dream When I'm not Dreaming: A Job, Marriage, Kids...Growing Up

These are things about life I find important and personal achievements. These things are universal; however they are very unique for each and everyone one of us. And to dream is so important. Because it gives you something to look forward to. Something to fight for. And these are things that are settled we should have. Not everyone feels that way. Not everybody wants these things. That's the truth and it doesn't mean it's bad or anything. It's just a choice. Personally, I find myself looking forward to these things. Things like:

1- A job

"Love what you do and do what you love."

Words to live by when choosing the career you want. Your job should be something that makes you proud and that makes you feel like your contributing to something bigger than yourself. Sometimes you'll have to do what you love in second place because you need something else to pay the bills. And even if that is so, as it happens a lot, you shouldn't lose hope. In life, if we don't have a drive, an ambition, a dream, then...we're just there. We need to be a part of the whole.

2- A house

This is one of my favorite topics to discuss. For me, a house is a sanctuary. It's where you can let your true self come out. It's intimate and vulnerable. And I have dreamed countless times of the house I want my body to live in. There are wood floorboards covering the ground and the place isn't very big but it's cozy. The windows are big, as many windows as possible because I want to let the light in always. There are at least two cats running around and my books are neatly decorating the shelves. The house always smells fresh and the sheets in the bed are clean and changed every week. We have colored bowls and mugs and it's a place of color and light and the kind of scent that makes it feel like home. We always walk barefoot. And it's a place where I'm happy.

Before you say anything, yes I know I dream a lot. But that only means I have goals. I have things to fight for. I have something to drive me forward! What does your dream house look like?


3- Marriage

This one is important in the sense I want someone by my side, someone to love, someone to witness life with me. We don't necessarily need to get married. We only need to love each other. That's enough for me. Love should be enough.

4- Have a baby

Starting a family, now that's a big step! And I could not tell you how the prospect of it completely overwhelms me...with excitement! As a woman I am already very maternal, but me, myself am even more! I love children, often times more than people my age. Children are honest and they have an immense amount of love to give. They can be difficult at times but that is no reason to give up on them because their love is so rewarding!

When I hold a baby in my arms I am ready to burst with all the soft and all the sweet. And the other day the thought came into my mind that when I have a baby his crib will have to be in our room because I couldn't think of sleeping in a separate room from them. It's terrifying to think you'll be the one to teach a new human being all the values and principles you think they ought to have for when they go out into the world. And still, it's exciting!

Hopefully, this MyTake was interesting for you to read. If you want, tell me some of your dreams! What are the things you want to accomplish? You ought to think about this well! Thank you for reading!


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  • 1 - Job - I have changed my mind about that one. I think that when we turn a hobby into a job that we are forced to do, it loses any interest that it had before. It becomes an obligation. The joy is partially taken away from it, and obviously, if you keep doing it as a hobby, then that's the only thing you do in your life. So, either have lots of hobbies, or just get any job that pays for your hobbies and bills.

    2 - A house - Everyone needs a nest, a place of our own, a place to live, to think, to rest, to... nevermind xD. If it's too big is a hassle to clean, if it's too small, it's a hassle to live in. It should be our size, about the interiors.. I don't care much to be honest. Pretty much anything will do.

    3 - Marriage - now that's a big one! The big step, the culmination of happiness. The ultimate expression of love. Or is it? Yes, we need someone on our side. Someone who understands us. Someone whom we can feel totally vulnerable. Someone with whom we share our secrets, worries, dreams and hopes. Because after all:
    "What do you got if you ain't got love?
    Whatever you got, just ain't enough
    You're walking a road but you're going no where
    Try to find a way home, but there's no one there"

    4 - Babies - This one I have to admit that it is a love and hate theme. On one hand, I absolutely hate kids. They annoy every single hair in my body, and I just experienced them one more time yesterday, where a stranger kid kept bumping into me. I hate their cries, I hate their faces (they are nOt cute!!), I hate their stupid questions, I hate their fakeness (they are not that honest as you say... damn fuckers start lying pretty early on to their advantage).
    - - On the other hand :( the idea of shaping a human being is undeniably awesome. To have something that was partially created by you. To know that that person has values that were partially your responsibility. To know that their success was and will be influenced by me! To have the responsibility of raising, educating, feeding, playing and paying (ouch on that one). It's a tremendous responsibility, and at the same time so gratifying to look at them and see that they have your traces. To see that they are a "product" of you, that will carry some of your characteristics that you never had to teach them. It is undeniably beautiful on that extent.

  • That's wise words for a young man well done you know what u want and I've every faith u will achieve it. I am honestly impressed when I was your age all I was interested in was fighting fucking partying and trying to make fast money. You know where that ended up? prison hospital and broke because they took it all away it's a mugs life. Im still relatively young trying to make a go of it now but if I had half the sense that u appear to have now I would already be there!

    • Well, the way I see it you learned from it and you're doing the best you can now! So my best wishes to you!

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  • Aww, this is nice. I wish you all the success with your future plans.