3 of the Best Pieces of Advice You Will EVER Read

1. Always have a goal in mind, always think with the end in mind! Write it down.

So you want a career in something, what is it? Before you start your journey, you need to know where you are going.

So you want to get married, to what kind of person do you want?

So you want kids, how many and how do you plan to raise them?

So you want a financial plan, what is the goal with the saved money? retirement? a house?

When you have a goal in mind, you won't be punching so much into thin air and wasting time or effort. You won't feel so lost.

You want to be more confident? Have better people skills? Learn to cook better?

2. Always remember that when making choices, you will have to weigh the pros with the cons.

What are the pros or cons of a certain career?

What are the pros or cons of being single or being married?

What are the pros or cons of having a baby or having no babies?

Which decisions do you think will make you happiest? which ones will make you regret not taking a chance on life? Make your decision and just go with it. Who cares if others tell you this way or that way is the best. There are so many choices and reasons, choose your choice and YOUR reasons.

3. When making your decisions, don't let others judge you so much!

Don't let them dictate why your reasons for living are so BAD, because what do they know? Make your decisions based on what YOU know, not how to please Joe Schmo.

So what if you like a certain race more, or you want mix babies or you want a career in IT or the medical field. So what if you name your kid after a video game or you and your husband do a shot gun wedding instead of a big one. So what if you decide to rent until you can buy a house with cash and you never eat out. It is YOU who have to live with it, as long as YOU are happy DO YOU REALLY NEED APPROVAL? Your kids name is Mario, you have a degree in IT and you and your wife got married at 24 and you never had a S.O. before...

You guys have a great marriage, your son is extremely well behave (never whines, complains or has any bad attitude, is always thankful and very proactive...so extremely smart and empathetic that other parents/people are baffled), what's that to other people? NOTHING! They can blab on and on about how young marriage is DUMB, naming your kid after a video game is DUMB or even having a kid at a young age is DUMB, or being a stay at home dad/mom or going into IT or military or whatever decision you made is just DUMB...who CARES? YOU SHOULDN'T! You're happy, you have zero problems...you have no money issues and THEY'RE HATRED should not be your issue. It's THEIR issue.

I get it, some people just like to JUDGE. Some people just like to have an opinion on other people's lives so MUCH! They just like to say you are DUMB or STUPID...blah blah blah. What do they know? What happens if you started saving and investing at age 18 and you have over 5 million dollars in your account... What happens if you went to college and had straight 4.0s, they will still judge you. They don't know that. But they will still JUDGE YOU based on something...anything. Why? because they just do. Some people just do, they judge judge you based on your sex, your race, your appearance, your background, where you are from, what you say or what you do. "THEY" are always judging you. You don't need to care.




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