5 Things That Should Appear More Often On Halloween

Glow Sticks

It'd be dark outside on Halloween and glow sticks are cool things to carry around.


There are plenty of Halloween themed candles. There are candy corn scents and other candy scents.


Pinatas are filled with candy. There are Halloween themed pinatas for sale or you could make your own.


A Halloween party without cake isn't a party to me.


Halloween cookies are the best.

Can you think of anything else?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Here's a few things I would like to see more of this Halloween:

    - More Halloween tv specials and Netflix specials! I feel like the quality of scary Halloween programming has dropped significantly since I was a kid.

    - More Halloween events! I feel like there were barely any this year. More Haunted Houses and Corn mazes please!

    - More amazingly decorated Houses at Halloween! We all have that one neighbor who goes all out. When I get a house I plan on being that neighbor.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Cool things, Halloween is my third favorite holiday, next to New Year and my Birthday :P


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What Girls Said 2

  • These sticks are just perfect

  • More people handing out toys and pencils than people handing out candy. Because today's kids are too fat, they don't need buckets of candy especially if they are all overweight. I know it's the parents responsibility to control the kids candy intake but there are people like my grandmother who do not listen to my mother and I about giving the kids only a few each time. She just takes the whole bag down and gives it to them! Making them throw up or get sick tummies :( I am going to be handing out glow sticks and cute erasers this year and hopefully more people will do the same. Kids don't need candy anymore, but they may not have enough school supplies or may want a bag of toys instead :)

    • That's a good idea. You should do that for Halloween.
      Their metabolisms are having the time of their lives at their ages though.

What Guys Said 3

  • Looks like a really fun party to be at

  • Yes. The main one. You didn't mentioned it as well. And here is clearly visible how society is SICK. We should give a memory to our dead. It's the original purpose of Halloween.

    • Actually it was to celebrate the end of the harvest and enjoy the fruits of the last years labor before the onset of the harsh (and dark) winter. The faces and dressing up is partly due to various traditions meant to scare off evil spirits since in some places that time of year it was believed that the veil between the earth and the underworld was thinnest allowing spirits to pass through for a time. They also believed, as it is gaelic in origin, that faires would also pass through the viel and that's what the snacks where for, to essentially bribe them. It had only a small aspect of remembering the dead, very minimal.

  • beautiful people should appear more often