Confessions of a Painfully Tired Night Owl

It's 12:41 a.m.

...and my eyes are half-mast from a tragedy that is my Night Owl Syndrome. Now, 12:41 isn't late for me (or anyone for that matter) and considering the river of coffee that just detoured into my intestines, I could high five myself if I had the energy.

For those of us Night Owls out there, you either embrace your condition or envy the Early Birds. Most of us embrace it. Many say some of the most genius people crafted their most genius works at this time. And that's fine! After all, why envy the Sun? It's fat and on fire, probably anxious to die already. But for me, I'm far too acquainted with the Moon, and I need a new friend. Now, don't get me wrong: it's nice, it talks to me sometimes, and it's no clingier than the Sun is, but it does hide from me every 30 days. Either it secretly doesn't like me, or it's an introvert like myself, and it needs a break once in a while. I hope it's the latter...

But the Sun is so much more naïve. Its energy's a different kind of inspiring. I'm done letting my ideas ferment under a dark sky, and I'm just ready to put them to action under a brighter one.

It's 12:59 now and my keyboard's starting to act more sluggish. I am indeed painfully tired. So, before I attempt for the umpteenth time to get accepted into the No-Snooze-Alarm club, I would like to say a goodnight... but honestly, "Good-night" is the most cliché thing to say to a night dweller. "Good-night" to us is a greeting (to whom is not a valid question; everyone's asleep). So, perhaps "Good morning" is better? Meh, I'll go with that.

Gosh, I'm tired...


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  • i love this ! it's hard being a night owl


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  • Enjoyable take - I am night owl too it is the weirdest thing I don't get much done during the day - It is like I have to stay up 4 hours later or get up four hours earlier to get things done - I can honestly say if I was awake from 8am to 12 midnight I would hardly get anything done, I have to stay up till 4am or get up at 4am to get everything I need done - It is like I don't get in zone unless I am in those hours where everyone else is asleep.


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  • Aw you poor thing <3
    Get some more sleep :)