4 Famous Men I Admire and Aspire To Be Like

4. Dolph Lundgren

He probably had one of the most perfect bodies I've ever seen on a guy, being 6'5", muscular and an excellent martial artist, which made him definitely a heavyweight fighting machine.

No wonder he had always been portrayed as the white hero with infinite strength to save the western society.

3. Sylvester Stallone

His characters were touching and tough. His movies, especially First Blood movies, were probably the first Hollywood movies broke the box office all over the east, he was considered a historical icon and had a huge influence on the Japanese game industry. Almost every kid back then played Contra in my country.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

He's definitely another one of few western actors who's extraordinary well known and considered fantastically handsome in the Eastern countries. Titanic was so successful that even the mountain men in the rural areas could spot his face. I also think his performances are mostly professional and amazing.

1. Bruce Lee

He was probably the first guy in film industry who'd been very popular all over this planet. And he's always honored by people not just because how much he had achieved in the martial art fields, he was not the unbeatable fighter physically,he's honored by me mainly because he was more of a great spiritual warrior.

You can never ever defeat him emotionally. His words and philosophy were intelligent and inspiring and put into practice. He was the first non white hero in Hollywood films, he stood up for not only Chinese but all people of color and all the ethnicities who were treated as subhuman back then. He is still the only Asian man who never made Asians look stupid in the Western film industry, he inspired all the races, white, Asians, blacks, latinos to fight for equality and justice. All his acts were no fake, all of his kicks were real martial art.

No, he was not just an actor, he remains legendary.


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  • Let's not forget that Dolph also has a master's degree in chemical engineering, so that means he's also the smartest of these men.

  • I love your list... But, No Van Damme :(

  • You forgot Optimus Prime

  • Cool