3 of the Creepiest Unsolved Murders Ever (Part 3)

I guess this goes back to my first creepy myTake.

For all my talk of the paranormal sometimes the most violent monsters happen to be flesh and blood human beings. Here are three more of the creepiest unsolved murders.

The Keddie Murders in Cabin 28

On April 11th 1981 Glenna Sue Sharp and her five children were in the cabin they'd been renting since the November before. That night Sue, her seventeen year old son John, and his Friend Dana Wingate also aged 17, and Sue's Daughter Tina aged 12 were horrifically murdered. Sue's oldest daughter had been staying in the cabin next door with friends of hers. Sue's two youngest son's and their friend were in the boys bedroom of Cabin 28 and were completely unharmed.

The victims had been bound with electrical tape and electrical wire and were tortured to death with a variety of implements including a pellet gun, a hammer, and a butchers knife. This case went cold for years, however a hammer matching the scene of the crime was found this past March and it matched to one of the suspects however the chances of it going anywhere are slim to none.

Murder of Suzanne Jovin

In 1998 Suzanne Jovin had a very bright future: A senior at Yale University widely regarded as one of the top 10 or 15 universities on the planet. However, on December 4th, 1998, she organized a pizza party at her Lutheran church to bring together students and mentally disabled adults. After cleaning up this she passed several friends. They would be the last normal people she saw before she was found bleeding to death in the streets by a passerby at nearly ten o'clock that evening. She had been stabbed 17 different times. She did not survive.

Now who would want this person dead no one is really sure. She was an A grade student at an Ivy League School, She volunteered to help the disabled at her church. By all accounts she was a a genuinely good person. Yet she was found stabbed to death. The primary suspect was one of her professors, however he was later found to be completely innocent by the police. The case is still unsolved. It shows that it doesn't matter that you could be practically a saint and someone will still want to murder you. May she rest in peace.

Dian Fossey

(I'm including her because today people act like she was a saint, she wasn't, she was a monster whose ONLY redeeming qualities where how she helped gorillas and I think its important for people to know what kind of person she actually was.)

The famous primatologist today is remembered for being a protector of great apes and someone who fought against poachers and that is JUST ONE reason someone would want her dead. Now what they don't often tell you about Dian Fossey is that while she may have helped gorillas, she was actually extremely racist and abusive to those around her. People who worked with her have said that she basically considered the locals and the native tribesmen subhuman. She would torture those merely suspected of poaching whether or not they had actually done anything.

People who worked with her said that she was abusive not only to the natives but that she had hit her colleagues. So its no surprise that she ended up being hacked to pieces by a machete. Will her murder ever be solved, no it won't but considering what kind of person she actually was, that is no great loss. The Nazi's established Animal Welfare laws that are still in place today. You can help animals but that doesn't automatically make you a good person and Dian Fossey was definitely NOT a good person. She was just another Colonialist who came for a different cause.



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  • unsolved murders in general are freaky as hell! how u found the most creepy ones, is just beyond me. lol
    i like ur take!

    • I've got a bunch of creepy takes.
      There actually are a couple of unsolved murders that aren't creepy at all.'
      The famous Old West Outlaw and one of the bad guys in the gunfight at the O. K Corral Johnny Ringo was found dead in the Arizona mountains,
      He was shot to death and he'd had his hand on his gun and had fired a shot.
      No one knows who killed him,
      The best theory was recently shown to be false as Doc Holiday was in court and couldn't have done it

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  • Oh, I think everyone knows who killed Fossey. The people she pissed off finally came after her.

  • Good take - I had heard murmurings about Dian Fossey over the years - Those three cases are very creepy

    • Yeah its sad, I know people act like she was a saint but she was a terrible human being