3 Tips to Help You Love Yourself

So I searched how to love myself here on GAG and I found that there are a lot of people who are asking the same thing. I was thinking to myself, I will try to write a myTake on this to help you guys out!

There's probably a lot more stuff you can do, but here are my 3 tips for you. I know they work because I don't give advice that haven't already tried myself.

Tip 1: Value YOUR feelings and YOUR opinions.

How do you do this?

First, write a journal if you like, but mostly listen to yourself and your thoughts. Then don't let anyone else bring you down for WHO you are! If they do, just tell them that they are entitled to that "opinion" but you don't think so, and you don't CARE about that "opinion".

Example: Your parents want you to go to law, they want you to marry a certain type, they want you to live in a certain house/area. You want to go into arts, you want to marry a different type, you want to live somewhere else. Your parents tell you no, and so on and so forth. Value your feelings! Do what makes you happy! If you can't go into arts, you can figure it out on your own! Weigh the pros and cons of each career path you want to go into and choose one that is right for YOU and not OTHERS. People can give you advice, but remember YOU ultimately make the final choice because this is YOUR life, and no one is putting a GUN to your head. Value it! You only have one life.

You need to learn to make decisions based on your opinions and feelings, not based on someone who will be angry at you. Stand up for yourself. Know what you like and do not like. Make a list. If you had to make a decision, remember to weigh the pros and cons and go with what you think will make you most happy. REMEMBER, it is okay to make a mistake. Thomas Edison made mistakes before he created the light bulb. Each time you succeed, you start building self confidence! So start making YOUR OWN choices.

2. Value your self worth, and your self image

You are valuable! You are beautiful, in your own way! Start telling yourself this. Once you start,, then start meditating it to each person in your life. You will project positivity instead of negativity and people are drawn to that.

No one on the marketing team tries to sell an item and says that it's worthless and that if you buy it you are a loser. Why? Because no one will buy that item. What then do they say instead? They say that you are beautiful, unique and special. If you buy this item it will radiate your uniqueness forever! It makes you feel like you are valued and that's what sells. So if you feel like you are one in a million, start acting like one. Then you will make everyone you meet feel like one too. This will draw people to you. This will ultimately make you feel happy about yourself, when you are able to make others happy too.

3. Be determined to be fully capable to rely on YOURSELF!

Honestly I want to start off by saying that I am a Christian so I fully rely on God to help me, but for those who don't, here are some tips for you so you NEVER fully rely on anyone else, because that is really risky.

I fully rely on myself to take care of myself; when I met my now spouse I had a job. If he and I were to break up, I am fully capable of finding a job and supporting myself. This is self confidence.

Rely on yourself to make yourself happy! I believe you should have separate friends! Separate hobbies!

Pick up some skills!

Read self help books! Pick up people skills, money management skills, how to fix a car or house skills, how to sew or clean or cook skills.

Rely on yourself to AMAZE yourself, you don't have to NEED anyone. That is self confidence.

There you go!

So now walk into a room next time saying that your thoughts and feelings matter, you are valuable and unique and you have YOURSELF to rely on even if no one else can help you, YOU CAN help yourself...that makes you radiate this:

Other's feelings and thoughts matter, they are unique and valuable, You can help yourself then therefore you can help them!

The opposite of this is if you don't have self love you will not value other's thoughts or feelings, you will not think they are unique or valuable and you will not be able to help them because you can't even help yourself.

Good luck.


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