25 Things I Learned At 25: Part II

Part I

(In alphabetical order)

16) Never trust anyone

25 Things I Learned At 25: Part II

Your secrets should remain private. It feels more comfortable that way.

17) People who value their virginities are savage

I cannot be friends with a person who saves himself/herself till marriage. Literally, I am literally scared of them.

18. Politics shouldn't be your first concern

People who are overobsessed with them are usually no-lifers. I had bad experiences with all of them.

19) Shyness is not a permanent disease

Ah, this one needs a separate MyTake actually. And perhaps this is the biggest lesson in my life so far. As a kid I was really really shy. To the point many people would think I was actually mute. I wasn’t talking to anyone else apart from my family members. I made a slow progress through my childhood but still I was struggling to talk to girls, both as a kid and as a teen. Since I turned 18 this shyness started to fade away. Still I was what you would call shy since I wasn’t talking back but I was initiating conversations. And by that time when I was 19 I made my first attempt to hit on a girl. I felt awkward but it was the first time I did it. I would be better if I didn’t start gaming again when I was 20 I believe. It really put a halt on me and kept me still shy. Once I quit gaming once and for all (hope so) the last summer things became better by an ultra huge degree. I spend more time out and I am not that shy person anymore. I have hit on multiple girls since last summer, and even though I almost always fail, I said to myself, Never give up. Because if you hit on 100 girls and you get lucky only once out of 100, it’s still a bigger success than hitting on 0 girls. Right? 0.01 is a superior number than 0.

20) Social hierarchies are for fools

If you claim you are alpha or beta or gamma or anything else, then it is a proof of how extremely narrow-mind­­­ed you are.

21) Sometimes masturbation is better than sex

You can create your ultimate fantasy by just using your mind. On the downhill you don’t meet other people unlike with sex.

22) Video-games are a waste of time

Hope this time I will keep my promise. Not unlike four-five years ago when I started to play again. I should also add it is a waste of money as well.

23) Watching TV is for suckers

I have more than a decade to sit down and watch. I really really can’t believe how many people waste their time like that, and earn literally nothing. Not a huge money waster unlike video-games I mentioned above, but still…

24) Why you should pay restaurants to eat?

Or a café to drink coffee? It’s pointless. It’s really easy to cook and you don’t have to depend to restaurants…and pay your meals 10 times more expensive of course.

25) You will never be lonely

I think this claim, I feel so lonely is wrong, when some people say it. As long as there is a human presence around you, then you will not feel lonely.

Oh, and pardon me for the wrong category, but #21 was responsible for this.


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  • very good take

  • Wow, I don't agree with the marriage one tho -.-


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