Ranting about books

Ranting about books

I am a book nerd and have been since I was a kid (seriously I got in trouble for reading past my bedtime, still do but now I fall asleep reading and wake up with a book on chest or in hands) so I felt inspired to rant what I love and hate about books. Books are what keep me sane from giving in to the mass amount of stress due to being a college student. I would rather read a book rather than go out and party apparently that makes me a nerd, but I dont care.

I don't know if you guys can see this very well but I found the best picture I could find. I really hate when publishers decide to give books this deckled edge. Why? Why? Why? I have noticed it is on books that are more expensive so it obviously costs more and it makes it harder to turn the page. Why would someone pay more for something to make it less functional?

This was me after I finished reading Fault in our Stars by John Green.

This is why I haven't gotten into the whole Kindle thing, because nothing compares to a REAL book. The smell of the paper, turning the pages...It's just such a wonderful experience. But at the same time I love kindles because I can carry as much books as i want.

I hate when publishers do this. One of the reasons why I loved the Harry Potter books was because they never used the movie covers for the books, the covers are all original art.

Personal and Professional Growth – Reading helps me grow as a person, expanding my views about life, affecting my every personal and professional decisions. Brain Enhancer – Our mind is the central processing unit of our body, the factory of all our hopes and dreams which we should invest on. Unlike rubber, our brain, once stretched, may never be reduced to its original size.

There's no "goodbye" with books. Like any pop culture fiend, I loves me some good TV. When a great series ends, I mourn for days. Weeks. But a book? I can just re-read it over and over. No pause or rewind button required.

Dear future boyfriend, do not ever do this. I hate when people cut up books especially since it is a Harry Potter book. I do not care if you buy me a new copy, you cut up a perfectly good book. You can just go to Marshalls and buy a blank wooden book and copy significant chapters and glue it in. And if you do cut up a book, we are breaking up due to the fact you don't know me at all.

Just the other day when i was reading in public, I overheard a guy say he hates reading. Sorry but I dont care and if you hate you have zero imagination.

By the way I do judge book based on their covers. Because if you put a half naked guy on a horse with a sword I won't read it. I am not going to believe it is a good book if a guy is on a sword with a horse actually I take it back if there is a half naked guy with a sword on a horse I might read it. Same with this what is it with publishers obsession with decapitated girls on book covers?

Books transport you to wonderful, wonderful places.

When I was in 5th grade I went to a parent-teacher conference and my teacher made a comment about how I read multiple books at once, would go take the reading test and get 80-90% on it I felt awkward and decided not to say I do this all the time.

This is one of my favorite things about books. My brother thinks I am insane but I dont care.

Seriously, reading is cool. It doesn’t matter what kind of book you like, there is a book for EVERYONE. Like mystery? Covered. Love Historical Fiction? Got it. Want to know how to fix your lawnmower? It’s out there! My own mother doesn’t like reading too much – she enjoys flipping through a magazine, sometimes reading the articles but mostly just glancing through. Until I exposed her to Jodi Picoult, one of my all time favorite authors. And now she can’t get enough – every time I talk to her she is ecstatic about the new one she is reading. If my mother, the woman who solely read magazines for the majority of my life, can find enjoyment in reading books, SO CAN YOU. BECAUSE IT’S COOL.

Thank you for reading myTake on books and remember if you go home with someone and they dont have books dont fuck them.


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  • Just like you I love to read books!

    Although I have an e-reader I still read paperbooks because indeed that's the real reading.

    I agree with you thsi extra paper on the cover is really annoying.

    This story about the guy who said I wnat to break up because the girl didn't liked reading I liked, I think I would do the same.


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  • I like the smell of books as well. I also think having the movie adaptation slapped on the cover sheet is stupid and ruins it a little.


  • I don't read books with a guy on a horse with a sword either. But, full disclosure, I don't read books with windswept heroines, anything sounding even vaguely of romance, supernatural lovers, life affirming experiences, the CIA, special forces or really anybody fighting ancient evils/conspiracies.

    That doesn't leave much nowadays but I still manage to find about 100 books a year to read or listen to. I do about half non-fiction.

    • Oh and I'm about fed up with serial killers too.

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