5 Reasons Why Brushing Your Teeth Right After Waking Up is a Good Idea

Any normal person brushes their teeth in the morning - but when is the question.

I prefer to have a clean mouth right before I leave the house and everyone else should, too.

Here are five reasons why:

1. If you brush your teeth after breakfast you'll get rid of morning AND coffee breath. You'll kill two birds with one stone.

Five Reasons Why Brushing Your Teeth Right After Waking Up Could be a BAD Thing

2. Stopping by the bathroom right before you leave (to brush your teeth) gives you another chance to make sure everything's clean and to have a final look at yourself.

3. I don't get why anyone would eat immediately after brushing their teeth with intensely minty fresh toothpaste?!

4. It’ll eliminate the need for breath spray or gum before you go in for work/school (if you're that self-conscious about your breath like me).

5. You'll start your day with an overall clean feeling when you have a minty-fresh mouth.

This is my opinion, though. I'm not hating on anyone who does it first thing in the morning.

Do you brush your teeth right before leaving the house or right after waking up?


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  • # 3. I like a fresh mouth before I eat. I have a icky dry mouth when I wake up, BUT I do brush again after I eat.
    Mouthwash doesn't cut it 1st thing in the morning.


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  • I agree with all of these points. That's why I only brush my teeth after breakfast, which means I'm leaving the house.


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  • I am same as you last thing before leaving the house and after any food or drink.

  • After breakfast for sure, but not necessarily right before leaving. Seems pretty straightforward.


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