Raised By The Books

I was raised by the books.

I don't mean raised by a rulebook. I mean books raised me. I was severely bullied for most of my school life, so I didn't have many friends.

But I had books, and in some ways that was a lot better than a friend. I'd read all the time. On the bus, walking in the hallway, during lunch, at home when I finished my work. I am a bookworm.

Stories took me to a place I could only dream of. Friendship, adventure, love, happiness. I could relate when the characters had it rough. I could dream wistfully of one day having what they had. Stories of running away, of having cancer, of falling in love.

I have so many favorite books I could never choose just one. My automatic response is Rose Madder by Stephen king but there's so much more to it than an abused woman running away. There's more to Harry Potter than a wizard fighting another wizard.

A book called Bruiser, he takes the pain from the people he cares about and he feels it instead. I've always been one to daydream, to think of what it'd be like if I was born into another life. Books gave me a chance to see into that. What if I went to Hogwarts?

What if, what if, what if...

I apologize for my rambling... But I've lived one of my adventures and soon another will be on its way. It wasn't easy, but I'm glad I was raised by the books.

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  • Nice take - I am a bit like that as well - Part of my life was spent expanding the limits of my imagination by whatever Book I was reading or whatever Movie/TV Show I was watching at the time - Escapism is fine as long as it doesn't impact on real life that says it can provide temporary escape for people who didn't have as happy or comfortable a childhood I did.


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  • Great Take and beautiful pictures, Stephen King is one of my favorite writers too :D

  • I love that picture at the end

  • Relatable! Steven King got me through many a shitty days


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