3 of the Most Disturbing Unsolved Murders Still Floating Around

3 of the Most Disturbing Unsolved Murders Still Floating Around


I had planned to write this ever @Ginnyweasley97's take convinced me to write it.

Now some of these are rather obscure so you may never have heard of them.

1.Hinterkaifeck Murders

Some of the Creepiest Unsolved Murders out there

The year is 1922 and on a remote farm in Germany, the six inhabitants shown above were found dead, beaten to death with a mattock which is like a sort of pickax for farm fields.

Now what makes this scary are the circumstances.

Prior to the murders, the owner Andreas Gruber had found strange footprints in the snow. Not only that but they had found strange newspapers around the farm and the family complained of noises in the attic. After they HAD been found murdered they had been dead for 3 days. Now normally this isn't so strange; HOWEVER, What is strange is this:


The cows had been milked, food had been cooked, and neighbors had seen smoke rising from the chimney. The murderer had been living at the farm. Furthermore, earlier the day they had been found, a mechanic came and repaired a feeding machine and while he saw no one he felt like he was being watched.

Finally the bodies were found when neighbors came over to check out why one of them hadn't been to church. The crime will remain unsolved till the end of time.

2. Servant Girl Annihilator

3 of the Most Disturbing Unsolved Murders Still Floating AroundThat is an actual news headline related to the murders.

The Killer was active from 1884 to 1885 in Austin, Texas. In total, 8 women were murdered all in their own homes. 6 of them were dragged outside unconscious but alive and murdered there, and 6 of them had had a sharp object of some kind stabbed into their ear. Eventually the killings stopped after the murder of two white women after all the previous victims had been black not only a serial killer but a racist serial killer.

Now what's interesting is when prostitutes starting being brutally murdered in London's White Chapel district by Jack the Ripper. It was proposed that the Servant Girl Annihilator was the man now known as Jack the Ripper. A three year time span between the killings would make sense for having to travel that great a distance. This theory I actually do believe myself.

3. Jack the Stripper (also known as the Hammersmith Murders or the Hammersmith Nudes)

3 of the Most Disturbing Unsolved Murders Still Floating Around

Now everyone has heard of the infamous Jack the Ripper Murders in 1888; that series of gruesome murders of prostitutes in the Whitechapel district.

What people don't often know that about 80 years later in 1964, London had another serial killer of prostitutes. The killer murdered 8 women and stripped them nude, which earned him the nickname jack the stripper. I would tell the British to figure out another name for unidentified serial killers than jack the something if the MO was so similar to Jack the Ripper's.

I will probably be posting myTakes with similar topics in the future, by the way.

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  • First one was creepy when I read he was being watched. That made me cringe.

    The rest, honestly, nah.


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What Girls Said 5

  • That's pretty creepy indeed.. But to me it's not only unsolved murder cases that can be disturbing like that.
    I'm still looking to find this documentary on the amityville massacre but couldn't find it anywhere online so far :/


  • Good list! I love true crime but there are so many unsovled murders out there it's creepy :/

    • If you like that, take a look at this
      This site is where I first learned about the first one.
      I also prefer the edits gag made on mytake, I have to say they are a legitimate improvement and I''m not being sarcastic

    • I read a lot of books to get my info but I do like lots of true crime blogs on tumblr too. I'll have to check that out though!

    • Yeah, its mostly a edu-comedy site but they also do creepy stories around Halloween and one of the columnists likes to post about unsolved crimes. So its comedy about true events and sometimes its just education and sometimes just comedy but that list is 23 creepy unsolved crimes that will keep you up at night

  • This was a cool my take, creepy but really interesting

    • I've got more I'm going to write,
      One about unexplained phenomenon
      Another couple about a few other unsolved murders
      A couple about unsolve disapperances.
      but the case in number one still creeps me the fuck out

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    • It is definitely likely. But who knows?

    • But no, Yeah I know a lot about this kind of stuff,

  • Oh I've never heard of the Servant Girl Annihilator but I'm very familiar with the other two

  • Pretty cool ^^ can't wait for the next ones :D


What Guys Said 1

  • Jack the ripper? ASSASSINS CREED SYNDICATE, they solved it there.
    tbh they should start with the case of TUPAC, i really wanna know who killed him.

    • oh i just read your mytake lol, these cases happened at least one century ago. Whatever man i still wanna who shot Pac, and why don't you write about "The worst serial killers of all time"? Please, i really wanna read a topic like that. Here is a link:
      Pedro Alonso Lopez is the most evil person to ever live, he fucking killed and raped more than 300 women.

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