I'm Sorry, I'm Just Joking...But I'm Not

"I am just joking"

The answer when a bully or someone who insults you and gets caught for their dickery

In the court of public opinion who think, act, and speak like you:

Im sorry Im just joking.. but Im not

We believe you. You were joking... We know you weren't but we will take your side anyway because you think like us, act like us,,and talk like us.. Hey you wanna go out for a beer?

Bully 1 - Victim 0

Schoolyard bullying has manifested to the 21st century bullying, cyber-bullying, workplace bullying. Bullying is a cycle. And where does this start.

The dining room table. Where people sit and talk about their day.

In the state of today's world. Where in the last 8 years, depending which side of the fence you are

We are shunned if we supported a man who was elected to the office of the Presidency in two terms unequivocally for doing a job. But stopped short of continuing his plan because of a certain group of individuals who believe that he wasn't born in this country and who believes his ideals and ideas should not come into frutition.

And now... This becomes the problem again, by the attack of a former First Lady, a Senator, and a Secretary of the State..

Gave birth to this gentleman.

And he has his army of lawyers.....

who will go after you anyway he can..

You may wonder what "MyTake" means.....


You bully someone enough, they won't fight anymore. And when the spoils go to the victor, and you dont get what you bought...

Because your posting on social media, the way you act with coworkers, family and friends, the way you act around other people. Dinner table, coffee table, or any table. Office or family setting....

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